Friday, May 26, 2006


first things first, a happy birthday to giselle , she's celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday! :)

Next, to Taylor Hicks, okay, you win. Whoopee....

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To the MTRCB, we watched the Da Vinci Code and we're below eighteen. Tough cookie you deluded hypocrties.

Then, yesterday was the first time that I enrolled myself without any adult supervision. Although I wish I had my mom with me because, apparently, the hypocrites at the finance office didn't count the payment for the books in the amount you have to pay for the whole year, which, without the books, can still make your wallets bulge like you've never seen it before.


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This revelation happened two days ago.

As soon as there's a power interruption, I turn to a vegetable. While watching Pokemon, the lights go out, first I curse, then I do nothing. Usually, you can find me lying down in my bed, in complete silence, hugging my pillow, and of course, doing nothing. Or, I call the electric company and ask them what time will the power resume, and usually, I get answers of the usual "isang oras nalang", "sandali nalang" or "mamayang alas-diyes pa". I've been doing that for the past 11 years (or as soon as I learned how to use the telephone).

Call me a "light-person". Or maybe even an appliance. At home, you'll only find my worth when there's electricity. I can only be a human being when the t.v. is on, the aircon is blasted to full swing and of course, if there's an internet connection. Basically, I really don't have a clue on what to do when there's no electricity. I mean, my teenage existence is rooted on watching American Idol, surfing the net, and living when there's light around. It's not my style to just personify the couch potato and just sit there. I guess, I just thrive in the light. I think I'm some kind of electric vampire-slash-t.v. and pc addict (emphasize the addict part).

Summary/Conclusion: After 15 years, it occured to me that, I DON'T HAVE A LIFE, AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY SHOULD GET ONE.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

being showbizly and the affair with coffee-in-a-can

Some say I was abducted by aliens. Some heard rumors that Madame Auring finally knew who was spreading the rumors that she's a man (or better yet a hermaphrodite) and that her love life is so low that hell couldn't be the appropriate analogy (but it's true naman!), and that she used her psychic powers of being "kaka" that the person died (well, here I am). And some even said that I tried being anorexic but couldn't resist the midnight cravings, so I shot myself.

Hehe. joke lang.

But let's face it, you didn't even know I was gone for four days without any connection whatsoever to the cyber world. Aminin mo na! In fact, I think only God knew my predicament.

Sabagay, people don't pay attention to those itsy bitsy details seeing that their summer regimen of eat-sleep-eat-sleep-eat-surf the net-sleep kept them occupied. Plus there're these trivial things called shopping and enrollment to deal with.

I'm not craving for attention. I'm full of food na nga, and you'll still shower me with your love? hell no. :)

"Hindi ho, ganito kasi yung nangyari...poh...kasi ho...."

I was happily browsing the net one Monday evening when the connection to the dsl was terminated. And when I tried again, Error 691 na. It's this thingy that says the username and password was invalid. So there. Then, the next day, I tried it again, but still, Error 691. So I called their stupid hotline and they said they'll contact me within 2-3 days regarding the issue. And yeah, they called yesterday, but I was somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a resort that refuses to serve lechon and I think they have can sue you for bringing food in 'cause according to them, they serve delicious, mouthwatering and five-star food themselves. I'm being sarcastic here.

And so, we spent the night there in their luxurious cottages and slept in a comfortable bed and heard no obsolete telephone rings and creaking doors. Still, I'm being sarcastic.

Then, this morning (we already went home),while I was being punished for drinking the 2 cans of Nescafe in the toilet (huh? ang gulo!!!misplaced fragments! oh, please don't smite me with thy blade!), they "conveniently" called and gave me the new username and password to the dsl connection. And you'll just have to make a wild guess what happened next.

endorsements muna...

Nescafe in a can (or whatever they're called) with two new exciting flavors: Mocha and Roasted blend. Maraming salamat sa Woodland resort, Zambowood, Zamboanga City. I wouldn't recommend swimming there and spending the night, but I does look great at night and they have this fantastic view of a lake where you can actually take boat rides @ 40 pesos and hour. Plus, a floating vinta (ready to capsize any moment) in the middle of a fountain) looks nice too. But the atmosphere there smells like live pig, seriously (to think that they don't serve pig there.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ranting about...

