Monday, June 30, 2008

new skin!

if you've been living under a rock for like, ever, then you probably didn't notice i changed my layout! it's a breath of fresh air from the stuck up blogskin monotony. i downloaded the codes to my layout and tweaked a few things here and there + my little photoshop know how, and viola! instant coolness!

i'm proud of my layout because it serves its purpose as simply something that highlights what this blog is all about: me and my purdy mouth in my brain (you get the idea...i hope).

i'm still in the process of cutting out the rest of the frills. i haven't updated my contacts list yet, and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ADD A DECENT COMMENT FUNCTION. ignorance is bliss!

i had my first area assignment at Camp Navarro hospital today. on the bus going there, i was as nervous as hell and i was on the verge of tears (and shifting) when the first few choice words our CI used to greet us was: "Pumasok na kayo!" -- in a very "i'm angry and i'm going to kill you" tone. but he softened up as the day went by. right now, i'm kinda enthusiastic about this whole "nurse experience". but maybe i'm just naive that i think it will always be like this. oh well, let's see how things unfold.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for shaira

this is my first attempt at anything which involves the lasso tool, so i would consider this an achievement!

happy birthday shai!

p.s. she wants gifts...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


here's the thing...

i read an article i wrote for my Eng112 class two semesters ago and it gave me the kick in the butt to do something with my blogging life, as grand and explosive as Britney shaving her head all over again. Neither am i britney nor am i shaving my already massacred patch of hair. I've realized that my writing needs to be all writing! and i'm sick of a template totally defining my blog. so while i'm looking for the perfect template that pleases me, without overshadowing the blogger, i'm sticking to this philosophy of total blog zen with this white template.

and i'm starting to organize my study table...i haven't done that for years!

all this desire to be productive stems from a jolt of "something" that suddenly hit me a few minutes ago!

i'm on a roll baby!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my doctor said....

...i have bronchitis.

the doctor diagnosed me a few hours ago, after three hours of painstakingly waiting for her to arrive. i was outside the bookstore when my dad picked me up and brought me to ciudad. it was raining hard that time, so i was wasting my minutes extracting amusement at how my classmates would get to McDonalds, a few meters away, without screaming and getting wet. i was the 2nd on the list, and at least the first one didn't show up, so the secretary called me in for the consult as i was just about to drift away to my little hole on the beach, sipping ice cold wine somewhere in the Mediterranean.....sigh

so, i did my research just to give me more insight as to what could potentially kill me (and save me from taking up judo, and everything else for that matter, since i'm dead and all), and here's what i found....


Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, or bronchi (the air passages that extend from the windpipe into the lungs). The inflammation may be caused by a virus, bacteria, smoking or the inhalation of chemical pollutants or dust. When the cells of the bronchial-lining tissue are irritated beyond a certain point, the tiny hairs (cilia) within them, which normally trap and eliminate pollutants stop functioning. Consequently, the air passages become clogged by debris and irritation increases. In response, a heavy secretion of mucus develops, which causes the characteristic cough of bronchitis.
Bronchitis is classified as either acute or chronic. In acute bronchitis, the causative agents are viruses, symptoms typically last 7- 21 days, are preceded by a “cold”, and resolve without treatment other than over the counter products. Chronic bronchitis is a component of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is defined by the chronic nature of the cough, which usually is productive, and has lasted for at least 3 months per year for at least 2 years.


This is one of the most common disorders seen in clinical practice. Bronchitis is generally caused by a virus, and does not respond to antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, seventy percent of the time, the diagnosis usually leads to a prescription for antibiotics. This diagnosis is one of the leading causes of antibiotic abuse. Bronchitis often evolves from a severe cold. This disorder may also follow or accompany the flu, or it may begin without having had an infection.

you can read the whole article HERE

if it takes on a recurring pattern for the next few months, i might have a problem on my hands. but at least i'm on medication right now...and it doesn't involve grandma practically bugging me every freaking minute of the day to take Fern-C. whoopee.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sick and bad

i woke up with a high fever today, so my mom rushed me to the hospital. i haven't felt like fainting in a long time, so i was a bit freaked out when i felt the way i felt. the doctor prescribed me with the usual cocktail of common drugs.

i swear, the women at joan's pharmacy move as fast as turtles (poor simile, i know). honestly, is it in their philosophy to make dying people stand for 30 minutes just for medicine? well, if that's the case, then by time the medicine does arrive, my fever would disappear already.

