Sunday, June 01, 2008

once upon a time...

a preview of what to expect by clicking on the picture

*Bootyguard EATS Riezyl and Neil, but gets too full to get to Robin.

That one bashed with a saxophone and got away. Anyway, Bootyguard's on a diet.

*Marko: "Hahaha. Ha Ha Ha HAHA."

*Psy-Chic teleports in

*Angel: "Mistress. I sensed a disturbance."

Marko: "Hmmph. Tell me more."

Angel: "Also, your lucky color for today is seafoam green."

Marko: "BUT I just got this fan in MINT! Ugh. Oh well...Hmmm Bootyguard! Go do some espionage and shet."

Angel: "Yes. Most wise decision, Mistress."

Marko: "I knowwwww, right?!~"

this is seriously better than the crap granny goose (or whatever talking animal) reads to you. i was bored (like that's a surprise), so my multiply's been tickled by photos with a corresponding nonsensical narrative that would put Jo to shame! courtesy of Vicky and his "ghetto-you ain't got nothin' on me b*tch" style. hahaha.

i miss the way i wrote with complete abandon. soul-searching nanaman! haha

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vk said...

gagi hahahaha

you need to write "nekkid". and what better inspiration than sugar-induced highs too?

and don't you dare use dork/nerd that way ---sex symbols of the upcoming century.


holy shiyet. may chocnut icecream na pala?! the world has come so far.