Saturday, August 23, 2008

the O(ld school) files: mmmbop!

click on this video and see what i mean

circa 1997

this song conquered airwaves and tv screens 11 years ago!

touted as their most successful release, this song practically propelled the teenybopper group Hanson into instant overnight stardom. until know, ironically, i couldn't understand the rest of the song's lyrics, save for the word "mmmbop". as far as i know, the most unforgettable memory i have of this song would have to be the episode Marvin Agustin did for MMK, where he was a kariton pusher(?), and he would constantly hum/sing the song, catching the eye of his love interest, much to her chagrin. --- YEAH, I AM THIS PATHETIC.

this song brings me back to my gradeschool days, when i practically didn't have a care in the world. i would be watching a pokemon episode via the VHS (yeah, i still have it!) my aunt from texas made for me. (it's weird to see Cartoon Network trying to catch up with the pokemon episodes in the US but i.. -- ok, moving on...). This song would be the played during the commercials. Unintelligible as the lyrics go, the melody is catchy, and watching the Hansons sport overly baggy sweaters seriously reminds of the Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) era --- which is another blog entry in itself. the song just screams fun, and it definitely defines how life was during those years. i've realized that songs like this one are definitely worth being part of your ipod playlist.

what's good about the 90s being remembered in 2008 is that it brings back so much old school vibe that it's actually pretty chic. Watching this video for the first time this morning, god bless you, youtube, made me lmao. the kids from hanson look really scrawny, but weren't all 90s kids like that? um, not me of course. i was fat.

it's good to look back at things in your life that'll make you go mmmbop..yeah yeah! -- O_O

A/N: hahahahaha! writing this was fun. i think i finally found my groove again.

my latest brainchild (the O Files), would feature stuff you thought were DEAD, or at least shooed to the bottom of your drawer. there's no telling when i would post another entry, but just hum the Clarissa theme song and i'll get back to you, NANANANANANA

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