Sunday, June 25, 2006

Inside my head

Have you ever felt that all the crap in you head doesn't make sense? Or, you feel you have a lot of questions, but don't know what they are? Or, images that don't make sense are put in fast forward and are constantly being played over and over in your head? Yung tipong, hindi ka mapakali, tapos hindi ka makatulog. Feel mo talaga, mayroon kang nakalimutan, o naalala, pero, hindi mo alam kung ano yun.

Lately, I've been suffering from that kind of torture.

For those who haven't heard, the ADZU HS will open it's doors to the new school year, tomorrow. Meaning, up until now, we've been stuck in an monotonous summer, where nothing goes, and you bore your ass off. Yeah, you might say we're lucky, but no, IT'S BORING AT HOME!!!!!!!!!

so much for that.

Anyway, you might say I'm "eager" to go back to school. But recently, that "eagerness" has turned into "anxiety"...omg, "eager to go back to school" is just a sad sentence...

Yes, I'm pathetic. I admit that. Basically, this entry has no "patutunguhan" (I've temporarily lost the ability to string together english words).

Basically, I believe that my "hindi mapakali syndrome" will be remedied by schoolwork. And I hope I'll find the answers to my questions (when I know what my questions are).

A lot of stuff's stirring inside my head. Ang gulo talaga.

So, moving on......

I'm at a loss whether I should replace B.S. Speech Pathology with another course for UPM. Obviously, UPM's my first choice, with Nursing and Speech Pathology. My second choice is UPD with European Languages and Family Life and Child Development. My classmates somehow discouraged me to choose Speech Pathology because it demands patience, and that isn't in my vocabulary.

My already large protruding tummy has gained the upper hand and now, it resembles a volleyball. But I've realized that it's ok because I'm not the only one who's gained weight. Take that Britney Spears.

I have to pay P500 before I could get an ADMU application from. Obviously, pang-mayaman talaga.

My yaya is back from touring Manila, including Baguio and Subic. At least now I don't have to eat rice that's burnt and at the same time has the consistency of lugaw.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the beginning of the end for me. We'll be graduating in a few short months. So sad. So sad.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the big 50

"If I remember it correctly, my childhood, the memories I have with me ever since I could remember, were spent in the loving arms of my grandparents. I guess, I could say that a big part of my childhood consisted of me spending time with my grandparents. Grandpa would make me wear his ten gallon hats he got from Texas, drive me around town and take pictures of me. I would always remember Grandma as the very energetic Avon lady, and still, has time to scold me for going inside the house with muddy feet. My grandma is very particular about the cleanliness of the house, and she would always flinch when she saw how messy the house looked. Grandpa used to buy me toys when my parents said no. and I would always go with him to the department store, and pick out the toy that I wanted. During the Christmas seasons, the living room would always be full of gifts that grandma and her secretaries would wrap for her f.d.’s. Those were the things that come to mind whenever I thought of my grandparents. My childhood would never be the same without them. both of them, showered the family with so much love and care that on my part, I really didn’t think I deserved it all. Being religious, it was not a habit but already a lifestyle for them to attend mass every morning. So, I’m taking this opportunity to thank both of you, for being the loving grandparents that you are. Being supportive, being a good role model for me. Thank you, for striving so hard to earn a living, and in the end, giving your family a bright future. Sometimes I even wonder how you did it. It’s like nothing is impossible for you two. And so, every new year, when you count down the years, months, weeks and days, at last, we’re finally going to celebrate this day. A testament to the love you kept alive in your hearts. Without a doubt, when God decided to bring you two together, He didn’t think of anyone else better. Just remember that age is only a number, you can be 80, but that won’t stop you from living life to the fullest. Both of you deserve this day. We love you. Here’s to the next fifty years."

...My maternal grandparent's celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Saturday, June 3, 2006. This was the speech I made for them. I never got to read this, I lost the hardcopy at the reception, and I had to make a new one from scratch, since, I forgot it's contents. And I guess, they liked my new speech even better.

...The wedding was really beautiful...and the reception was so grand. I really don't know how to describe it properly! My grandfather's relatives came from Canada and they were the ones obsessed with ballroom dancing, so when the dancing started, they danced the night away. This was taken when they arrived at our house.

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...My grandparents have four children, two of them are already nurses in Texas, and they kind of persuaded me to take Nursing as my course in college, and I guess they were right. Nursing really sounds good right now ( according to them). The other two, my mom and uncle, are here in Zamboanga right now (they have no intention of going emigrating).

...We had t-shirts!

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After all the planning, everything was worth it...everything was just so perfect.

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the cake

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