Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I finished uploading the SecA Christmas party album. that would probably be the last album taken with my camera...


but right now, i feel really frustrated. maybe it's the whole cosmic idea that 2008 is about to end in a few hours. right now, i'm into the idea of cramming productivity in the last hours of 2008 (which i definitely won't do in 2009...probably). so here's a run-down of the things i should be doing right now (since i'm a big fan of lists...)

1. install my phone's driver (yeah i got a new phone, a sony ericsson c902 cybershot phone. i'm still making a rough transition from being a Nokia person since time immemorial)
i wanted the red one (as pictured above), but i eventually opted for the black one for, um, personal reasons.

2. download Heroes episode 3 and Gossip girl episode 5 off isohunt. but downloading even 1 torrent kills my productivity since it slows down the connection i have with other sites (think limewire X 20). so i had to stop the downloads so i could at least open the blogger website.

3. exercise while watching desperate housewives. haha. i need to exercise for my peace of mind! the thing i like about abswing is that i could watch tv shows to kill 40 minutes.

4. make the pasta recipe i've wanted to make for some time now.

5. tweak my layout a bit. i've been reading photoshop tutorials (another thing which i can't do if utorrent is running AND this in itslef consumes so much time) as inspiration for another banner, but, *sigh*, ningas kugon (is this the apporpriate term?) kicked in.

6. take a bath. it's 4:00 pm for pete's sake!!!!

but since i'm updating my blog, i had to stop utorrent, so that means a pending item on the list. since i'm also updating this, i might as well try and install the driver without ruining my concentration.

oohhh...item number 7. find out some way to enable autoplay/autorun, because i waited for a few minutes, only to find out the driver doesn't automatically play or something. *sigh*

Dad came home yesterday! it's been a family tradition that we barbeque on New Year's eve, so i can't wait!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

a sob story about my camera - not

My camera died on me during our class Christmas party at Lovely's other (yes, i just had to italicize it) house. basically, the lens refused to close properly, nor did it open properly without getting a blurry viewfinder. so, yeah, i am kinda bummed, pissed, chagrined, morose and teary-eyed (haha). just in time for the holiday parties and all that. don't you just love the timing?

it has been 4 years since i traded in the spotlight (yeah...) for the spot behind the lens. ever since my parents bought me my first digital camera, an IXUS 750, i was a happy shutterbug. i never thought i would eventually gain a knack for taking pictures, but i did. the camera made its full-blown exposure when we were taking pictures for our 3rd year musical play poster. in hindsight, i never thought of myself as "photogenic", so i settled on being the photographer. then, out of nowhere, i thought of the camera per se as eventually, expendable. so in light of my "progressive photographic prowess", i pestered my parents into buying me a new camera, the IXUS 900Ti, the camera that, after 2 years, would die on me. i had lot of great times with my camera. it was an extension of my person, a shelter from public scrutiny and my sidekick. i always relished the "we got the shot" moment with it, and i'm sad knowing that it would probably be a long time before i would relish that moment again. (but i did get a few good pictures during the A party, so that's good i guess)

since my camera isn't functional, the major parties i attended, as well as the parties i will attend, would have to settle for another photog. but after some intense scrutiny, i kinda enjoy being infront of the lens, so that's a welcome respite! haha

isohunt and utorrent are my holiday buddies this year. i'm spending my mornings downloading tv episodes, and i'm currently setting my sights on some Family Guy, Gossip Girl and Heroes. i'm also downloading Interview with a vampire, and since it's kinda lengthy, i would probably leave the pc on through the night.

enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

screw Microsoft!

i love how the net can solve your problems in life!

so microsoft is pushing for its "Genuine Software" crap, and it translates to one thing: any windows program that you want to download (say, Windows media player 11), will only work if the software you have is authentic. but since we're in the third world and things like that don't come cheap, coupled with the pinoy's incessant desire to have everything FREE, we turn to the only source of enlightenment there is: authentication hacks and torrents. *church bells ring and choirs sing hallelujah!*

i downloaded WMP 11 off isohunt via utorrent, and viola! after messing around with the registry and all that blablahblah, i was able to install WMP free!!!!!! i'm all giddy and warm on the inside! haha. Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

if you wanna taste FREEdom for yourself, click on the link and just scroll down until you see a comment box (yeah, the instructions were given as a comment by a user) which gives you the instructions on how to go about rebellion against the man

Saturday, December 20, 2008

flickr portrait

i'm a sucker for flickr portraits like these....

i'll update tomorrow. i'm going to hear my first misa de gallo. i've missed out on the first few days already, and i'm attending tomorrow since it's Sunday so 2 - in -1 na. O_O

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

after grad

so i've been jumbling these three points to "consider" in my head for some time now. i'm definitely pursuing at least one of the three after i graduate. i just hope my light at the end of the tunnel will come soon. haha

1. an RN Master's degree
hypothetically speaking, if i do pass the Boards and i do become an RN, then this would definitely give me a leg-up if and when i do apply for a job here or abroad, if and when, if and when. haha. i have to face the fact that my heart isn't for this profession, but if i want to see the golden sunrises of Tuscany anytime soon, then, mush, gio, mush!

2. a Master's degree in Mass Communication
Having an RN appended to my name does sound nice, but this career path would really satisfy the person in me who never wanted to take up nursing in the first place. i've been told that crossing the other side isn't as hard as it seems! only 2 years of studying and i could have a full-fledged degree!

OK, i'm not making the mistake of making my intentions known, say, months before a final decision must be made. i made that mistake when i was in high school, when what i wanted more than anything else was to leave Zamboanga and to go to Manila to study. my parents were not prepared for that, since i was "technically" adamant only after i knew i passed the entrance exam in one of the schools there. so as early as now, i'm dropping hints.

these are my top three, but photography classes and a degree from the Culinary Institute of America are also part of the "things i wanna do before i die" list. haha

Monday, December 08, 2008

the holidays

so today is a Muslim holiday, as well as the feast of the Immaculate Conception. for the longest time, since forever, we (that is, my mum and i) went and heard mass at the Cathedral. then we had brunch at chowking.
then we parted ways - my mom staying to go bargain hunting, as i took the tricy home so i can resume studying for my pharmacology LQ. and i did finish 4 chapters at around 7pm! haha. a big feat for me, considering i live and breathe procrastination.

and i'm actually happy that at 9pm, the things to do asap are nil - so, it gives me time to catch-up on my readings and stare at the clock with not even an ounce of exasperation.

SPOT THE NOT IN ORANGE (KIDDING) - at least this time, more people are in the picture. (infront of the florence float)

the Ateneo fiesta came and went. i had my yearly fill of the AMAZINGLY SALTY/SOUR PORKCHOPS, and i actually participated in an event (the quiz bowl). too bad we didn't make it past elims, but the experience was good on my part. The CoN was the overall champion (clap), but the revelry was really watered-down since we had classes for two days during the fiesta!

it's 9:30 and i can go to sleep! you have no idea how good that sounds....*especially since tomorrow's the start of the "fiesta aftermath" - two weeks of classes and then, Christmas hols!*

Friday, November 21, 2008

nice ad

i'm a big fan of the prosumer camera --- cameras that blur the line between the point and shoot (like the IXUS 900 Titanium) and the dslr (canon EOS 40d). it's not that obvious that i'm a canon buff.i'm setting my sights on the powershot g10, and i'm browsing youtube for reviews.

