Saturday, May 31, 2008

ice cream boredom

like i said a few days ago (refer to my previous post), the blasted Zamboanga heat melted away most of the "fun" in doing nothing. it's not nice to do nothing when the heat is making you all sleepy and itchy. i craved for ice cream the whole day yesterday.

so imagine how happy i was when my dad and i dropped by at this Shell store to buy two small tubs of ice cream. I bought choco-peanut butter delight and mega mocha crunch. i like the latter more, but buying two tubs couldn't really compensate for the Selecta Vanilla craving i had. but i told myself it will have to do...

when my mom arrived from work with a cake from Red Ribbon (it just opened yesterday), i was suprised to see she also bought Vanilla ice cream!!!!! weeeeeee

so right now, the freezer holds 3 tubs of ice cream, but knowing the people here, those sins-in-a-tub wouldn't last a week.

VK made my day when he supplied the captions for the pictures i took of friends, taking the whole idea of storytelling to another level with his "in your face, ghetto girl" lines. until my next post then...

reading this made my realize how much of a dork i am. my writing style has lost its "thang"! i write like a fucking first-grader. T_T

Thursday, May 29, 2008


yesterday, my dad and i went to ciudad to have my titer (antibody concentration) checked. if the digits amount to 0 - 2 (or something), i have to get my booster for hep-B. afterwards, we went to gateway, this new mall here, to buy stuff at adidas. we were supposed to buy only my bag, but my dad told me to pay (since my mom gave me money) for these tennis shorts that are no different from the ones he already has. a funny thing happened while we were there....

dad *holds up a backpack, looks at it meticulously*: miss, anong klaseng bag ito?

saleslady: uh, backpack po sir, adidas.

me: *laughing on the inside* uh...ok.

the titer results should be ready after two hours, but i decided to get it the following day (which happens to be today).

my dad and i were supposed to go get it at around 9 this morning ,but a bomb exploded infront of the airbase (1-2 blocks away from our house) here so bukas nalang.

i slept most of the afternoon away. it was a strategy i employed to wait for my youtube videos to load. the internet connection speed isn't exactly lightning fast, so patience is a virtue. by the time i woke up, only one of the videos managed to load properly, the others stopped halfway. fucking video errors irk me! you know the ones when they stop at around....uh, moving on...

i managed to wolf down sins in the form of BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! yesterday! but i couldn't help it, the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! were abso-fucking delicious. i seriously have no idea how many calories the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! have, but right now, i really don't care.

the afternoon air was far from breezy today. the heat wave has been going on for the past few days or so, and i'm just waiting for the rainy season to come to full effect. i wanted to make halo-halo ala the chowking halo-halo way, but the only topping i could add to the shaved ice was the ube thingy, and milk of course, so i settled for squidballs instead. they aren't exactly the "cold, delicious treat that would beat the fucking summer heat away" but they're tasty. now, if only i could find some more BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! stashed somewhere, then i would be a happy camper for the summer, what's left of it anyway.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i still haven't found what i'm looking for

when david cook (NO, THIS ISN'T A POST ABOUT HIM) took the stage for the first time during the finale episode, his first song (chosen by music mogul Clive Davis), was "I still haven't found what i'm looking for". I don't remember what he said verbatim, but what i do remember is that this song speaks about the youth of today, thirsty for identity and meaning.

when david sang it, the bohemian inspired beat + the righteous lyrics did win me over, conjuring images of vast deserts and mountains, and a lone traveler on his journey with no end.
this is U2's version of the song. very very righteous indeed. but i am going to sound very very biased when i say that david did a better job. :)

I Still Havent Found What Im Looking for - U2

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idol's adieu

today marks the end of another "unusual" AI season. and as much as i want to say it to Jad's face that i demand my 100php and publicly rub it in (much to marko's chagrin) that talent defeats "yumminess" (as he would put it) all the time....let my blog suffice to make my point clear that...

david cook wooooon!!!!

to say that i'm happy right now is an understatement. i'm glad that the rocker won because AI has never had a rocker in its roster of winners. archie would go far though, but still,

DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!

now that the caucus that was AI is over (for now), i'm going to go back to my regular, less whiny persona and be the most boring blogger this world has never had.

the two davids get a ford car. i wish i had a car. T_T

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i was in a daze while watching the AI finale..but it's not because they injected a tacky boxing theme for the night...and i really don't know why exactly.

david cook should win because he doesn't comform!

i don't think archuleta was good.

and i'm simply biased since i want david cook to win.

but simon said archuleta's good...

but i say tough cookie.

