Saturday, May 31, 2008

ice cream boredom

like i said a few days ago (refer to my previous post), the blasted Zamboanga heat melted away most of the "fun" in doing nothing. it's not nice to do nothing when the heat is making you all sleepy and itchy. i craved for ice cream the whole day yesterday.

so imagine how happy i was when my dad and i dropped by at this Shell store to buy two small tubs of ice cream. I bought choco-peanut butter delight and mega mocha crunch. i like the latter more, but buying two tubs couldn't really compensate for the Selecta Vanilla craving i had. but i told myself it will have to do...

when my mom arrived from work with a cake from Red Ribbon (it just opened yesterday), i was suprised to see she also bought Vanilla ice cream!!!!! weeeeeee

so right now, the freezer holds 3 tubs of ice cream, but knowing the people here, those sins-in-a-tub wouldn't last a week.

VK made my day when he supplied the captions for the pictures i took of friends, taking the whole idea of storytelling to another level with his "in your face, ghetto girl" lines. until my next post then...

reading this made my realize how much of a dork i am. my writing style has lost its "thang"! i write like a fucking first-grader. T_T

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angel said...

may red ribbon n jan?

and there's a gateway there?

wow umaasenso zambo a