Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the seven deadly lashes

1. why do you have to impose your ideals on me? you're seriously the epitome of arrogance and narrow-mindedness, and i'm fed up with it.

2. i don't appreciate the fact that you assert yourself too much for my taste. STOP joining our conversations, and stop eavesdropping because I don't like you.

3. i don't get why you're going backwards. you get what i mean. come on, you can't even use prepositions correctly. you second - guess yourself, and it's driving me nuts!

4. you love to study. i get it. but why do you have to kill yourself just to boost your ego?

5. you're not worth a single cent. i don't even know why you even passed the first semester anyway. you seriously think you can get in my head? well, yeah, you are! why? what did i ever do to you? asshole.

6. i hate the fact that you seek personal affirmation by showcasing your achievements. you're good, i get it. a lot of us get it. but coming from someone who actually has a mind to look beyond the smileys, just stop doing what you do. it's annoying. seriously, mayabang ka na.

7. could you just stop feigning the American way? you're personal crusade against all things "normal" is soooo fucking sad. you put people down just so you can feel good about yourself. now let's see who is laughing now.


each number is different, and the whole enchilada is not intended to be centered on a single person.

i just had the urge to release the conscious and subconscious tension that i have with certain people. i'm not stupid to name names, but let me tell you this, one of them is directed to me. ^_^. just use your imagination to probably put a person you know who fits the "lash" in the spotlight. ^_^


vicky said...

OMG I LOVE AVATARRR! Painted Lady episode XD wee <3


Huu~ excuses excuses. XD hindi ba yan blind items?

twistedigest said...

where do you watch the new eps???? youtube? wala man akong nahanap.....

yez, i actually got the idea from a blog i recently visited..blind items ito!!!!! hahahahaha

shiveena said...

hmmm... anyone i know? :p

vicky said...

download off torrents ;)