Sunday, January 13, 2008

the adrenaline rush

it's been raining hard today. scratch that, it just stopped.

anyway, today is the 18th birthday of one of my very very very best friends, PAMELA CAMILLE AVECILLA BARREDO. she's celebrating her day sans the gown, the flowers and the celebration Instead, with friends who gave her a suprise party, and with friends who wish they were there, but are just a phone call away, nonetheless.


a few days from now and all hell will break loose as i will start to cram for my midterm exams. yes, johnny, cram. well, i could easily study right now, but where's the fun in that? um, i should stop doing that. i'm beginning to scare myself. haha

but the exam fever in the college is, probably better than what i've experienced in high school. i remember a time where i had to make sq3r's, summary sheets and answer crap that doubles as a long exam. i would probably have those again i hope due time, but the "extra" work load is much much lighter.

wait, it's a sunday today. i always have the gusto to update during sundays. i really have no idea why, but, as what i've said before, it's a dangerous habit. picture this: it's around 8:30 pm, and you have a 7:30 class the next day, and you haven't studied for a long exam and answered your homework due tomorrow...and what do you do? write about it. i liiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee for the adrenaline rush. it's unhealthy, i'll give you that, but there's something about living on the edge that is simply...intoxicating.

it's simply about going against what I stand for and what I should live up to. there is seriously something profound about having this slip from my usual routine. well, this isn't me, i'll admit. but whoever this person is, he should seriously stick around.

lol. i should really get a life.

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