Thursday, July 30, 2009

one-liners of my life

remember the momentum i was banking on? well today i just felt the sudden urge to blog again. i'm going to go all twitter and condense my thoughts into one (or two)-liners:

1. third year life is killing me.

2. being EIC isn't easy and sometimes i wonder what the hell i'm doing and doing wrong.

3. i failed an RS exam. AN RS EXAM!!!!

4. i was late for english and they had an exam. i was able to start at number 11 of a 15 item exam. naturally i failed gracefully.

5. i'm not happy with what happened (3 & 4) but i can't hide the fact that i'm giddy that i'm not killing myself over that. failure can be refreshing pala!!!!

6. shit! i haven't committed to memory the piece for our choral!

phew. that was hard. haha

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hey don't delete me from your list

i'm still blogging! don't get me wrong. i'm cashing in on the momentum of a simmering emotional outburtst. watch for it! :)