*I get a little crazy, shallow and loud when I rant. I don't rant often and I only do so when I feel bored or annoyed (doi!).

Can PBB or should I say "Kuya" be more shallow and evil???

I mean, I just watched PBB and the Mariel-thingy said that Brenda had special powers. Ok, at first I thought the "powers" meant that she was abnormal or something, but lo and behold, she's psychic! And a pretty good psychic at that. I mean, she managed to make "hula" the birthdays and thingies of her fellow housemates. Good for her. But being a sly snake that Kuya is, they showed a video clip of Kuya giving Brenda a "secret mission" to pretend to be psychic! And the prize? She's exempted from the next nominations. Like, hello? she shouldn't have accepted it, but still, she did! How spineless can you get? and how would you expect people trust her in the real world given that stunt she pulled? But it was good that she managed to change and she saw the error in her ways. I'm ok with Brenda and all but still..Damn that invisible, omnipotent Kuya!

On Gulong ng Palad

It was nice to see that the show followed the pattern of the "happy ending" - "villain got just desserts" - "everyone is happy". No, scratch "pattern" and replace it with cliche! I mean, the ending was just so "obvious" that it doesn't seem to make an impression. But whoa! Mimi had amputation done and ahe looked pitiful in that wheelchair..being tormented. Hey, someone in this world had to pity her.

These kinds of teleseryes follow that one-sided, monotonous effect, where the bida always has the loveteam, there is a kontrabida/bido that's in love with either one of the bidas and then, the villain goes to jail (or dies), and the bidas get married. I think their downfall lies in their complex storyline. I mean, hello? look at Tristan now and you'll wonder how the hell he got there. In addition to that, these teleseryes have so much characters that just fade in the limelight, without any development whatsoever. It's either they die, or they don't get the attention they deserve. What makes some American soap operas nice is because they don't showcase major actions everyday, and these important events are well developed in the story. Plus they don't show the soap everyday, and I guess that pulls the viewers in! If these people were smart or maybe creative enough, they would know those sorts of things!

I would've ranted about American Idol, but it's getting late. I'll revise any typo tomorrow.

I'm done.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The girl named Samara ver. 2

Sorry to TARA and GEN for the scary picture before. :)

She makes up your nightmares. She calls you up to say you will die after 7 days. She has the ability to go out the t.v. screen. She contorts when she climbs walls. And of course, her "home video" is "killer" (pardon the pun). Her name is Samara, a very very disturbed girl.

I finally watched the second installment of her first movie after days of hesitation. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't the epitome of fear, but it was more of a psychological thriller. And the good thing about the movie was the fact that it gave us a clearer understanding of who Samara was. And even more, it showed her in a side that movie buffs would think impossible: her yearning for love

Okay, so we all know that she kills, but now, we know WHY she kills. And after I watched it, I developed a newfound sense of pity for Samara. I mean, the cause of her actions is because of being abandoned to die. She was left in the hands of her foster parents (who killed themsleves) and to make things worse, her foster mom went crazy, killed her and threw her inside a well.

I guess, if we take a look at it more closely, Samara hasn't been given an ounce of love by her real mother and her foster parents. And I think that made her a bitter, lonely and demented child whose attitude has been magnified since she was murdered and left alone inside the well. With all the anger, loneliness, resentment and hate building up, I couldn't blame her for being that way.

She needed love. And Samara was just a "magnified personification" of all the children out there who are left in the streets, aborted, and left alone. And it was too bad no one ever treated her with love when she was alive. ( And she was really pitiful when she called Rachel "Mommy!" and all Rachel could say was "I'm not your f***ing mommy!, then she closes the opening of the well. Cue: the sound of Samara falling down into the water..again)

Think about it, people abandon children everyday, then we would just be contributing to the number of Samaras we have in this world. We wouldn't want that, would we?

