Thursday, August 28, 2008


i didn't have any class today since...well, the aftermath of the midterms has made the teachers all tamad.

but the day wasn't totally unproductive.

i went to the local print shop to have our (yes, it's supposed to be a group effort which i did by myself, but it's fine since i liked what i did) food exchange list visual aid/tarp printed for Nutri ala Dolly.

afterwards, my mom and i met up at BDO to open my first ATM account. my ignorance with everything bank related stretched as far as being unable to get their ballpen from the holder. (diba they're always a staple in banks?). and my mom told me what to write, and so i did..with sweaty palms. hahaha

then we headed to PLDT to inquire about this new internet plan where you get a telephone with the package. but in the end, both of us opted to stick with our existing plan, since the lady told us (with a slight lisp) it wasn't advisable since it's slower than what we have right now.

then we had lunch at the nearby dimsum joint, Jollice. i swear, they still serve the best food with no frills and gimicks whatsoever. there's something about their no-nonsense preparation that's so's really charming. i love their siomai! my mom ordered two servings since one wasn't enough for me. on top of it all, i still had an extra serving of rice with my porkchop.

good lord, there goes my waistline.

and i plan to finish my Avatar episodes tonight. i'm already at chapter sixteen and the series has been building up momentum, leading to a ginormous climax that i have yet to watch. haha-- i'm a nerd, i know.

here's the trailer

it's nice! seriously.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

midnight rebellion!

i'm hyper not because i downed on a can of Sting to keep me awake to prepare myself for phase 3 and 4 of operation hikug (refer to my previous previous post) fact:


it's a viciously funny habit which makes my mom laugh at me. i would usually set my alarm for 3am so i could get a head start..but usually, i just turn it off and go back to sleep. i feel sorry for the alarm clock though. it's the ringing one complete with twin bells. and it's in a color that i like: copper, which makes it even more special.

i promise, i'll's just that i'm laughing at myself right now for this newfound disregard for everything. don't worry, the dopamine will wear off tomorrow: that's when i start to panic and my hands get all sweaty.

what made me even giddier tonight are two pictures on my desk right now. they show me and my classmates, 4 years ago (2nd year hs). most of us probably grew a few inches over the next year or so. but for me, it was extra extra awkward because i was humongous. i am still pretty big, but somehow, people won't associate the word "Fat" as much as they did years ago. not that there's nothing wrong with having a few extra miles on your gas tank. it's just that i have a skewed line of thought that branches out to an even more distorded self-image. i'm a hypocrite on so many levels! anyhoooo.....

i won't study tonight. i haven't been so adamant about something in a really long while.

and i think i picked the worst time to be rebellious.

the O Files: "peanuts"

i couldn't help it. i just couldn't.

let's remember the good old days of third grade, where we would usually play "out-out" (yes, looking back, it was very very entertaining..). where petty fights between friends escalated into a full-time drama fest complete with divine intervention from the guidance office. where fights from real rivals meant taking sides. where we used to suck up to the teachers, inviting them to your parties so you could get the attention and the grade to match your gmrc. where nothing could be more blasphemous than saying the word "peste" (at least, in my case...)

so where am i going with this? let's just say that to a third grader during my time...things that are really commonplace today would be considered R-18 in 1999.

like this one....

(for a quick laugh, just watch it! it lasts only a minute and a half...)

it features Clarissa (M. Hart) and Sam (S. O'Neal) having a riveting discussion about "peanuts". seriously. listen to it really hard and you'll hear the difference. but at the first register, um, it says otherwise.

for the record, i didn't even know what a penis was when i was in third grade. (go ahead and laugh). and when i finally found out the "scientific" nomenclature for the "dick", i pronounced it as "pen-neees". LMAO. yes, it's spilling your guts time!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the O(ld school) files: mmmbop!

click on this video and see what i mean

circa 1997

this song conquered airwaves and tv screens 11 years ago!

touted as their most successful release, this song practically propelled the teenybopper group Hanson into instant overnight stardom. until know, ironically, i couldn't understand the rest of the song's lyrics, save for the word "mmmbop". as far as i know, the most unforgettable memory i have of this song would have to be the episode Marvin Agustin did for MMK, where he was a kariton pusher(?), and he would constantly hum/sing the song, catching the eye of his love interest, much to her chagrin. --- YEAH, I AM THIS PATHETIC.

this song brings me back to my gradeschool days, when i practically didn't have a care in the world. i would be watching a pokemon episode via the VHS (yeah, i still have it!) my aunt from texas made for me. (it's weird to see Cartoon Network trying to catch up with the pokemon episodes in the US but i.. -- ok, moving on...). This song would be the played during the commercials. Unintelligible as the lyrics go, the melody is catchy, and watching the Hansons sport overly baggy sweaters seriously reminds of the Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) era --- which is another blog entry in itself. the song just screams fun, and it definitely defines how life was during those years. i've realized that songs like this one are definitely worth being part of your ipod playlist.

what's good about the 90s being remembered in 2008 is that it brings back so much old school vibe that it's actually pretty chic. Watching this video for the first time this morning, god bless you, youtube, made me lmao. the kids from hanson look really scrawny, but weren't all 90s kids like that? um, not me of course. i was fat.

it's good to look back at things in your life that'll make you go mmmbop..yeah yeah! -- O_O

A/N: hahahahaha! writing this was fun. i think i finally found my groove again.

my latest brainchild (the O Files), would feature stuff you thought were DEAD, or at least shooed to the bottom of your drawer. there's no telling when i would post another entry, but just hum the Clarissa theme song and i'll get back to you, NANANANANANA

