Friday, August 17, 2007


i have a lot of things on my system right now. so, i'm breaking down my post into subposts for an easier read.
the midterms
i'm halfway through with my midterms and i think i'm doing well. lol. ok, i was pissed that i spent the whole night studying for CHD for the first day. well, i was scared to say the least. they say the CHD exams are always technical, so memorization to the highest level na yan.

when i got to my test venue, i was a few minutes late. to say the least, i effin' panicked!

ok, so, the CHD exam was easy. like, there's really no need to memorize a lot..since 90% of the exam was multiple choice. lol. so i might've paved way for carelessness, but it was a far cry from a nosebleed.

you must have noticed by now that a few posts in a row, my fil teacher's in there somewhere. the bitch did it again. imagine, she ''forgot'' to tell us to study a topic that we haven't discussed yet, because it's worth around 20 points in the exam!!! ugh..oh, wait, it gets better! riez showed me her timeline about the kasaysayan ng wika, given to her by her teacher, and it was three friggin pages worth of laws, people and most of all..DATES!!!!!!!! and my outline? um, the first four dates in her outline was part of mine. and...that's about all the dates i THOUGHT were important.

but thankfully, the berchies from the other bsn sections were there to literally save my ass far, CHD, Fil and Chemlec were relatively ok.

it's a good thing monday's a holiday, so at least i could at least, sleep soundly..or try doing it. i still have math, chemlec and english to worry about. pray that i'll come out of it alive.
the gorillapod!

mom's going to manila for a meeting. wait, aren't there areas in manila that are short of being underwater? pfftt...imagine being stranded in god knows where, surrounded by water..and trees..being carried away by the current..and cars..being carried away by the current...

i persuaded her to by me a gorillapod. it's a cool mini tripod that latches itself on almost any surface. it's sooo cool. chic, so chic. it has an unorthodox design, but that makes it unusually cool. once you attach a digicam on it, think dr. octopus miniaturized, sans the human appendages. just the tentacles. (^_^)

bye bye y!photos

omfg! i recently opened, and organized my yahoomail for the very first time, since i first got my email account during my first year in high school...and so, there i was, deleting messages, when yahoo emailed me and it said that they are closing down yahoo photos!!!! before you think that tearing up, i'm really not mouring. it's not as if i've been using it on a regular basis. so, i'm currently in the process of trying out new photosites, like snapfish, shutterfly and flickr ...just for the fun of it.

site peeve

it's annoying how sites like snapfish and shutterfly have all these cool features, like creating a personalized photo book as a keepsake, but as with almost anything in the web,they charge in dollars. it's either i have to have a credit card with a dollar account, or i to live in the united states. well, both of the options aren't going to happen anytime soon. T_T.

anyway, i'm currently searching the net for diy bookbinding, since i'm actually considering making my own photo book. making it at home is costs roughly the same as when i'm going to have it made somewhere else.

attack of the facial hairs from outer space

shite, my facial hair is rebelling!!! i shaved just a few days ago, and like weeds, they magically reappear. worse, they're actually extending their territory towards my neck area where the adam's apple is. shiittt, i'm becoming hairy!!!! the next thing i'll know, i'll be covered in hair, consuming beer in an old trailer, with a ginormous beer belly! gahhh

Monday, August 06, 2007

the bitch said what???!!!

no way.

no way.

no way.

no no no no no no no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll never stand for art being dismissed in such an unfashionable, um, fashion. would you believe, our filipino slogan, the one we (jam, marie, and i), slaved for, during the course of Saturday evening....

was dissed!!!!!

after all the gluing, the sticking, the echos-ing, our bitch of a teacher (i've ranted about her a lot these days), told us we were not following instructions!!!!!!!!!! doesn't she know the difference between bondpaper SIZE and BONDPAPER????

flashback to two weeks ago...

the hag: uki lang yan, basta bond paper sized (makes a funny gesture), kayu na bahala kung anu ang ilalagay niyo jan (looks at us in a freaky marilyn manson-y look)..

fast forward to this morning...

the hag: ito naman (holds our 3-d mona lisa to show to the class...)......

the class: woooooooowwwwwwww......

the hag: hindi nagfofollow ng instructions...diba sabi ko bond paper lang??? tulad nito...
(shows the class the rest of the slogans, all of them more or less printed on sbp)

good lord, no one understands aesthetic appreciation these days! ok, sue us for not approaching her after the class to explain, but the least she could do is appreciate how extremely creative we are!!!!!! i dont get it, bakit ba hindi naiintindihan ng tao ang ibig sabihin ng magis??? maybe by the looks of how the situation was platyed out, like our project played the part of the ''circus freak'' among the piles of bondpapered-ness, but we were really intending to make our slogan really, fierce!!! and it is!!!!

it is fierce!!!!!! grrrrrrr...

palibhasa..berchmans. hehe

no seriously, i'm not kidding.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

local goings-on

a nasty habit for sure!

so, here are the things on my mind right now...

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a scrapbook for CHD..due on august 13. it's about the 10 herbs recommended by the DOH. ok, so our group hasn't collected the bloody weeds yet, but our scrapbook's gonna kick ass!! i know it.(^_^).

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

a slogan due tomorrow for filipino. it's good that jam, marie and i are groupmates. thank goodness for that, 'cos again, it's gonna kick ass!!!!!!!! pftt...if it manages to be gender - sensitive that is.

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a picture says it all. it feels good to be part of a great fold such as this. next stop, the world. (^_^)

and lastly,

the heavens have heard my prayers.

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those havis are mine! mine i tell you!!!! mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!