Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bloggy's 2nd

holy crap!!! today is my blog's 2nd and i almost forgot!!!! pfft. so much for an update.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

what f/sucks right now...

my grandpa, grandma and aunt/housekeeper have the sore eyes. thanks to grandma who insisted on being all cordial to every leper she meets.

my laptop can't pick up the internet signal coming from my router, so i'm updating good old bloggy from my desktop.

my anxiety has been reaching the boiling point ever since Labitag told us we'll be taking our NAT a week from now. i dont wanna be the person who kills himself just 'cause he didn't pass. (it has happened before btw).

i can't find the router's cd. what if we need to reinstall the router? crryy

oh great, the blogger doesn't have a font and size function right now. putalittleloveaway...

oh well, at least....


there is no consolation!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the campaign to save the trees

i feel so pathetic to be infront of the monitor right now, giving in to my selfish desires of reading fanfiction, and straying away from my ambition to uphold my dignity to excel in a class taught by a useless teacher. but that's just me.

i made a new blog today! rejoice. it's actually a requirement for Ma'am V's class (which reminds me...i need to study). our research paper's progress should be posted online via the beautiful blog. i dunno, but it's probably a response to the McCann Erickson thing that Sir Joey discussed, about an inter-generation survey conducted, and the findings showed that the future of advertising is not the gargantuan billboards with Gretchen's face plastered on everything from toilet bowl cleaners to condoms, but through blogs. it's been going around lately (years, to be exact), but i really haven't noticed. wait, probably i have, but i just really didn't care enough.

anyway, it's aptly titled "God Save the Trees". let's be ecofriendly here, and stop the masacre of the narras..or whatever trees go into Sterling short bond paper! 0_0

click HERE to redirect. it's full of cobwebs but in a few short days, it would probably be fully functional.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the happy vibe

I arrived at school at around 9:30 this morning and I saw Keeshia and Alain. Keeshia told me i looked sad (or was it just a synonym of that..). It bugs me because she's not the first person to tell me that. A few days ago, my friend told me the exact same thing. After the examination (which was crappy), i asked my friends if i really give off the gloomy-the world hates me-life sucks - vibe. They told me I often look preoccupied, and my thoughts are somewhere wallowing the the deepest abyss of my heart (deep man.well, no, they really didn't say that).

If that's the case, and if i've been giving off that vibe for weeks, what have people been saying behind my back? lord..are they pitying me???? well, it's just a theory.

The whole sad on the outside vibe must be flowing unintentionally. Like the way Sir Jamel tells Keeshia she unintentionally pouts. Not that i can say the same thing for him though. haha

Anyway, i tried to remedy the situation by actually, get this, smiling all the way to Mindpro. it didn't turn out so well though, lest i be branded as fake, and probably creepy. it's really funny actually, that when i'm with my friends, my funny bone seems to flow naturally, and i really don't have a hard time letting the Me out. ok, this is getting a tad too introspective, but what the heck, i love the attention.

So, now that exams are almost over, i'll start a smile, happy, i love the powerpuff girls campaign, to expose the happy, sunshine-y, optimistic Gio. fuck that. haha. as if that'll ever happen. But the i love the powerpuff girls campaign does sound promising. lol

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the adrenaline rush

it's been raining hard today. scratch that, it just stopped.

anyway, today is the 18th birthday of one of my very very very best friends, PAMELA CAMILLE AVECILLA BARREDO. she's celebrating her day sans the gown, the flowers and the celebration Instead, with friends who gave her a suprise party, and with friends who wish they were there, but are just a phone call away, nonetheless.


a few days from now and all hell will break loose as i will start to cram for my midterm exams. yes, johnny, cram. well, i could easily study right now, but where's the fun in that? um, i should stop doing that. i'm beginning to scare myself. haha

but the exam fever in the college is, probably better than what i've experienced in high school. i remember a time where i had to make sq3r's, summary sheets and answer crap that doubles as a long exam. i would probably have those again i hope due time, but the "extra" work load is much much lighter.

wait, it's a sunday today. i always have the gusto to update during sundays. i really have no idea why, but, as what i've said before, it's a dangerous habit. picture this: it's around 8:30 pm, and you have a 7:30 class the next day, and you haven't studied for a long exam and answered your homework due tomorrow...and what do you do? write about it. i liiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee for the adrenaline rush. it's unhealthy, i'll give you that, but there's something about living on the edge that is simply...intoxicating.

it's simply about going against what I stand for and what I should live up to. there is seriously something profound about having this slip from my usual routine. well, this isn't me, i'll admit. but whoever this person is, he should seriously stick around.

lol. i should really get a life.

Friday, January 04, 2008

the big 8...among other things.

there's something with the '8' in 2008 that makes me feel weird, and inspired.

probably a new beginning. a new outlook. new clothes. new look. new everything! i wish...

off the topic...

abs-cbn's promo vid for their new shows disappointed me. there's something in the animation that tells me most of the prgrams are gonna suck. i can't blame the whole philippine television scheme. airing shows on a daily basis with so many twists and turns that it could probably circumnavigate the world..a few times over...will tell you that complex storylines are the trend. sigh. why can't they simplify things and build on that Grey's Anatomy? the last part of the vid sounded nice though...the piano-ed jingle. classy minimalist presentations are in na pala (hmm..parang dati pa man.)

and i'm still under the defeatist blanket. crrryyyyiiinnggg my eyes out

by the way, i need a new layout. any suggestions? :). PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.

the defeated chronicles, pt. 2

i'm writing these words all defeated, knowing that i fooled myself in thinking i could be a god. damn you, lab report, damn you!!!!

why can't i fucking get this? this is solubility at it's worst. fuck. im wanna crryyyy...

bad mouth. bad mouth. maybe i should pray more...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what ever happened to enlightenment?

OK. I'M NOT A GOD. not today that is.
the path to transcendance will have to wait another day. curse you, lab report, curse you.

-refer to the post down there

in other news...

twisturbia launches a new face...

click it. NOW!!!!!!

a godly attempt

i've managed to put the planner that camille gave me to good use by outlining what i'm supposed to do today to prepare myself for hell next week. that includes setting a specific time frame to do this and that...and that basically covers the whole day.

lol. so much for that idea!

if i manage to squeeze in a day's worth of school work tonight, then, CONSIDER ME A GOD.

if that plan fails, then, there's always tomorrow.

and the quest for immortality starts in...5..4..3...3 and a half...3.003....