so while i was searching, i stumbled on this canon ixus ad. it's not about the g10, and while i'm a fan of the g10, i'm also a fan of canon camera commercials. it runs for less than a minute, so you won't have a problem loading it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

on sleep and an erratum

i've been complaining about how i don't get enough sleep. my usual bedtime, since the start of the 2nd sem, would be around 10:30-11:00pm. no, i'm not conditioning my body to the battering it'll get when the classes are in full swing. it's just that when you have a pc with an internet connection, well, i don't have to explain myself. really.

so it's pretty weird how at around 7:30 pm, my parents are already asleep. and right now (it's 8:30), there's definitely nothing i can do that would entertain me for at least an hour more. so, for the first time in a while, i'm going to make use of the 30 minutes before 9pm, to finish everything that could be done, then i'll hit the sack. weeeeeee


it turns out that my childhood friend wasn't exactly kidnapped. she just happened to tag along with her friends to Basilan, then didn't answer any of her family's calls. so she's not helpless afterall. she's just another misguided girly rebel/bitch in the making. so after that, i have a feeling i should reevaluate my idea of pity and empathy. then puke.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

hours to midnight

in a few minutes i'll probably end my sembreak with a peaceful snooze. i'll also end my sembreak with mixed feelings on how certain things transpired, like...

my cap and badge. i told my mom that i would frown my way through the night, since i would think of a few dozen places i would like to be at that time than Regency. So alas, i did smile and got a tingly feeling when Paber slapped the badge on me. like how i answered floyd's congratulatory SMS: yeah, i am pretty happy, but i still don't like what i'm doing.

still..i have no regrets with some things, like

riezyl's debut! all of us of know how much the stress extended to her family and to us, and we were really happy that the event was BEAUTIFUL, hitches and drama and all. (photos are in my multiply).

so tomorrow's another day, another school day. so taking a cue from Pink's "So What", i got a brand new attitude and i'm gonna wear it tomorrow!

I'm gonna start i fight! um..okay. i'm still a rockstar though, and yeah, i hope the sem would be my comeback since i felt that things were half-baked last time (but no regrets in the long run).


On a sadder note, i found out that my neighbor's cousin was kidnapped a few days ago. What was crazy about it was the fact that we were actually playmates when we were little.

i wouldn't want the kidnappings to hit closer to home any time soon. i'm praying that she'll be released safely soon. please include April in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my angry tooth!

i should probably explain why there was a perpetual bleep on the blog radar that lasted around a week, as far as i'm concerned. well, i going to eat my words right now - the computer wasn't running properly. wasn't. which means during that time when my ass didn't show, we sent it to the pc hospital to have it all fixed. this morning, it came back. so i assumed that from now on, everythin'l be peachy.

after n years, i finally went to my dentist to have something done. apparently, my lower left third molar was impacted (meaning it didn't "explode" ), and the surrounding gum area has been a petri dish for bacteria. so like i said, it was the first time i had something done, and the fact that it was unpleasant really didn't make the "first time" dampened every sentimental cell in my body.

the tug of war between my tooth and her as well as the the pseudo army barrage of drills, pliers and anesthesia lasted for about an hour-ish. so the first 30 minutes after the surgery (yeahhh, it wasn't just an extraction), i was still perky enough to watch my regular youtube soap, but soon after, i was ready to look for a fight and eff-curse the family --- even the baby!

my uncle didn't help either, since it took him 30 minutes after i handed him the money for my meds to bring his sorry self to the pharmacy...and he short-changed me!

I already drooled blood on my pillow, and what's holding me together is the Flanax which is my new mani. I hurts so much i wanted to destroy the pain scale. As least now, i don't cry, i just get really angry that at any moment, i could get scissors and slice kittens in half.

Well, I survived circumcision, how on earth could this be any worse? *sob*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the bucket list so far

the first sem of kalokohan has finally let out its last whiff of flatulence!

My PC fiiiinnnnaalllyyyy got the long overdue overhaul. though the RAM remains untouched, decluttering the unimportant files (thanks to my in-law/technician kuya) finally did a world of good.

I bought "love in time of cholera" yesterday. it draws you in as far as the storyline goes. i want to finish it by the end of the week of i could move one to "100 years".

30 minutes before Monday! i just had the nerve to post something useless right about now. well, at least i'm alive.

Sanity and substantiation will have to take a backseat for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

the boredom bucket list

i've been making and breaking to-do lists since i learned how to spell my name. blame it on a sedentary spot in my brain which inhibits everything productive. and it's also the spot that tells me to blog at the worst time (LIKE TONIGHT FOR EXAMPLE). but enough about that. i've made a resolve to try (and i use this word veeerrryyyy loosely), to accomplish at least 70% of what's on my new list.

my list is set for the sembreak. though marko tells me we wont have a sembreak, let's just say i'm in the mood to screw the system and push through with my shallow plans. so here goes:

1. give my desktop an overhaul. my RAM speed is killing me. i have to restart it at least once a day if i plan to use it properly, and decently opening limewire and playing songs have been a bitch these days.

2. download movies and TV series. i miss my old peoples (Meredith and Greg House). and there's no better time to channel my pseudo-movie critic into something "productive".

3. process my papers. if i do want to ride an elephant (or at least go to hong kong disneyland) pretty soon...i better to it asap.

4. read up. i'm over (so i say...haha) the pop culture bookshelf phenomenon.. i intend to read an overlooked yet extremely good piece of fiction over the course of two weeks.

5. de-clutter my working space. hurricane Svetlana has overstayed her welcome.

6. walk. according to my Nutrition handout (which i'm supposed to be studying), people have a predisposed "weight for height" and no matter how hard you try, starving yourself to reach your "ideal weight" (which is another misleading term), is hard since the body eventually "resets" itself by pigging out to go back to "normal". old school exercise is still the way to go.

7. make a "Vision Board". taking a page out of the Secret and listening to Oprah out of boredom, does wonders after all. (maybe i'll expound next time)

- until then. i hope i my sembreak starts early (for me that is). but before actually relishing freedom, the kalokohan must ensue.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

bruised and bad


my nerves and I crashed into each other like two deers caught in the headlights. who could blame us? I always had this bi-polar attitude with public displays, be it debates, and in this case (and also the most recent), JUDO. gaahhhh. what i mean by being bi-polar is that i flinch at the thought of being in front of people, but i revel in the adrenaline rush that goes with it.

So i woke up with a pounding heart last Friday. it was the dayof our intra class competition, and those who managed to beat people to the pulp the best were chosen to beat even more people to the pulp this Sunday (tomorrow). So naturally, the nerves started to kick in, and in true form, i felt nauseous until my match was called. i was under the -73kg division (which put me in the same category as marko. bah!). but i didn't get to fight him. fortunately, i was pitted against a "varsity" (quote unquote since he kinda affiliates himself with the judo club, but he still takes classes with us lulits) member who left bruises on my chin. what fun. (note the slightest hint of sarcasm). but the match was such a bittersweet high notwithstanding...well, except for the bruises, which are very very very distracting..."wearing your scars proud" makes me sound like a warfreak hell-bent on picking fights with gangstas.

We're rooting for the warfreaks tomorrow. Sir Judo told us to "pray that your class will land a spot in the top 3..or else feel the wrath of the varsity, who will slice, chop, puree, and grind you to shreds you'll wish you had 3 years of nonstop return demos! bwahahaha" -- well, he didn't say this per se...i just felt like exaggerating.

So this is me signing off. i'm sleepy and i told myself i would get some sleep six hours ago. tsk.

