Friday, September 08, 2006

Why I never send...

Group Messages

Ever since Globe launched the "unlimited text service" to it's users, the hysteria spread like wild fire. The hype has been assimilated into today's "Pop-culture-kuno" as part of most people's day to day habits. The GM's (group messages) have taken over the ordinary Filipino teen's social life, which prompted me to label these messages as an extension of their social life.

Everyday, my clasmates fill me inboxes with their GM's, starting from their hi's and hello's, to more personal messages directed towards a specific person. But, I can't help but be all "giddy" inside when I'm being mentioned in their messages. Now, more than ever, my friends beef up their finger muscles to *hold on, may message ako.....shet, text messages full na* text my Globe classmates (out of 50 students, 47 are practically active Globe users, including me), and update....greet..and smile. Some even hold contests and send 'virtual food' through text. It's fun, really. (no sarcasm)

But, being the guy I know I am and am not, I don't see the significance with the text marathons they make. It's not that I don't appreciate the 'joy' my classmates send through text, but, what'll I GM about????? Oh well, leave the cooking to the cooks and the GM's to the 'happy people' i suppose.

Sige lang, balang araw (sana bago graduation), mag-GM din ako...tignan niyo lang.... It'll be fun to do something you never did throughout the course of your pitiful life...and wear a smile while doing it.


We had fun today....^_^.

"So keys me....sokeysme...sukismi. "- Alyssa Alano

I'm sorry I haven't posted my love letter yet..tinatamad....

Did i answer my question?----oh well, I'm going nuts anyway.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Joyride has been a while since i last updated! haha. It's been at least a week and a half since our periodical exams ended!!! hmm...not that excited though.

Our org, the YCLC had a recollection today. It was cool, and i got to fumble with the camera, practicing how much of a sucky freelance photographer i am.

Ma'am Caponpon, our club moderator. She'll be getting married in December. hh. :)

All the AVR's here are full of videos from Jesuit Communications. We're always watching them during these times.

After the recollection, we attended mass at the Sacred Heart Chapel. Afterwards, my classmates and I decided to watch a movie. Movies were particularly crappy these couple of weeks so they decided to watch "You are the one" at the mall 30 - 40 meters away.

We had a free ride though! courtesy of our classmate, Joan! thanks Jo! The joyride was great, even if it lasted only for a couple of minutes.

The movie was a great kilig movie though. The irony: i hate kilig. :)
After the movie, we bought coffee from the nearby Coffeemix booth. The ice caramelli was delicious!

Masarap ulitin!!!! The day was great. Until the next movie date! (Mortuary!!!!). Now back to reality...while typing this, i still have to do my trigo assignment, study for a long quiz on trigo and composition. And, make an erotic love letter (scenario:imagine writing it before your honeymoon) for literature, and i have to get my inspiration from the Songs of Solomon in the Bible, especially Chapter 6. Really really passionate/erotic. Who knew?
i'll be posting my love letter asap. keep posted. lol.