Sunday, June 15, 2008

sick and bad

i woke up with a high fever today, so my mom rushed me to the hospital. i haven't felt like fainting in a long time, so i was a bit freaked out when i felt the way i felt. the doctor prescribed me with the usual cocktail of common drugs.

i swear, the women at joan's pharmacy move as fast as turtles (poor simile, i know). honestly, is it in their philosophy to make dying people stand for 30 minutes just for medicine? well, if that's the case, then by time the medicine does arrive, my fever would disappear already.

last night, i attended the freshie's orsem night, so i could write an article about it for the beacon. it felt weird to attend thier orsem night when i didn't even attend mine. hahaha. some people were throwing me stares. i kind of entertained the idea that maybe they think i'm a freshman who took too much growth pills. so, it was very weird indeed. by the time i got home, my back was aching like crazy. well, i'm not sure if it's because there were no chairs and it was a standing room crowd, but it's just a theory. O_O

i felt bad after i left the place. kasi, when i was at the exit lining up to leave one of the rotc guards asked me "dito ka pala nag-aaral?". i sheepishly replied, "oo", since i have no idea where that question came from. but when i finally left the place, it occured to me that the guy was actually my classmate in grade school. i'm bad!

after taking my meds and sleeping for 30 minutes, i woke up sweating. from what i know, that's a good thing, so at least i feel much better now.


vk said...

:))what no pictures?

lol, take care gio

Anonymous said...

hope you're okay now

pagaling! :)