Monday, September 29, 2008

love letter

my caught my 8 year old cousin Pepeng stealing money from my grandmother's purse. so naturally i gave him a piece of my mind, with a few empty threats (like taking him away and no one to cook his luncheon meat to that effect). and i also threatened to throw away his coin purse, which he has, to keep his "hard earned" money.

well, i went as far as leaving it near the trash can. so there.

so while i was minding my own business in my room, frantically typing away some "information" about my patient for my health history and Gordon's, his mom came to me and said:

Her: "Nakita mo yung love letter niya para sayo?"
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "Napansin ko siya kanina...Dinaan niya sa door niyo...ayun o. haha"

*she gets it and hands it over to me*

the letter, written at the back page of Grandma's important order sheet from her franchise dealers, with scribbly handwriting, said:

"From Pepeng

Sorry na ha. Incircle (a/n: i know it's misspelled) YES or No.

I am very very Sorry."

And being the sucker of all things sweet, i naturally "incircled" "Yes" (i think it meant i wasn't angry at him)..and went out to look for him. he sheepishly got the note and ran to the jeep, since he was about to go home with his parents.

Well, that got me smiling. he's really a good kid though some (including myself) can't see it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

alt class and then some

even if i was cranky for most of the day, and i seriously need sleep since my head is throbbing like crazy, i had fun today. for lack of better things to say, here are pictures instead:




and let's not forget this...hahaha


We had our alternative class today in line with the SIMO month. Yeah, we were required to spend our morning with these kids, much to a lot of people's (including myself) chagrin. after the activity was over, and after asking around, a resonating nod would agree that it was really worth it. (note to self: always whine against the Brebeuf as a venue that would hold around 300 people).

last year, my SIMO was spent photographing Marion at the Pasonanca park. this year was no different, sans Marion and bring in over a hundred kids instead.

pahabol: O Files ulet..

i forgot i even had this photo of the bitches from high school. i can't wait until our 50th reunion when we're all wrinkly and dead. HAHAHA.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

on being a food critic

since today's apparently Grandparents Day, my mom treated the abuelo and abuela to a buffet spread at Garden Orchid, with the rest of the family. Mt grandparents' friends from Texas came home a few days ago, so they tagged along as well.

the menu consisted of all the elements of a good spread: pork, beef, fish, rice and soup. it's definitely not an all-Pinoy fare, as the only things remotely Filipino in the menu were dinuguan (which i don't really enjoy) , lechon kawali (served the moment we were all done) and fried rice (at least i think it's Filipino).

Image Hosted by
By mondaybazooka, shot with 6288 at 2008-09-06

what i got (clockwise from left): beef ribs with a really strong vinaigrette, fish with mango sauce and their fried rice. the taste is definitely not what i'm used to. with the family, the whole eating out experience consists of really greasy food and the ubiquitous bilao. so at the first bite, i wasn't impressed (HAHAHAHA), but i definitely grew fond of the fish's mango sauce, as well as the texture of the beef.

so while the family was chatting away, i grew a bit bored so i took pictures of myself using the self-timer, so it wouldn't be too obvious. :)

Image Hosted by
here i am slurping what's left of my mais con hielo. really tasty.

Image Hosted by
it wouldn't be complete without a B&W. so here i am, with a toothpick. pfffffttttt.......HAHAHAHA

all in all i would rate it a 7/10.

now my tummy's complaining. damn. i should've gone back for seconds.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

not as we

you know who you are

we haven't been together for too long to say we've been through eveything. a year doesn't even justify the decades people in love spend. but i know we weren't that in to each other. but that doesn't mean the year was meaningless. on the contrary, everything seemed so right with you around. that doesn't mean everything went so smoothly. it's just that, with you there, i have another reason to do the things i do.

travelling. that's what i've always loved to do. and in the course of a year, we've done so, in our make believe fields of hay and the mountains of snow. you kept a lot of things about me. you know my flaws, as i know yours. but we've lived in a mutual understanding of trust in those imperfections we shared - that it will bring us one step closer to that happy place were no one can say otherwise, where we can live free from any strings which keep us from doing what we want to do.

i wanted you to travel with me.

but it happened. a barrage of unfortunate events took place. from my end and from yours. i blame myself for abusing you, for treating you with care as tender as a sledgehammer. i blame myself for letting what we have fade away. nothing, nothing can ever make up for what i did - what you let me do. but who could blame you? you were defenseless.

and you just gave up on me. for that, the most i could do right now is say sorry. i'm sorry for losing you - forever.

i'm going to charge everything that has happened over the last few weeks to experience. i'm going to make things right, one way or the other. but i regret not having you here to see that.

you had the last laugh afterall. taking with you a part of me that i could never get back.

i hope that where ever you are right now, you're happy. i know we won't see each other again.

from me and i kneel as "not as we" plays in the background.

you're a bigger feeling than i am if you think i'm referring to a person. no, my laptop died on me, after a year of use. she's been silently battling corrosion for quite sometime now. it was too far along, nothing could be done. she's a bitch for taking away every college picture i have though. :(
"not as we" is Alanis' new song, which is all about going back to step one.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


i didn't have any class today since...well, the aftermath of the midterms has made the teachers all tamad.

but the day wasn't totally unproductive.

i went to the local print shop to have our (yes, it's supposed to be a group effort which i did by myself, but it's fine since i liked what i did) food exchange list visual aid/tarp printed for Nutri ala Dolly.

afterwards, my mom and i met up at BDO to open my first ATM account. my ignorance with everything bank related stretched as far as being unable to get their ballpen from the holder. (diba they're always a staple in banks?). and my mom told me what to write, and so i did..with sweaty palms. hahaha

then we headed to PLDT to inquire about this new internet plan where you get a telephone with the package. but in the end, both of us opted to stick with our existing plan, since the lady told us (with a slight lisp) it wasn't advisable since it's slower than what we have right now.

then we had lunch at the nearby dimsum joint, Jollice. i swear, they still serve the best food with no frills and gimicks whatsoever. there's something about their no-nonsense preparation that's so's really charming. i love their siomai! my mom ordered two servings since one wasn't enough for me. on top of it all, i still had an extra serving of rice with my porkchop.

good lord, there goes my waistline.

and i plan to finish my Avatar episodes tonight. i'm already at chapter sixteen and the series has been building up momentum, leading to a ginormous climax that i have yet to watch. haha-- i'm a nerd, i know.

here's the trailer

it's nice! seriously.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

midnight rebellion!

i'm hyper not because i downed on a can of Sting to keep me awake to prepare myself for phase 3 and 4 of operation hikug (refer to my previous previous post) fact:


it's a viciously funny habit which makes my mom laugh at me. i would usually set my alarm for 3am so i could get a head start..but usually, i just turn it off and go back to sleep. i feel sorry for the alarm clock though. it's the ringing one complete with twin bells. and it's in a color that i like: copper, which makes it even more special.

i promise, i'll's just that i'm laughing at myself right now for this newfound disregard for everything. don't worry, the dopamine will wear off tomorrow: that's when i start to panic and my hands get all sweaty.

what made me even giddier tonight are two pictures on my desk right now. they show me and my classmates, 4 years ago (2nd year hs). most of us probably grew a few inches over the next year or so. but for me, it was extra extra awkward because i was humongous. i am still pretty big, but somehow, people won't associate the word "Fat" as much as they did years ago. not that there's nothing wrong with having a few extra miles on your gas tank. it's just that i have a skewed line of thought that branches out to an even more distorded self-image. i'm a hypocrite on so many levels! anyhoooo.....

i won't study tonight. i haven't been so adamant about something in a really long while.

and i think i picked the worst time to be rebellious.

the O Files: "peanuts"

i couldn't help it. i just couldn't.

let's remember the good old days of third grade, where we would usually play "out-out" (yes, looking back, it was very very entertaining..). where petty fights between friends escalated into a full-time drama fest complete with divine intervention from the guidance office. where fights from real rivals meant taking sides. where we used to suck up to the teachers, inviting them to your parties so you could get the attention and the grade to match your gmrc. where nothing could be more blasphemous than saying the word "peste" (at least, in my case...)

so where am i going with this? let's just say that to a third grader during my time...things that are really commonplace today would be considered R-18 in 1999.

like this one....

