Thursday, June 14, 2007

buhay freshie (?)

college does take you away from the things you wanna do the most, such as updating this blog for instance. so it's been a few days since i officially became a 'freshie' again. i've met most of my teachers already, and, they're, 'ok' in the strictest sense of the word.

i'm sporting a new 'do: the ultra conservatively short cut, straying away from the bramble bush i sported over the summer. hahaha. but still, i wish it was a bit longer. when will i ever learn.

there's this 'person' that pisses me off every time i see him. let's name him/her 'secret' (secret). everytime my friends and i have a conversation of sorts, he/she tries with all his fuckingly (not a word, don't use this in standard writing) annoying might to ask what are we talking about. and the most recent cuss was when a friend and i were talking about joining a club as *insert position here*, and he/she overheard us, and he/she said he/she wants to be a *insert position here*, too!!! ok, so you might say i'm being unfair to all the bitches out there who have the same idea as mine, but to be pissed at him/her is tantamount to 'know' him first. and trust me, the little weasel is, and will always be, a lost for words right now. and he also has this friend,(let's name her/him... 'ho'), but let's not go there.

first class in the AM...CHD, 10:30. got to go and have breakfast first. i miss my berchmans

wait, omg, i almost forgot, di na raw berchmans yung first sec sa HS, well not that i care too much, pero, kahit na....medyo insulting. haha..whatever nalang.

Friday, June 01, 2007


june na. gahhh




what would i do without you guys?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

don't leave me...haha.

my comfort zone has been demolished. be brave gio, be brave.

"Honestly what will become of me.."