Friday, August 22, 2008

operation hikug

i've just finished torturing myself with another vicious round of "the guilty game!"

phase 2 of operation hikug: "make gio feel miserable when the midterms are over"---- has been executed, and i must say, Paber has outdone himself. well, maybe not. for the record, i did study. it's just that i might have overlooked a few items (or thirty!) on my outline. Sir E gave a fairly easy exam, but overlooking significant scripture passages was my downfall.

phase 3 and 4 aren't exactly part of operation hikug. 3 (Zoo) doesn't really scare me that much since my grades are resting on safe at the moment. the fiasco of phase 4 (Nutri ala Dolly) can still be prevented if i actually manage to read my notes. let's just put it this way: i usually elevate cramming to an artform, but not this time. i've lost my touch, in studying and in cramming. and i'm paying the price for my overconfidence with Paber looking at me with incomprehensible smugness. and there's me..crying in the corner! hahaha

but as soon as the midterms are over, i would like to think it would allow me to start over with a clean slate - for real this time. i know i've said this time and time again...even i'm sick of myself but maybe this time around - things will go my way.

a clean have no idea how good that sounds.


my laptop who recently died on me, has taken my other files to the perpetual graveyard of oversized paperweights. my pictures, my iTunes, my PDFs!!! but my mom told me she'll bring it to the albularyo to retrieve it's...whatever it has.

believe me, i have a lot of things to blog Tal's debut, my renewed longing for the Mmmbop! song, venting anger about theMOA-AD, and the IAMNinoy movement, but a lot of things that haven't been going my way...consider my lack of significant updates one of it.

so, let's have a moment of silence for my fat soul...i hope he finds what he's been looking for.

Friday, August 15, 2008

me time

happy "holy lord i can finally have a good night's sleep without worrying about cramming for something" friday!

i seriously need some "me time" - like i haven't been abusing that word for the nth time already! hahaha

-expect more substance tomorrow. ok?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the demon barber of sta. maria

i just came back from the barber with a pseudo-ROTC haircut!

gaahhhh..i'm frigggiiiinnnnn pissed!!!!!!

as soon as i sat on the barber's chair, he gets a buzzer and does a Britney Spears on my right side! i had to frantically say "stop!" before he does any more damage.

stay away from sweeney todd! que horror! he massacres your patch of locks and charges you for his butchery!


p.s. maybe i'm exaggerating, but i was shocked beyond reason when he took a little too much hair from my side. hmm...let's wait for the verdict (courtesy of "my peoples" ) tomorrow....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

one-liners and the olympics

riez and gio looks at jam's jeans

riez: "jam, fake yang Calvin Klein jeans mo?"

jam thinks for a nanosecond

jam: "no, it's true"

(not the answer we were expecting. )LMAO! sigh, candid remarks make my day.

since photobucket is down, i guess i have nothing better to do than hit the sack. it's been a rough week.

My dad and i watched the weightlifting and swimming (sorry, i don't know the right term..) competition of the Beijing olympics. i watched how Phelps broke the record for something which i couldn't articulate right now...(it's not my niche to talk, much less, blog about sports...the whole shebang being "thrilling" notwithstanding)

since my "peoples" couldn't stop talking about the greatest spectacle on earth which was the opening ceremony, and youtube is love, i'm going to watch it tomorrow. like i said, i'm sleepy.

there are some interesting things i want to blog about, but at the top of my head, what i do want to do right now is think of concepts for a new photo folio that i'm FINALLY(?) going to take seriously. and i'm still looking for inspiration. i don't want to give the impression that i'm unoriginal (which i am, in most cases, haha) i want it to be...i dunno....original? :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008



the day didn't end as good as i wanted it to be. i wish i went to the combuild instead of waiting for pasta that never came..and someone's incessant sermon. i felt bad, really really bad.


"revenge will be sweet"

a nonexistent song of retribution (i've got to blog about this more) plays on and on and on...

i was so down about what happened in school lately, and this whole "what's happening to me?" vibe is giving me the creeps. maybe the last (and definitely painful) kick in the butt was the pinnacle of the proverbial "last straw" for me.

you know the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle had enough of nobody taking her seriously, and the background music plays on as she finally decides to make something out of herself? let's just say i downloaded that song and played it as i finally started doing an Elle Woods today. i'm not so sure i've been extreeemmeeellllyyyy productive. but making an outline for a quiz that won't be given until next week is definitely something. i'm a pathetic nerd, i get it. but at least i'm an angry pathetic nerd

Friday, August 01, 2008

today's piece of insanity



a funny thing happened today:

i crammed two LOOONNGGG chapters of microbiology crap into a few hours, give or take...

only to find out that i probably failed the exams (yes, 2 sets). *sigh*


i still haven't bought my judogi(sp?). it's a good thing the practical exam we have next week would be about falling pa lang. i'm watching pokemon with my cousins, and i plan to finish the gossipgirl dvd tonight! yes, i know it's a boring life, but it's simply a natural balance. you have people like Chuck Bass, and you have people like me.

a friend of mine is considering (even the slightest bit) leaving the nursing nest to pursue other interests. similar feelings have been brewing (or simmering, which ever tickles your fancy) in my head for a while now, so i was surprised to find out i'm not the only one, as the table discussion turned into one of those solitary Survivor know, the part where the pretentious castaways tell the camera man their hidden agendas. someone remarked that it was normal for us to feel that way...i beg to differ.

my mom doesn't take me seriously though, even if i do tell her i've had enough. oh well, at least i kinda know when it's time for me to call it quits the sane way...without you finding me in a toilet stall with a bleeding wrist. i think.