Monday, October 13, 2008

the boredom bucket list

i've been making and breaking to-do lists since i learned how to spell my name. blame it on a sedentary spot in my brain which inhibits everything productive. and it's also the spot that tells me to blog at the worst time (LIKE TONIGHT FOR EXAMPLE). but enough about that. i've made a resolve to try (and i use this word veeerrryyyy loosely), to accomplish at least 70% of what's on my new list.

my list is set for the sembreak. though marko tells me we wont have a sembreak, let's just say i'm in the mood to screw the system and push through with my shallow plans. so here goes:

1. give my desktop an overhaul. my RAM speed is killing me. i have to restart it at least once a day if i plan to use it properly, and decently opening limewire and playing songs have been a bitch these days.

2. download movies and TV series. i miss my old peoples (Meredith and Greg House). and there's no better time to channel my pseudo-movie critic into something "productive".

3. process my papers. if i do want to ride an elephant (or at least go to hong kong disneyland) pretty soon...i better to it asap.

4. read up. i'm over (so i say...haha) the pop culture bookshelf phenomenon.. i intend to read an overlooked yet extremely good piece of fiction over the course of two weeks.

5. de-clutter my working space. hurricane Svetlana has overstayed her welcome.

6. walk. according to my Nutrition handout (which i'm supposed to be studying), people have a predisposed "weight for height" and no matter how hard you try, starving yourself to reach your "ideal weight" (which is another misleading term), is hard since the body eventually "resets" itself by pigging out to go back to "normal". old school exercise is still the way to go.

7. make a "Vision Board". taking a page out of the Secret and listening to Oprah out of boredom, does wonders after all. (maybe i'll expound next time)

- until then. i hope i my sembreak starts early (for me that is). but before actually relishing freedom, the kalokohan must ensue.

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