Friday, February 29, 2008

a useless day

this was one of the weirdest/worst days i have ever experienced.

i almost dosed off for the nth time during chemlec, i wore my glasses to school since i had only two hours of sleep, our group had to give survey questionnaires to two third year classes filled with people i seriously don't know (the experience was weird, by my standards), and last but not the least, i just woke up a few minutes ago (it's around 7:15 pm here), after a three hour snooze, and me sleeping meant missing our last dance practice before tomorrow. what promised to be a 20 minute siesta (where i would go to school as soon as i would wake up) turned out to be a 3 hour snooze, and trust me, it felt great to sleep again! though i feel bad for my partner, who actually went through the whole ordeal dancing alone. ok, that sounded pathetic.

today is one of the few occasions where i had actually observed abstinece. my brunch simply meant drinking a bottle of Lipton tea, while my afternoon snack was an extremely tasty little cake from myrna's (which probably meant a kajillion calories), and dinner a few minutes ago was a tiny bowl of sinigang, and a few spoonfulls of fish. by a few, i mean around 5.

i should seriously update the other blog (for our research paper). but, later na. haha

Sunday, February 24, 2008

weird things

three posts in a row. wow. I MUST HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON HAND.

not really. i had to practically hide my planner under the piles and piles of paper on my desk so i won't feel guilty for slacking off. well, i'm actually slacking off right now, but whatever. haha

weird things i noticed today:

1. my big little (haha) cousin of 8 years loves to play with the powerpuff girls toys you buy at jollibee. he's a boy btw.

2. mom has this habit of talking really loud when she's ordering fastfood at jollibee. i shudder to think what people are saying.

so anyway, i came home after a grueling mid-morning - mid - afternoon practice session with my blockmates. it's for a dance presentation for PE. the only consolation i have (since I HATE PE), is the fact that i have an excuse to buy nice clothes. my feet hurt from all the dancing.

i plan to sleep early yet again. i am so going downhill. a lab report on lipids is practically screaming at me to type it. am i making sense? haha

Ugly ABS-CBN sunday sitcoms need to be burned. Along with Gretchen Barreto. why? because she's Gretchen Barreto. period. haha

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the things i wanna do (and a lttile bit of Bora along the way)

i finally have time. TIME, people. time to fix my blog (direct your eyes towards your left). time to watch TV properly. time to channel surf. time to actually do nothing. and it seriously feels good!!!!!

mom and grandma came home from Bora a few hours ago. the lucky souls. mom didn't really dive into the details of the trip, since she was dead tired (i wonder how grandma's doing. haha), but she did give me a cookie tin full of Bora sand!, ref magnets and a bora muscle shirt...haha...ok, so i'm a sucker for travel souvenirs. sue me.

so since i've been talking about..practically what happened today...i'm thinking of two things to do to revamp my blog:

a. make a new banner
b. change my blog URL
c. clean my links..and get rid of the useless ones.

wait, so that makes three things. pfft. anyway, i'm a bit groggy already, so, i'll be hitting the sack in a few minutes. but at least i had the time to update bloggy, so that counts as something productive.

wait a minute!!! i just remembered something....


as far as i can tell from his songs , this guy's great. you probably heard his song on American Idol. click on the link to get to know more of Ferras' music.

Friday, February 22, 2008

on sleeping and my dignity.

i end this lazy and unproductive week, triumphant and somehow pleased with myself because i finally have the "time" to sleep early (it's around 9pm on my clock). i have deprived myself of the need to sleep soundly for too long now, and i guess this compensates for the torture i subjected my body to. so, rejoice!!!

exactly one week ago, today, i was busy hugging myself and my teammates for winning Salipsip 2008. it's a bummer i didn't take a picture of the three of us (Adrian, Joy and I), but i'll manage to sneak in a picture of the trophy sooner or later.

and so, i say adieu to friday and hello saturday. although i'm not exactly jumping up and down to wake up for NSTP, but the fact that we only have at least two more meetings left with the retard (and i don't mean our students, since we NEVER HAD students), makes me look forward to the BLUR i might experience tomorrow (you know, the feeling you get when you just want the session to end, so you end up staring blankly into space) oh well, the purpose of saving a life was never their battle cry in the first place. the fucking hypocrites.(pardon the language...i still have unresolved issues. :)).

sleep beckons. good night everyone.

Monday, February 18, 2008


i did it again. a few minutes ago. i feel bad and detached. i can't control it anymore. it's an addiction i would love to end. i need to go where Amy Winehouse goes. T_T.

an "I love myself" campaign is in order.

Monday, February 04, 2008

delusional. (updated version)

sometimes you just need a single picture to say it all.

but not this time. there's a great deal to tell.

but with everything that has been going on, let's reserve the storytelling for a later date. :)

and people. today is THAT later date. it took me a while to update this post since immediateley after my birthday, i was bombarded with everything (well, not exactly everything) the firggin' NAT to the order from my teacher that i have to debate in an upcoming competition.

so, enough about that. anyway, on the day of my birthday, i was actually at home reviewing (pamparon!!!! haha), for the NAT, when Condoleeza (sp?) Rice (the new yaya. my mom calls her that) knocked on door, and told me people were looking for me. Puzzled, and somehow wishfully thinking that tama nga hula ko, i went downstairs and was relatively surprised to see Riez, Jad, Jam and Floyd outside, with balloons and a cake from Myrna's.

I had the feeling they would surprise me at home (how that happened, is another story to tell). This was seriously the best birthday surprise ever...well, no one ever surprised me before (though i vaguely remember i wanted a surprise birthday bash for my 5th birthday).

anyhoo, Floyd bought the cake (siya lang yung galing school. haha). But they picked the best time to arrive, since a few minutes after, people from Seafood house brought the food for dinner. I remember telling my mom that i wanted an intimate dinner filled with good food and the company of the immediate family, but i didn't complain when they helped us devour the food. (seafood house has a package consisting of 5 courses good for 15 people. they serve good food. look them up. haha).

that's us in the living room, posing for a snapshot whilst watching Wheel of fortune.

Camille, Juneth, and Yana also sent their gift (all the way from manila) the day after. Graphic shirts from WeWillDoodle and Branded!!!!!!!!!! i was ecstatic!!! It made my day, especially after taking the NAT. i was seriously drained. but lo and behold, the package was on my study table when i arrived...

i actually thought, judging by the size and shape of the box, it was a jigsaw puzzle. haha. it was of course, better than a jigsaw puzzle.


i wore the WeWillDoodle one last Friday. I'm still waiting for the right time to wear the "Libre Hipo" (with a hippo below the phrase) shirt. haha.

So i'm officically 17 (gasp!). Yes, Virginia, I'm still 17. and so far, things kick ass!!!!