(for a quick laugh, just watch it! it lasts only a minute and a half...)

it features Clarissa (M. Hart) and Sam (S. O'Neal) having a riveting discussion about "peanuts". seriously. listen to it really hard and you'll hear the difference. but at the first register, um, it says otherwise.

for the record, i didn't even know what a penis was when i was in third grade. (go ahead and laugh). and when i finally found out the "scientific" nomenclature for the "dick", i pronounced it as "pen-neees". LMAO. yes, it's spilling your guts time!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the O(ld school) files: mmmbop!

click on this video and see what i mean

circa 1997

this song conquered airwaves and tv screens 11 years ago!

touted as their most successful release, this song practically propelled the teenybopper group Hanson into instant overnight stardom. until know, ironically, i couldn't understand the rest of the song's lyrics, save for the word "mmmbop". as far as i know, the most unforgettable memory i have of this song would have to be the episode Marvin Agustin did for MMK, where he was a kariton pusher(?), and he would constantly hum/sing the song, catching the eye of his love interest, much to her chagrin. --- YEAH, I AM THIS PATHETIC.

this song brings me back to my gradeschool days, when i practically didn't have a care in the world. i would be watching a pokemon episode via the VHS (yeah, i still have it!) my aunt from texas made for me. (it's weird to see Cartoon Network trying to catch up with the pokemon episodes in the US but i.. -- ok, moving on...). This song would be the played during the commercials. Unintelligible as the lyrics go, the melody is catchy, and watching the Hansons sport overly baggy sweaters seriously reminds of the Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) era --- which is another blog entry in itself. the song just screams fun, and it definitely defines how life was during those years. i've realized that songs like this one are definitely worth being part of your ipod playlist.

what's good about the 90s being remembered in 2008 is that it brings back so much old school vibe that it's actually pretty chic. Watching this video for the first time this morning, god bless you, youtube, made me lmao. the kids from hanson look really scrawny, but weren't all 90s kids like that? um, not me of course. i was fat.

it's good to look back at things in your life that'll make you go mmmbop..yeah yeah! -- O_O

A/N: hahahahaha! writing this was fun. i think i finally found my groove again.

my latest brainchild (the O Files), would feature stuff you thought were DEAD, or at least shooed to the bottom of your drawer. there's no telling when i would post another entry, but just hum the Clarissa theme song and i'll get back to you, NANANANANANA

Friday, August 22, 2008

operation hikug

i've just finished torturing myself with another vicious round of "the guilty game!"

phase 2 of operation hikug: "make gio feel miserable when the midterms are over"---- has been executed, and i must say, Paber has outdone himself. well, maybe not. for the record, i did study. it's just that i might have overlooked a few items (or thirty!) on my outline. Sir E gave a fairly easy exam, but overlooking significant scripture passages was my downfall.

phase 3 and 4 aren't exactly part of operation hikug. 3 (Zoo) doesn't really scare me that much since my grades are resting on safe at the moment. the fiasco of phase 4 (Nutri ala Dolly) can still be prevented if i actually manage to read my notes. let's just put it this way: i usually elevate cramming to an artform, but not this time. i've lost my touch, in studying and in cramming. and i'm paying the price for my overconfidence with Paber looking at me with incomprehensible smugness. and there's me..crying in the corner! hahaha

but as soon as the midterms are over, i would like to think it would allow me to start over with a clean slate - for real this time. i know i've said this time and time again...even i'm sick of myself but maybe this time around - things will go my way.

a clean have no idea how good that sounds.


my laptop who recently died on me, has taken my other files to the perpetual graveyard of oversized paperweights. my pictures, my iTunes, my PDFs!!! but my mom told me she'll bring it to the albularyo to retrieve it's...whatever it has.

believe me, i have a lot of things to blog Tal's debut, my renewed longing for the Mmmbop! song, venting anger about theMOA-AD, and the IAMNinoy movement, but a lot of things that haven't been going my way...consider my lack of significant updates one of it.

so, let's have a moment of silence for my fat soul...i hope he finds what he's been looking for.

Friday, August 15, 2008

me time

happy "holy lord i can finally have a good night's sleep without worrying about cramming for something" friday!

i seriously need some "me time" - like i haven't been abusing that word for the nth time already! hahaha

-expect more substance tomorrow. ok?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the demon barber of sta. maria

i just came back from the barber with a pseudo-ROTC haircut!

gaahhhh..i'm frigggiiiinnnnn pissed!!!!!!

as soon as i sat on the barber's chair, he gets a buzzer and does a Britney Spears on my right side! i had to frantically say "stop!" before he does any more damage.

stay away from sweeney todd! que horror! he massacres your patch of locks and charges you for his butchery!


p.s. maybe i'm exaggerating, but i was shocked beyond reason when he took a little too much hair from my side. hmm...let's wait for the verdict (courtesy of "my peoples" ) tomorrow....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

one-liners and the olympics

riez and gio looks at jam's jeans

riez: "jam, fake yang Calvin Klein jeans mo?"

jam thinks for a nanosecond

jam: "no, it's true"

(not the answer we were expecting. )LMAO! sigh, candid remarks make my day.

since photobucket is down, i guess i have nothing better to do than hit the sack. it's been a rough week.

My dad and i watched the weightlifting and swimming (sorry, i don't know the right term..) competition of the Beijing olympics. i watched how Phelps broke the record for something which i couldn't articulate right now...(it's not my niche to talk, much less, blog about sports...the whole shebang being "thrilling" notwithstanding)

since my "peoples" couldn't stop talking about the greatest spectacle on earth which was the opening ceremony, and youtube is love, i'm going to watch it tomorrow. like i said, i'm sleepy.

there are some interesting things i want to blog about, but at the top of my head, what i do want to do right now is think of concepts for a new photo folio that i'm FINALLY(?) going to take seriously. and i'm still looking for inspiration. i don't want to give the impression that i'm unoriginal (which i am, in most cases, haha) i want it to be...i dunno....original? :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008



the day didn't end as good as i wanted it to be. i wish i went to the combuild instead of waiting for pasta that never came..and someone's incessant sermon. i felt bad, really really bad.