- let's leave it at that for now. i have my finals in NCM tomorrow, and after that, i'm "free"!. hahaha

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



...the two davids battle it out for the title of american idol, and i can't wait.
...i should be finished with summarizing 30 nursing theories made by dead(?) people.
...means crunch time for me since...

the day after tomorrow...

...i have my NCM finals
...i HAVE to watch the finale no matter what typhoon or unjustified homework the bitches give me.
...i'll be free (?) as a bird and the feeling would be better felt if i managed to ORGANIZE AND BUDGET (nagpaparinig ako sa sarili ko) my time

so tonight...

i'll unleash superpowers i don't even know and transcend to godliness by "studying" and "doing" something productive. ALL IN THE NAME OF "DAVID COOK SHOULD WIN"!


Monday, May 12, 2008


for our history project, we decided to explore the city and take pictures of what Zamboanga has to offer (besides Magay and dirt-cheap stuff), and make a souvenir pamphlet of sorts. last saturday, we explored pasonanca and since we're pressed for time, we have to squeeeze in the city proper and la vista in a single afternoon next time.

here's a sample of what to expect:

in case you're wondering, leonel, the guy in yellow, is holding a yellow balloon.

the composition seems nice, but as if almost every picture i've been taking lately, some minor tweaks have to be made. the things i would do so my parents will buy me a G9. T_T

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

pangea day and AI

David Cook SHOULD'NT be eliminated. Syesha cried her way to the top three. Jason should take Simon's advice and pack his bags, and David A. is still David A.

david cook's 2nd performance was good, and good enough for him to win. i want him to win!!!

i have an exam tomorrow..but ito muna...

let's abhor indifference and realize there's not that much of reason to see any difference between nations, people and cultures, that we are capable of rising up in arms to embrace destruction.

and the ultimate peace of mind can by attained by realizing that borders and lines can be erased by the power of understanding, in which, on a global scale, the media is capable of doing.

let's watch a day of international movies, let's watch Pangea day

Saturday, May 03, 2008

some sacrifices

we're halfway through summer classes (at least, i hope we are) and we have to sit through exams, demos, return demos and our MIDTERMS. what's so annoying about the whole situation is that i just blew off spending a day with my classmates @ woodland so i could at least, try and study for my History and NCM midterms/examinations. for the latter, we have to endure two more exams (world nursing history and nursing theories, short quiz lang yan) before we actually take the midterms on Saturday next week.

i still have to follow up my Hepa B booster shots and my duty uniform(s).

ain't life just dandy?


in totally unrelated news, my pictures are moving along well...and this one is a favorite..

it's entitled, "off to the health center we go, we go". model: Kristal Apolinario in her RLE uniform. this was shot @ Jad's house.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

distasteful (on so many levels)

i know i'm a tad too immature to rant and rant about people and things that piss me off, but the 10 blogging commandments tell me it's ok, so there. :P

i find it distasteful to see people going out of their way to intrude on your personal space and TRY to make you look/feel bad...even if most of the time, people may dismiss it as a joke. yet constant badgering will, in the end, make the idiots look more and more idiotic.

and in this world of dirty spoons, you're simply verbal diarrhea.


if feel bad for Brooke. well, she has been scoring less and less praise from the judges, but like i said, i considered her one of my top three. i can't stand to see Jason there, while Carly and Brooke taste the bitter slap of rejection. boo!

the implication that Ryan made about gossip claiming Paula was "drunk" during last night's show (as he was trying to dispel it) was kinda awkward. but that was seriously the weirdest week of Idol i've ever seen. the Neil Diamond theme didn't work for me. i hope next week's theme as well as the judges' system of judging would be better than what i've just seen. hmm..oh well.