Thursday, November 01, 2007


i'm wasting my sembreak on pirated Avatar: the last airbender and Pokemon advanced dvds, watching stuff on youtube, downloading songs, updating my ipod, updating my multiply, and basically chowing down on century tuna (the supermeat. O_O).

wait, would you consider me wasting time? noooooo!

i prefer to think of it as "spending my time doing things that aren't related to school".

freakishly enough, it's my first time to NOT tag along with my relatives to visit our dearly departed. T_T. bad gio. bad gio. T_T

this sembreak seriously confuses my body clock, and my body calendar.

Well, to put it this way, for the past few days, i seriously didn't have a clue on what day it was.

*********************** in other news****************************

i made tuna fried rice this morning!

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made with century tuna, the supermeat! haha

1 comment:

Tara said...

finally. nakita ko din ang litrato ng iyong fried rice :))