last night, i attended the freshie's orsem night, so i could write an article about it for the beacon. it felt weird to attend thier orsem night when i didn't even attend mine. hahaha. some people were throwing me stares. i kind of entertained the idea that maybe they think i'm a freshman who took too much growth pills. so, it was very weird indeed. by the time i got home, my back was aching like crazy. well, i'm not sure if it's because there were no chairs and it was a standing room crowd, but it's just a theory. O_O

i felt bad after i left the place. kasi, when i was at the exit lining up to leave one of the rotc guards asked me "dito ka pala nag-aaral?". i sheepishly replied, "oo", since i have no idea where that question came from. but when i finally left the place, it occured to me that the guy was actually my classmate in grade school. i'm bad!

after taking my meds and sleeping for 30 minutes, i woke up sweating. from what i know, that's a good thing, so at least i feel much better now.

Friday, June 13, 2008


a few days ago, on the day of my enrollment, my dad went to the NBI to get my clearance. it's a funny story actually. he said it would take three weeks for them to finish my clearance, because, apparently, my name is on the HITLIST. O_O. well, someone whose name shares some similarities with mine. but still...a HITLIST!!!! it's not as if i'm a rapist or a murderer. i'm not sure if being a student warrants a slot on the hitlist. but of course, i am guilty of being capable of murder to the extent of thinking of how good it would be to burn my teacher alive...but i don't think the people at the NBI need to know that. it's annoying because i thought that getting my clearance on time would be the prize i would get for putting up with the grouchy old men who forcefully grab your hand to be inked for fingerprints...but no, God has a sense of humor.

i watched CSI: New York for the first time, and it's the first episode of the 4th season. it was a fairly gripping hour of mystery solving frenzy, with the statue of liberty "bleeding" and a man embalmed with household disinfectant among other things. what caught my attention is when the detectives caught the "killer" (in the end, it turns out he actually wasn't) and he was wearing a shirt i actually own! i bought mine in cebu and the design and color are the same! and my shirt isn't even from penshoppe! i would expect people who sport penshoppe shirts (since the the masa loves them to itsy bitsy bits) to experience this sort of situation, but no, it had to be with a person on TV, thousands of miles away! hahaha

i have a few days left before school. i have to go to the brgy. hall in a while to get my clearance...what fun. T_T

Friday, June 06, 2008

the good old days of digimon

i only have a week left of freedom before classes, i spend every waking hour of the day (well, not really, since i have to eat and crap) reading fanfiction and reliving the good old days by watching digimon!

right now, i'm on the 9th episode of Digimon Savers (season 5 if i'm not mistaken). i watch them on, this site that's similar to youtube, only more cartoon and anime-centric.

this is episode 1. where agumon and masaru-daiman meet. the whole series is in japanese, but i'm getting by with the english subtitles. i'm seriously enjoying the story so far. it takes on a darker mood, with the digidestined being replaced by a more "realistic" set of kids who work for DATS (i still don't know what that means, but i'll get on it). they act as the "police force" which maintains order between the human and digimon world. the group is somewhat similar to the power rangers SPD series, which featured the rangers as cops, kicking alien ass.

writing this makes me sound like child again! hahaha

Sunday, June 01, 2008

once upon a time...

a preview of what to expect by clicking on the picture

*Bootyguard EATS Riezyl and Neil, but gets too full to get to Robin.

That one bashed with a saxophone and got away. Anyway, Bootyguard's on a diet.

*Marko: "Hahaha. Ha Ha Ha HAHA."

*Psy-Chic teleports in

*Angel: "Mistress. I sensed a disturbance."

Marko: "Hmmph. Tell me more."

Angel: "Also, your lucky color for today is seafoam green."

Marko: "BUT I just got this fan in MINT! Ugh. Oh well...Hmmm Bootyguard! Go do some espionage and shet."

Angel: "Yes. Most wise decision, Mistress."

Marko: "I knowwwww, right?!~"

this is seriously better than the crap granny goose (or whatever talking animal) reads to you. i was bored (like that's a surprise), so my multiply's been tickled by photos with a corresponding nonsensical narrative that would put Jo to shame! courtesy of Vicky and his "ghetto-you ain't got nothin' on me b*tch" style. hahaha.

i miss the way i wrote with complete abandon. soul-searching nanaman! haha