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Saturday, May 06, 2006



I have already chosen the top 3 courses I want to take up for college! At long last.
  • ACCOUNTANCY ( or Commerce or any course that deals with the subject)

top 4: MassCom

top5: Journalism

top6: Political Science (though I'm not that well versed on the matter)

I also have my list of the top schools I want to go to for college

  • ADMU (my biggest ambition)
  • UP (new horizons (?) )
  • UST (a great choice for nursing or medicine)
  • Cebu Doctors University (an option to Manila and a great option at that)
  • ADZU (my parent's choice, andito na ako eh)

After weeks of thinking, I'm glad that I've finally chosen. Now, here's my problem now: Which one to choose. My parent's say that just to take up Nursing here in ADZU would be the best way out of here. Yeah, I agree, but I'm not sure if I just want to stick to ADZU. It's a feeling I just can't explain. I want to study in Manila or Cebu for me to teach myself something my parents never allowed me to learn: Independence and Budgeting (I kind of suck at that). And possibly, better education. I just feel that new opportunities are waiting for me there. (But I'm still confused as to which is the better choice for me)..But I'm still an incoming senior. A lot of things can change in a year.


Friday, May 05, 2006


I think it becomes apparent in the news that discrimination among Asians, including Filipinos, is still an issue and is still being done. I AM JUST SO PISSED. I just heard on the news that a Filipino boy living in Canada with his parents has been punished by his principal, apparently, for eating the way Filipinos eat. He has been called a pig and been shunned away from his classmates. Well, being a filipino at that, I say, "WHAT THE HELL?!". I mean, why in the first place, would you criticize the way Filipinos eat, and more importantly, why do you have to PUNISH somebody for doing so? Yeah, you are in Canada, but does that mean you have to be and act like a Canadian in the first place? If Canadians have a right to criticize our ways, they shouldn't criticize our heating habits. I could be considered justifiable if they would reprimand us for relieving ourselves infront of the "BAWAL UMIHI DITO" sign, but the way we eat? NO!
Foreigners seem to hate immigrants these days. Those racist chihuahuas seem to think that we're not welcome in their home turf. Why are we vindicated in the first place? Is it because of our height? skin? or probably even our eating habits? Just because we're from a third world country doesn't mean that we have third world ideas. Think about it. Just because you people are white and we're primarily tan doesn't give you a reason to think of us as the uneducated, the uncouth and the unappealing.
You celebrate the chopstick but you puke at the "kamay-kamayan". You actually believe we could eat sinigang with a fork? YOU make me puke.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Behind the glass tank

5:00 pm
I stare absentmindedly at the colored stones haphazardly sprawled on top of a bed of pebbles. I formulate theories as to why the plants are turning brown. But what concerns me the most is why the fishes prefer to hide in the teeny castle we bought them. As soon as they see me (or any person for that matter) approaching, they swim to the back of the castle. I feel their fear
Yeah, these are the fishes I have been waiting to reveal to the world. But sadly, if they don't want to reveal themselves to me, I thought it wouldn't be right to show them to you. These are the fishes that my grandmother fell in love with as soon as we went inside the pet shop. While there, I gaze in awe in their spectacular colors, beautiful sheen and cute, literally smiling faces. As soon as I saw these parrotfishes, I thought they were the perfect fishes for us.
And as soon as we got them ( cute!) and brought them home and into their new home...they scurried off in fear. It was the first time I saw fishes behave that way. It was weird. Hopefully, as my grandmother would say, they would "socialize" more after a few days.
But, as I sat there, staring at the glass tank, Images from Finding Nemo registered in my mind. The scene where Nemo is in his new aquarium, afraid and alone with his new fish friends. It intrigued me the way they would actually carry on a dialogue inside the aquarium. Which brings me back to my fishes. With my imagination, I create dialogues as I watch them "communicate". I feel this bittersweet feeling everytime I do that. I guess, It feels good to use my imagination and "see" my fishes talk, but sometimes, I can't help but create dialogues of fear, anxiety and anger with my fishes...because that is how I think they really feel. Are they actually going crazy?
These are the times where I wish I was Eliza Thornberry and possess the uncanny ability to talk to animals. I could ask them what's wrong, why are they scared and possibly tell them there is nothing to fear. But I can't.
I'm helpless. All I can do is watch them like a spectator watches a play. That's all I am right now...a spectator. I can only watch them bite each other (yes, they fight and they are aggressive) and not do anything about it. I just wait for a happy ending or a new beginning. I just sit there, and stare...hoping...but not doing...waiting for the time when they would finally eat the fish food I give them right infront of me...and possibly..I'll finally be able to feign a remark of thanks.