"revenge will be sweet"

a nonexistent song of retribution (i've got to blog about this more) plays on and on and on...

i was so down about what happened in school lately, and this whole "what's happening to me?" vibe is giving me the creeps. maybe the last (and definitely painful) kick in the butt was the pinnacle of the proverbial "last straw" for me.

you know the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle had enough of nobody taking her seriously, and the background music plays on as she finally decides to make something out of herself? let's just say i downloaded that song and played it as i finally started doing an Elle Woods today. i'm not so sure i've been extreeemmeeellllyyyy productive. but making an outline for a quiz that won't be given until next week is definitely something. i'm a pathetic nerd, i get it. but at least i'm an angry pathetic nerd

Friday, August 01, 2008

today's piece of insanity



a funny thing happened today:

i crammed two LOOONNGGG chapters of microbiology crap into a few hours, give or take...

only to find out that i probably failed the exams (yes, 2 sets). *sigh*


i still haven't bought my judogi(sp?). it's a good thing the practical exam we have next week would be about falling pa lang. i'm watching pokemon with my cousins, and i plan to finish the gossipgirl dvd tonight! yes, i know it's a boring life, but it's simply a natural balance. you have people like Chuck Bass, and you have people like me.

a friend of mine is considering (even the slightest bit) leaving the nursing nest to pursue other interests. similar feelings have been brewing (or simmering, which ever tickles your fancy) in my head for a while now, so i was surprised to find out i'm not the only one, as the table discussion turned into one of those solitary Survivor know, the part where the pretentious castaways tell the camera man their hidden agendas. someone remarked that it was normal for us to feel that way...i beg to differ.

my mom doesn't take me seriously though, even if i do tell her i've had enough. oh well, at least i kinda know when it's time for me to call it quits the sane way...without you finding me in a toilet stall with a bleeding wrist. i think.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bring out the wine!

so i'm kind of enjoying my 2 day "vacation" from all things school-related..until now. i've got a ton of things to do and all of them involves remembering what fun it is to go on duty. i also need to study so i could make Paber more proud of me than he already is. you're an idiot if you didn't sense the sarcasm up to this point.

anyway, i think i can finish my requirements tonight. it's the least i can do after burying myself in the lives of the upper east siders all day. i'm going to all nuclear and drown myself in pills (the good kind), and maybe some good will come out of it. and i'm seriousy drowning myself in my itunes just so i can distract myself...when will i ever learn? haha

here are some snapshots of random things that kinda happened the past few days/weeks...

Rea's debut. the picture's really really tongue-in-cheek. haha. i took some of her photos and i'm trying to read photoshop like a roadmap right now so i could...nevermind. haha *fingers crossed*

someone thinks he's Nigel Barker. hahaha. thanks mc.

kikay's car. after a day in Brent. also note the calm post-typhoon expanse of the sea.

Sto Nino HC. *sigh*


it's my financier's birthday today. happy birthday ma!


and since i wolfed myway to morbid obesity more than once today (at least the wine's good)...tomorrow..the key word is...


Monday, July 28, 2008


it's 9pm and my drooping eyes and eyebags the size of Texas tell me i can't watch Gossip Girl anymore. bummer.

i have a handful of things to blog about, but i'm not sure i have the time right now.

this is just my way of saying i'm still alive!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a firm resolve

i'm updating my iTunes, accepting multiply invites, checking my mail, farting 'til there's no tomorrow...

and i've decided that it's better to start another week by sleeping through most of sunday night, knowing that at least once this semester, I slept well.

i need sleep, and page upon page of prokaryotes, dietary guidelines and torts won't faze me.

don't get me wrong, i will study, but not right now...

'cause my bed call-eth!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

legal na siya!


happy birthday to a certain someone who's in london right now, doing god knows what. hahaha. she's a great person and an extremely "interesting" friend - a jill of all trades and a master of....stalking!

she has a big mouth, and i've told her a million times, (and i still stand by my theory) that her mouth has a mind of its own.

to say that she's crazy-obsessive is the biggest understatement of the millenium.

she has a blog, look for it in my links. experience the madness for yourself.

we miss our dwayneeeee!

Sunday, July 13, 2008



businesses look at poverty with a twisted sense of humor.
people love to juxtapose the rich and poor in such ironic positions that it's almost too funny.

*taken while i was on my way home on a tricycle.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a tirade!

the past two weeks haven't been friendly, to put it lightly. i'm always tired, i feel like dozing off at the wrong time, all the time, and everything seems to fall apart. sure, everybody has those days (and weeks), but what makes it all the more difficult to digest are the instances when i could just say it flat out, "stop". perish the thought of shifting! but things in school haven't been encouraging lately...

and like you, i'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.

i'm writing right now because it want to make mountains out of molehills, and invoke the petty tirades i have with myself. i complain about waking up at 5:30 three days a week just so i wouldn't miss the bus for our duty. i complain about how my teachers manifest their hatred towards me(see? shallow!) by giving exams every day.

but it's disgusting to complain about the same thing day in and day out. it's immature to rant about something like your duty or exams, when thousands of people went through the same ordeal and survived with a few scratches and bruises here and there. but who is to say everything needs to be ABCD easy? i'm slowly getting a glimpse of the real world through the eyes of a naive child with no preconceived notion of how cruel the world can be. and i'm slowly realizing how naive i am, to bitch about things i could easily conquer if i just focus.

"ang hirap ng college!" is so high school.

move along dammit.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

a nice shot (on two levels)

i've you have been a follower of this blog for the past 6 months or so, you might know that i failed to achieve transcendance to god status. to append a 'god' (aside from the upcoming RN) to my name, i should have studied the current subject matter in class, and do my requirements early to fend off the ugly face of "Gio with eyebags". but, no, the bastard hasn't done anything yet. if i continue with this cheap and toxic lifestyle, i just might have to go to confession. Old habits die hard. sigh...yes Virgiania, I AM A NERD.

i have to get ready for Trisha's debut in a couple of hours , so i'm leaving with a parting shot i really like...


i don't know what to make of it, but i'm pretty sure the waters won't calm down anytime soon. so it's best to savor the rare minutes before your CI yells, "pumasok na kayo sa bus!", at 6:20 AM.

Monday, June 30, 2008

new skin!

if you've been living under a rock for like, ever, then you probably didn't notice i changed my layout! it's a breath of fresh air from the stuck up blogskin monotony. i downloaded the codes to my layout and tweaked a few things here and there + my little photoshop know how, and viola! instant coolness!

i'm proud of my layout because it serves its purpose as simply something that highlights what this blog is all about: me and my purdy mouth in my brain (you get the idea...i hope).

i'm still in the process of cutting out the rest of the frills. i haven't updated my contacts list yet, and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ADD A DECENT COMMENT FUNCTION. ignorance is bliss!

i had my first area assignment at Camp Navarro hospital today. on the bus going there, i was as nervous as hell and i was on the verge of tears (and shifting) when the first few choice words our CI used to greet us was: "Pumasok na kayo!" -- in a very "i'm angry and i'm going to kill you" tone. but he softened up as the day went by. right now, i'm kinda enthusiastic about this whole "nurse experience". but maybe i'm just naive that i think it will always be like this. oh well, let's see how things unfold.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for shaira

this is my first attempt at anything which involves the lasso tool, so i would consider this an achievement!

happy birthday shai!

p.s. she wants gifts...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


here's the thing...

i read an article i wrote for my Eng112 class two semesters ago and it gave me the kick in the butt to do something with my blogging life, as grand and explosive as Britney shaving her head all over again. Neither am i britney nor am i shaving my already massacred patch of hair. I've realized that my writing needs to be all writing! and i'm sick of a template totally defining my blog. so while i'm looking for the perfect template that pleases me, without overshadowing the blogger, i'm sticking to this philosophy of total blog zen with this white template.

and i'm starting to organize my study table...i haven't done that for years!

all this desire to be productive stems from a jolt of "something" that suddenly hit me a few minutes ago!

i'm on a roll baby!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my doctor said....

...i have bronchitis.

the doctor diagnosed me a few hours ago, after three hours of painstakingly waiting for her to arrive. i was outside the bookstore when my dad picked me up and brought me to ciudad. it was raining hard that time, so i was wasting my minutes extracting amusement at how my classmates would get to McDonalds, a few meters away, without screaming and getting wet. i was the 2nd on the list, and at least the first one didn't show up, so the secretary called me in for the consult as i was just about to drift away to my little hole on the beach, sipping ice cold wine somewhere in the Mediterranean.....sigh

so, i did my research just to give me more insight as to what could potentially kill me (and save me from taking up judo, and everything else for that matter, since i'm dead and all), and here's what i found....


Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, or bronchi (the air passages that extend from the windpipe into the lungs). The inflammation may be caused by a virus, bacteria, smoking or the inhalation of chemical pollutants or dust. When the cells of the bronchial-lining tissue are irritated beyond a certain point, the tiny hairs (cilia) within them, which normally trap and eliminate pollutants stop functioning. Consequently, the air passages become clogged by debris and irritation increases. In response, a heavy secretion of mucus develops, which causes the characteristic cough of bronchitis.
Bronchitis is classified as either acute or chronic. In acute bronchitis, the causative agents are viruses, symptoms typically last 7- 21 days, are preceded by a “cold”, and resolve without treatment other than over the counter products. Chronic bronchitis is a component of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is defined by the chronic nature of the cough, which usually is productive, and has lasted for at least 3 months per year for at least 2 years.


This is one of the most common disorders seen in clinical practice. Bronchitis is generally caused by a virus, and does not respond to antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, seventy percent of the time, the diagnosis usually leads to a prescription for antibiotics. This diagnosis is one of the leading causes of antibiotic abuse. Bronchitis often evolves from a severe cold. This disorder may also follow or accompany the flu, or it may begin without having had an infection.

you can read the whole article HERE

if it takes on a recurring pattern for the next few months, i might have a problem on my hands. but at least i'm on medication right now...and it doesn't involve grandma practically bugging me every freaking minute of the day to take Fern-C. whoopee.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sick and bad

i woke up with a high fever today, so my mom rushed me to the hospital. i haven't felt like fainting in a long time, so i was a bit freaked out when i felt the way i felt. the doctor prescribed me with the usual cocktail of common drugs.

i swear, the women at joan's pharmacy move as fast as turtles (poor simile, i know). honestly, is it in their philosophy to make dying people stand for 30 minutes just for medicine? well, if that's the case, then by time the medicine does arrive, my fever would disappear already.

last night, i attended the freshie's orsem night, so i could write an article about it for the beacon. it felt weird to attend thier orsem night when i didn't even attend mine. hahaha. some people were throwing me stares. i kind of entertained the idea that maybe they think i'm a freshman who took too much growth pills. so, it was very weird indeed. by the time i got home, my back was aching like crazy. well, i'm not sure if it's because there were no chairs and it was a standing room crowd, but it's just a theory. O_O

i felt bad after i left the place. kasi, when i was at the exit lining up to leave one of the rotc guards asked me "dito ka pala nag-aaral?". i sheepishly replied, "oo", since i have no idea where that question came from. but when i finally left the place, it occured to me that the guy was actually my classmate in grade school. i'm bad!

after taking my meds and sleeping for 30 minutes, i woke up sweating. from what i know, that's a good thing, so at least i feel much better now.

Friday, June 13, 2008


a few days ago, on the day of my enrollment, my dad went to the NBI to get my clearance. it's a funny story actually. he said it would take three weeks for them to finish my clearance, because, apparently, my name is on the HITLIST. O_O. well, someone whose name shares some similarities with mine. but still...a HITLIST!!!! it's not as if i'm a rapist or a murderer. i'm not sure if being a student warrants a slot on the hitlist. but of course, i am guilty of being capable of murder to the extent of thinking of how good it would be to burn my teacher alive...but i don't think the people at the NBI need to know that. it's annoying because i thought that getting my clearance on time would be the prize i would get for putting up with the grouchy old men who forcefully grab your hand to be inked for fingerprints...but no, God has a sense of humor.

i watched CSI: New York for the first time, and it's the first episode of the 4th season. it was a fairly gripping hour of mystery solving frenzy, with the statue of liberty "bleeding" and a man embalmed with household disinfectant among other things. what caught my attention is when the detectives caught the "killer" (in the end, it turns out he actually wasn't) and he was wearing a shirt i actually own! i bought mine in cebu and the design and color are the same! and my shirt isn't even from penshoppe! i would expect people who sport penshoppe shirts (since the the masa loves them to itsy bitsy bits) to experience this sort of situation, but no, it had to be with a person on TV, thousands of miles away! hahaha

i have a few days left before school. i have to go to the brgy. hall in a while to get my clearance...what fun. T_T

Friday, June 06, 2008

the good old days of digimon

i only have a week left of freedom before classes, i spend every waking hour of the day (well, not really, since i have to eat and crap) reading fanfiction and reliving the good old days by watching digimon!

right now, i'm on the 9th episode of Digimon Savers (season 5 if i'm not mistaken). i watch them on, this site that's similar to youtube, only more cartoon and anime-centric.

this is episode 1. where agumon and masaru-daiman meet. the whole series is in japanese, but i'm getting by with the english subtitles. i'm seriously enjoying the story so far. it takes on a darker mood, with the digidestined being replaced by a more "realistic" set of kids who work for DATS (i still don't know what that means, but i'll get on it). they act as the "police force" which maintains order between the human and digimon world. the group is somewhat similar to the power rangers SPD series, which featured the rangers as cops, kicking alien ass.

writing this makes me sound like child again! hahaha

Sunday, June 01, 2008

once upon a time...

a preview of what to expect by clicking on the picture

*Bootyguard EATS Riezyl and Neil, but gets too full to get to Robin.

That one bashed with a saxophone and got away. Anyway, Bootyguard's on a diet.

*Marko: "Hahaha. Ha Ha Ha HAHA."

*Psy-Chic teleports in

*Angel: "Mistress. I sensed a disturbance."

Marko: "Hmmph. Tell me more."

Angel: "Also, your lucky color for today is seafoam green."

Marko: "BUT I just got this fan in MINT! Ugh. Oh well...Hmmm Bootyguard! Go do some espionage and shet."

Angel: "Yes. Most wise decision, Mistress."

Marko: "I knowwwww, right?!~"

this is seriously better than the crap granny goose (or whatever talking animal) reads to you. i was bored (like that's a surprise), so my multiply's been tickled by photos with a corresponding nonsensical narrative that would put Jo to shame! courtesy of Vicky and his "ghetto-you ain't got nothin' on me b*tch" style. hahaha.

i miss the way i wrote with complete abandon. soul-searching nanaman! haha

Saturday, May 31, 2008

ice cream boredom

like i said a few days ago (refer to my previous post), the blasted Zamboanga heat melted away most of the "fun" in doing nothing. it's not nice to do nothing when the heat is making you all sleepy and itchy. i craved for ice cream the whole day yesterday.

so imagine how happy i was when my dad and i dropped by at this Shell store to buy two small tubs of ice cream. I bought choco-peanut butter delight and mega mocha crunch. i like the latter more, but buying two tubs couldn't really compensate for the Selecta Vanilla craving i had. but i told myself it will have to do...

when my mom arrived from work with a cake from Red Ribbon (it just opened yesterday), i was suprised to see she also bought Vanilla ice cream!!!!! weeeeeee

so right now, the freezer holds 3 tubs of ice cream, but knowing the people here, those sins-in-a-tub wouldn't last a week.

