Friday, February 22, 2008

on sleeping and my dignity.

i end this lazy and unproductive week, triumphant and somehow pleased with myself because i finally have the "time" to sleep early (it's around 9pm on my clock). i have deprived myself of the need to sleep soundly for too long now, and i guess this compensates for the torture i subjected my body to. so, rejoice!!!

exactly one week ago, today, i was busy hugging myself and my teammates for winning Salipsip 2008. it's a bummer i didn't take a picture of the three of us (Adrian, Joy and I), but i'll manage to sneak in a picture of the trophy sooner or later.

and so, i say adieu to friday and hello saturday. although i'm not exactly jumping up and down to wake up for NSTP, but the fact that we only have at least two more meetings left with the retard (and i don't mean our students, since we NEVER HAD students), makes me look forward to the BLUR i might experience tomorrow (you know, the feeling you get when you just want the session to end, so you end up staring blankly into space) oh well, the purpose of saving a life was never their battle cry in the first place. the fucking hypocrites.(pardon the language...i still have unresolved issues. :)).

sleep beckons. good night everyone.

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adrian said...

hey thin guy, you can still take a picture of the three of us the next time we have our English class. hehe. :)