Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a lazy afternoon with my cousin

a few minutes ago, i was downstairs, yelling at my 6 (or is he 7) year old cousin.

he was found guilty of two things, 1. lighting a small stick that goes bang (great description gio), 2. waking up his 7-month old brother with the said stick.

after that, he reduced himslef to a corner, and started picking his nose again. and we all know what's gonna happen next. his shirt was speckeled with red stains; obviously blood.

he's been doing these shenanigans since he was small (he's extremely big for a seven year old). both of us are polar opposites. i'm the reserved one, he's outgoing one. i'm oftentimes quiet, he's the noisemaker. and the list of antonyms goes on and on.

so naturally, i couldn't take how he could be so..."him", and i told him off (maybe yelled at him a bit). i threatened to spank him after i was done cleaning his nose. yes, i was the one who cleaned his nose.

before he was born, i was the youngest one in the family. he always had the attention, the gifts and, did i mention the attention? so i used to lash at him when i was still in that "immature-why isn't anybody noticing me-i'm worthless" stage. and, basically, that reduced him to tears. and looking back i wish i could've done something differently with our relationship. i wish i could've put up with him more. i wish i could've lashed at him less.

so after i cleaned his nose, and made sure the ice pack did its job, i didn't spank him. instead, i gave him a jelly tongue i bought earlier. maybe he's learned his lesson.

and right now, my cousins at the door, asking for ube ice cream.

and i told him yes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

hitting the big 100

100 posts ago, i was weird, fat, and young.

well, i still am weird and fat, but the blogger in me has grown so much that i really couldn't consider him young anymore.

100 posts ago, i badly needed a life, an identity, and a hobby. my first feeble attempts at posting something profound were fueled by "copying" the writing styles, as well as the themes of my co-bloggers' posts. i was seriously afflicted with the "blog inferiority complex"

but right now, i seriously don't need to visit another blog to think of something to write about. my writing style met personality, and they clicked from the get go. blogging become an addiction that, well, is addictive. lol.

100 posts ago, i was a junior who was enticed by the blog hype.

so i made my blog. but after a few posts, i was struck with the "one post syndrome"; the state of blogger stagnation, where the thrill of blogging faded after the momentous clicking of the "Publish" button.

but i didn't want to do that. i needed a hobby; an alternate identity. so after resolving my issues with center, clarity, peace, and serenity, my blog and i went on our merry way.

100 posts later, and i could probably say what a "merry way" it was.

100 posts later, maybe the blog hype reached a point where it's not exactly a hype anymore, but my blog still stands.

100 posts later, the writer's imperfections have probably seeped into his blog, but that doesn't stop him from posting on and on. sure, i could never be the great blogger who wins awards, but who said i should be?

100 posts later, and here YOU are, reading these words.

whether you've been a reader from the beginning, or maybe you just managed to blog hop your way here (--and still still still reading these lines.lol---), THANKS, because in one way or the other,

a blogger was born.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

blast from the past

a year ago...

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october 2006.

*this is actually my 99th post, and i'm planning to cap off the semester with a bang before the big 100. hurrah!**

Monday, October 15, 2007


to two of the many the people i value dearly in life...

Camille and Yana....

thanks for making my day, and making me cry in public. the euphoria i felt running towards the both of you, nevermind that the tears were inevitable, was, nice.

i missed you guys to bits!!! haha..apparently my mom was in it too...she never told me that they would come home for the sembreak (hmmphh..Tagaytay daw..hahaha..). well, i'm only waiting for Juneth to make her appearance and the cooking chorva at my place will commence! haha...

Tara: now that you're in Zambo, update your blog! finally, my fellow photographer in crime's baaaccckkkk!!!!

mga berchmans na nasa manila pa: uwi na kayo!

(im actually happy today despite the fact that my performance during the day's exams was sucky.)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

pre-finals shoutout

ok, so this coming monday na finals namin and right now, i'm pissed...

if you're not my classmate....then this isn't for you....

i texted you at around 11:00 am, telling you to send me the pictures via email of our activity. and you replied ok with the usual elipsis. then what time is now? it's friggin' 8:30pm and i haven't studied a damn thing for the finals. ok..so it's my fault for having extremely poor time management and a short attention span...

but what do i care if you're in ayala right now attending god knows what...and you live in friggin' mercedes ????????(for those who don't know, ayala and Mercedes are like, the North and south pole)...just send me the fucking pictures right now...so i can be at peace, and move on with my life and study!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it. i know this is a pathetic retalliation mechanism on my part...using my blog as the outlet for how much i despise you right now...but just be thankful i'm not a trouble making neanderthal who would gladly tell you off right now! but please......grow a spine you troglodyte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-i was in charge of making a stupid slideshow presentation for NSTP...and the person who's supposed to provide me with 50% of our content decided to leave me hanging...and WAITING. and I HATE WAITING.


---new development...you won't believe this:

"w8 lng inaayos kc ung interent nmn...baka 2mrow q na isEnd...:

---chingga. nevermind, don't bother....you useless piece of crap.

Monday, October 01, 2007

tweet tweet

time flies. tweet tweet.

so much for that. but seriously though, kelan lang ako grumadweyt ng high school, tapos ngayon, matatapos na ang first semester. midterm grades rock, and i hope i could do better sa finals.

dwayne (my lovable stick who's studying sa UK ngayon) and i talked on "the phone" last night. well, it was actually ym, but i seriously couldn't believe how great the signal was! it was like we were in front of each other, talking. well, props go the the UK internet providers, they make life easier for those living in the third world.

so basically we're done with all our lab experiments for the sem, so malamang this week, we're going to have our post lab discussion and probably our moving exam. may aerobics demo kami for pe this friday (kami ang sasayaw), and a mass blood donation on saturday, at the same time, we're going to film our filipino movie - thingy.

the thought of how random im posting makes me giddy. haha