VK made my day when he supplied the captions for the pictures i took of friends, taking the whole idea of storytelling to another level with his "in your face, ghetto girl" lines. until my next post then...

reading this made my realize how much of a dork i am. my writing style has lost its "thang"! i write like a fucking first-grader. T_T

Thursday, May 29, 2008


yesterday, my dad and i went to ciudad to have my titer (antibody concentration) checked. if the digits amount to 0 - 2 (or something), i have to get my booster for hep-B. afterwards, we went to gateway, this new mall here, to buy stuff at adidas. we were supposed to buy only my bag, but my dad told me to pay (since my mom gave me money) for these tennis shorts that are no different from the ones he already has. a funny thing happened while we were there....

dad *holds up a backpack, looks at it meticulously*: miss, anong klaseng bag ito?

saleslady: uh, backpack po sir, adidas.

me: *laughing on the inside* uh...ok.

the titer results should be ready after two hours, but i decided to get it the following day (which happens to be today).

my dad and i were supposed to go get it at around 9 this morning ,but a bomb exploded infront of the airbase (1-2 blocks away from our house) here so bukas nalang.

i slept most of the afternoon away. it was a strategy i employed to wait for my youtube videos to load. the internet connection speed isn't exactly lightning fast, so patience is a virtue. by the time i woke up, only one of the videos managed to load properly, the others stopped halfway. fucking video errors irk me! you know the ones when they stop at around....uh, moving on...

i managed to wolf down sins in the form of BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! yesterday! but i couldn't help it, the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! were abso-fucking delicious. i seriously have no idea how many calories the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! have, but right now, i really don't care.

the afternoon air was far from breezy today. the heat wave has been going on for the past few days or so, and i'm just waiting for the rainy season to come to full effect. i wanted to make halo-halo ala the chowking halo-halo way, but the only topping i could add to the shaved ice was the ube thingy, and milk of course, so i settled for squidballs instead. they aren't exactly the "cold, delicious treat that would beat the fucking summer heat away" but they're tasty. now, if only i could find some more BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! stashed somewhere, then i would be a happy camper for the summer, what's left of it anyway.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i still haven't found what i'm looking for

when david cook (NO, THIS ISN'T A POST ABOUT HIM) took the stage for the first time during the finale episode, his first song (chosen by music mogul Clive Davis), was "I still haven't found what i'm looking for". I don't remember what he said verbatim, but what i do remember is that this song speaks about the youth of today, thirsty for identity and meaning.

when david sang it, the bohemian inspired beat + the righteous lyrics did win me over, conjuring images of vast deserts and mountains, and a lone traveler on his journey with no end.
this is U2's version of the song. very very righteous indeed. but i am going to sound very very biased when i say that david did a better job. :)

I Still Havent Found What Im Looking for - U2

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idol's adieu

today marks the end of another "unusual" AI season. and as much as i want to say it to Jad's face that i demand my 100php and publicly rub it in (much to marko's chagrin) that talent defeats "yumminess" (as he would put it) all the time....let my blog suffice to make my point clear that...

david cook wooooon!!!!

to say that i'm happy right now is an understatement. i'm glad that the rocker won because AI has never had a rocker in its roster of winners. archie would go far though, but still,

DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!

now that the caucus that was AI is over (for now), i'm going to go back to my regular, less whiny persona and be the most boring blogger this world has never had.

the two davids get a ford car. i wish i had a car. T_T

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i was in a daze while watching the AI finale..but it's not because they injected a tacky boxing theme for the night...and i really don't know why exactly.

david cook should win because he doesn't comform!

i don't think archuleta was good.

and i'm simply biased since i want david cook to win.

but simon said archuleta's good...

but i say tough cookie.

- let's leave it at that for now. i have my finals in NCM tomorrow, and after that, i'm "free"!. hahaha

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



...the two davids battle it out for the title of american idol, and i can't wait.
...i should be finished with summarizing 30 nursing theories made by dead(?) people.
...means crunch time for me since...

the day after tomorrow...

...i have my NCM finals
...i HAVE to watch the finale no matter what typhoon or unjustified homework the bitches give me.
...i'll be free (?) as a bird and the feeling would be better felt if i managed to ORGANIZE AND BUDGET (nagpaparinig ako sa sarili ko) my time

so tonight...

i'll unleash superpowers i don't even know and transcend to godliness by "studying" and "doing" something productive. ALL IN THE NAME OF "DAVID COOK SHOULD WIN"!


Monday, May 12, 2008


for our history project, we decided to explore the city and take pictures of what Zamboanga has to offer (besides Magay and dirt-cheap stuff), and make a souvenir pamphlet of sorts. last saturday, we explored pasonanca and since we're pressed for time, we have to squeeeze in the city proper and la vista in a single afternoon next time.

here's a sample of what to expect:

in case you're wondering, leonel, the guy in yellow, is holding a yellow balloon.

the composition seems nice, but as if almost every picture i've been taking lately, some minor tweaks have to be made. the things i would do so my parents will buy me a G9. T_T

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

pangea day and AI

David Cook SHOULD'NT be eliminated. Syesha cried her way to the top three. Jason should take Simon's advice and pack his bags, and David A. is still David A.

david cook's 2nd performance was good, and good enough for him to win. i want him to win!!!

i have an exam tomorrow..but ito muna...

let's abhor indifference and realize there's not that much of reason to see any difference between nations, people and cultures, that we are capable of rising up in arms to embrace destruction.

and the ultimate peace of mind can by attained by realizing that borders and lines can be erased by the power of understanding, in which, on a global scale, the media is capable of doing.

let's watch a day of international movies, let's watch Pangea day

Saturday, May 03, 2008

some sacrifices

we're halfway through summer classes (at least, i hope we are) and we have to sit through exams, demos, return demos and our MIDTERMS. what's so annoying about the whole situation is that i just blew off spending a day with my classmates @ woodland so i could at least, try and study for my History and NCM midterms/examinations. for the latter, we have to endure two more exams (world nursing history and nursing theories, short quiz lang yan) before we actually take the midterms on Saturday next week.

i still have to follow up my Hepa B booster shots and my duty uniform(s).

ain't life just dandy?


in totally unrelated news, my pictures are moving along well...and this one is a favorite..

it's entitled, "off to the health center we go, we go". model: Kristal Apolinario in her RLE uniform. this was shot @ Jad's house.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

distasteful (on so many levels)

i know i'm a tad too immature to rant and rant about people and things that piss me off, but the 10 blogging commandments tell me it's ok, so there. :P

i find it distasteful to see people going out of their way to intrude on your personal space and TRY to make you look/feel bad...even if most of the time, people may dismiss it as a joke. yet constant badgering will, in the end, make the idiots look more and more idiotic.

and in this world of dirty spoons, you're simply verbal diarrhea.


if feel bad for Brooke. well, she has been scoring less and less praise from the judges, but like i said, i considered her one of my top three. i can't stand to see Jason there, while Carly and Brooke taste the bitter slap of rejection. boo!

the implication that Ryan made about gossip claiming Paula was "drunk" during last night's show (as he was trying to dispel it) was kinda awkward. but that was seriously the weirdest week of Idol i've ever seen. the Neil Diamond theme didn't work for me. i hope next week's theme as well as the judges' system of judging would be better than what i've just seen. hmm..oh well.

Monday, April 28, 2008

mutiFLY ramblings

i visited and updated my multiply (click on the first image on my sidebar). it's a bit, ok, maybe really boring...which compels me to update my layout a bit, and make a new banner, and probably revamp it's general tone from cartoony to something more mainstream and popculture(d) with a dash of John Lennon and the pandas of Asia, mixed with a bit of amateur punk and a preppy groove. am i making sense?

anyway, i'm sleepy! -- i'll update this post with what i've done to remedy the monotony sooner or later (read: a banner in the works). i'm a boring scumbag who thinks too much of the yo and focuses less on the mama. hahaha

it's around 11:30 pm, so THIS IS HOW MY MIND WORKS. lol.

