Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the campaign to save the trees

i feel so pathetic to be infront of the monitor right now, giving in to my selfish desires of reading fanfiction, and straying away from my ambition to uphold my dignity to excel in a class taught by a useless teacher. but that's just me.

i made a new blog today! rejoice. it's actually a requirement for Ma'am V's class (which reminds me...i need to study). our research paper's progress should be posted online via the beautiful blog. i dunno, but it's probably a response to the McCann Erickson thing that Sir Joey discussed, about an inter-generation survey conducted, and the findings showed that the future of advertising is not the gargantuan billboards with Gretchen's face plastered on everything from toilet bowl cleaners to condoms, but through blogs. it's been going around lately (years, to be exact), but i really haven't noticed. wait, probably i have, but i just really didn't care enough.

anyway, it's aptly titled "God Save the Trees". let's be ecofriendly here, and stop the masacre of the narras..or whatever trees go into Sterling short bond paper! 0_0

click HERE to redirect. it's full of cobwebs but in a few short days, it would probably be fully functional.

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Tara said...

ill keep posted on that other blog of yours. :)