Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my angry tooth!

i should probably explain why there was a perpetual bleep on the blog radar that lasted around a week, as far as i'm concerned. well, i going to eat my words right now - the computer wasn't running properly. wasn't. which means during that time when my ass didn't show, we sent it to the pc hospital to have it all fixed. this morning, it came back. so i assumed that from now on, everythin'l be peachy.

after n years, i finally went to my dentist to have something done. apparently, my lower left third molar was impacted (meaning it didn't "explode" ), and the surrounding gum area has been a petri dish for bacteria. so like i said, it was the first time i had something done, and the fact that it was unpleasant really didn't make the "first time" dampened every sentimental cell in my body.

the tug of war between my tooth and her as well as the the pseudo army barrage of drills, pliers and anesthesia lasted for about an hour-ish. so the first 30 minutes after the surgery (yeahhh, it wasn't just an extraction), i was still perky enough to watch my regular youtube soap, but soon after, i was ready to look for a fight and eff-curse the family --- even the baby!

my uncle didn't help either, since it took him 30 minutes after i handed him the money for my meds to bring his sorry self to the pharmacy...and he short-changed me!

I already drooled blood on my pillow, and what's holding me together is the Flanax which is my new mani. I hurts so much i wanted to destroy the pain scale. As least now, i don't cry, i just get really angry that at any moment, i could get scissors and slice kittens in half.

Well, I survived circumcision, how on earth could this be any worse? *sob*

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