Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a lazy afternoon with my cousin

a few minutes ago, i was downstairs, yelling at my 6 (or is he 7) year old cousin.

he was found guilty of two things, 1. lighting a small stick that goes bang (great description gio), 2. waking up his 7-month old brother with the said stick.

after that, he reduced himslef to a corner, and started picking his nose again. and we all know what's gonna happen next. his shirt was speckeled with red stains; obviously blood.

he's been doing these shenanigans since he was small (he's extremely big for a seven year old). both of us are polar opposites. i'm the reserved one, he's outgoing one. i'm oftentimes quiet, he's the noisemaker. and the list of antonyms goes on and on.

so naturally, i couldn't take how he could be so..."him", and i told him off (maybe yelled at him a bit). i threatened to spank him after i was done cleaning his nose. yes, i was the one who cleaned his nose.

before he was born, i was the youngest one in the family. he always had the attention, the gifts and, did i mention the attention? so i used to lash at him when i was still in that "immature-why isn't anybody noticing me-i'm worthless" stage. and, basically, that reduced him to tears. and looking back i wish i could've done something differently with our relationship. i wish i could've put up with him more. i wish i could've lashed at him less.

so after i cleaned his nose, and made sure the ice pack did its job, i didn't spank him. instead, i gave him a jelly tongue i bought earlier. maybe he's learned his lesson.

and right now, my cousins at the door, asking for ube ice cream.

and i told him yes.

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