Friday, April 25, 2008

clinical depression

the people around me say they could read me like an open book. it's hard for me to hide anything, because my cheeks are traitorous scumbags and my face is a bad liar.

so i wasn't surprised when people asked me what was wrong today. they told me i looked bothered, as usual, and that i came off as irritable.

i'll make this short and sweet since i have a powerpoint presentation to make for history: people can display distasteful remarks, and people can be so unfair and demanding. the former are people from a particular department (which holds the record of having the *insert expletive* as faculty members) and the latter is a particular teacher who asks for too much.

i feel down because i'm starting to think this isn't for me, and i've made a mistake of allowing people to manipulate my choices. though i don't regret meeting great people (in the form of classmates, friends, and you) along the way, i'm starting to doubt my survival at this point. and i feel bloated!!! argghhh.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

so manong at ang kanyang sobre


sa tabi ng eskinita
hawak-hawak ang sobreng kasing puti
ng ulap na siyang tanging nakikita
ng matandang nakaberde
at suot-suot ang kanyang kaisa-isang kalo
na punit-punit, at
ng dumi ng lansangan at ng buhay

hawak-hawak pa rin ang puting sobre
napatingin siya
sa eskinitang walang patutunguhan
habang nababasa ang kanyang harap
ng pawis at luha
siya'y tumayo...

at muling lumakbay patungo sa kabilang banda,
at habang binubulong kay Hesus
na sana'y tataba ang kanyang sobre,
at maawa sa kanya ang sambayanang Pilipinas
na, sa panahong iyon,
ay humahalik sa paa ni Manny Pacquiao
at umiihi sa pader ng Malakanyang

--- the photo above is one of the um...handful of pictures i've taken so far. most of them are "ok", but i still have to be at ease in taking shots of random people. the direct reference to manny pacquiao, is...what it is. i'm sure none of us actually grovel at his feet right now, well, except for his LV loving wife. everything of course, is a hyperbole. i just don't like him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


the situations are getting a tad too familiar these days. well, the familiarity comes from the fact that we have classes...and i'm not really jumping up and down about that.

summer classes have officially started last monday, and just when we were just getting comfy, they give us the biggest shock (sobra naman!) of our lives during NCM lab...when what we thought was unimportant teacher gibberish infront turned out to be the demo on how to wash hands. O_O. what, walang GTK? hahahaha

as one of my friends (can't remember who, but what the heck) put it, "maghuhugas nalang nga ng kamay, maarte pa!". i don't like my CI. well, collectively, they were as "shocked" as us during the first day, when they looked as if they didn't know what to do either.

the days are getting longer and longer....and it's still tuesday, and we still have one more day of lab in the the PAASCU recommended oven they would like to call the demo hall (yung sa labas naman yung mainit, pero kahit na....hahaha).

aren't they purdy? hahaha..this reminds me, i haven't updated my multiply in a while. *sigh*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

GROSS (national) product

honestly, who names a sports drink after a homeostatic/bodily secretion?

oh yeah...

they do. hahahahaha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the Idol response

aids, idol

idol couldn't have made a bolder statement than what was said last Thursday. the tv special is on it's second run and the response has been overwheling every time. the main objective is to let the world know how the other half lives, and to let everyone know that their situation is so deplorable, it's time for a personal effort to step in and help. When we say Africa, we think poverty, AIDS and malaria. When we say Darfur, we think genocide. When we say New Orleans, we think Katrina. What "idol gives back" is trying to say is that people should stop thinking about it, and do something to end it, or at least, alleviate it.

i'm not sure whether it's i'm simply a softy, or that the team of researchers/writers/producers make damn good documentaries, but the whole scheme of things makes me want to jump on the humanitarian bandwagon. i might even meet Angelina Jolie adopting her nth child. goodie. but seriously, right now, i am dead set on doing my fair share of civic duty before i die. this may sound like a tall order, but Africa doesn't sound like a bad idea right now. seriously!

it's becoming a trend really. of course, my primary school of thought would be that celebrities use their status as a platform for humanitarian work. it's been building up through the years,
and the evolution even came up with a brand! yes, virginia, humanitarian work has a brand, and it's called
(RED). it's simply taking merchandise and stamping it with a social conscience. read: limited edition goodies.

but at the end of the program, i really thought long and hard about my way of thought right now.
i would consider bad grades, a protruding belly and sweaty palms a problem.

juxtapose it with the live Deloy, an African youngster who lost both his parents to HIV...or with a Katrina surivor who lost his friends, family and home, and lives in a shelter right now...

then i would have to accuse myself of being a selfish hypocrite.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


is photobucket down..AGAIN?

i just watched American Idol and my bottom three are (in no particular order): Syesha, Cristy and Michael OR Jason. since Cristy has been on the chopping board more than anyone else throughout the season, she should go home already. even if her performance was well-received, she overstayed her welcome na.

i finished enrolling yesterday for summer classes. i was surprised to find out they already reshuffled our blocks, putting most of the Berx and I in Block A. what makes it nice is that the three of us (Berx; Jam, Marie and I) ) from Block H and Jad, Riez and MJ from block G (Berx; the three people we've been the closest with during the whole first year) are going to be classmates AGAIN. most of the people on the list, i already know, so i HOPE it wouldn't be too much of an adjustment.

i've been preoccupied these past few days watching House on my laptop, reading Harry Potter fanfiction, and finishing my New Moon ebook (a big shoutout to Trisha for the tip!!!!). I'm already starting to take some photographs, though i couldn't say for sure they're good. well, i have more than a month to work on it.

about my tough ten: i haven't done any item!!! so much for Janina as my muse. lol

Sunday, April 06, 2008

tough ten

because i'm a fan of lists and i think Janina San Miguel is a force to be reckoned with, here's my own TOUGH TEN things i "waaant" to do with my blog. "AHAHAHAHAHA".

1. make (talaga?!) a new design for my blog and multiply

2. inject a little social conscience into my blog's otherwise cynical and apathetic facade. do i hear unicef calling?

3. blog hop more often

4. meet new blogmates, because pamily is sooo important

5. EDIT my existing blog list

6. post more pictures

7. try cross-posting via multiply

8. spice up my entries (talk about Condoleeza Rice and youtube more often, since right now, the existing posts just sweat self-centeredness)

9. advocate world peace (huh?!)

10. include more poetry.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

goody productivity!

i wouldn't call my holidays "summer" since i would be spending most of it in school during my classes (a prerequisite subject and 2 other minors), so i'd just call the days when i'm not in school, "rest days". and right now, i have only 10 more days to read fanfiction, shop, read my downloaded ebooks, and sleep. whoopdeedoo. T_T.

i'm not complaining though, since free time to do nothing is getting scarcer and scarcer!

i'm currently maximizing my time by waiting for the latest Avatar episode to load (The Firebending Masters, pardon my geeky-ness haha), while watching Dolly Parton and American Idol. well, since we're on that page already, the photo/video montage they made about Dolly flashed pictures of her BEFORE she had some work done, and i just realized then and there that SHE HAD A LOT DONE. wtf?! i want Cristy or Ramiele to go, since they're boring me to death (but i ain't voting, so who cares? haha).

i'm not in a good mood. i have this need to snap at random family members right now. at least christine steered me to good spirits a few times today (thanks Christine, but i know i can't thank you enough for today).

i have this idea that's being tossed around in my head for a while now. since it's summer and i kinda have time on my hands, i would be nice to grab my camera and define my summer with it. i'm not talking about people alone, but scenes, sunsets and situations as a whole. then, at the end of summer, i'll compile it and make either a photobook or a collage. if a photobook would have it's way, then maybe i could squeeze in a few poems to make it into a folio! (woah, inspired?!) haha..but like i said, it's still being tossed around.