Thursday, May 01, 2008

distasteful (on so many levels)

i know i'm a tad too immature to rant and rant about people and things that piss me off, but the 10 blogging commandments tell me it's ok, so there. :P

i find it distasteful to see people going out of their way to intrude on your personal space and TRY to make you look/feel bad...even if most of the time, people may dismiss it as a joke. yet constant badgering will, in the end, make the idiots look more and more idiotic.

and in this world of dirty spoons, you're simply verbal diarrhea.


if feel bad for Brooke. well, she has been scoring less and less praise from the judges, but like i said, i considered her one of my top three. i can't stand to see Jason there, while Carly and Brooke taste the bitter slap of rejection. boo!

the implication that Ryan made about gossip claiming Paula was "drunk" during last night's show (as he was trying to dispel it) was kinda awkward. but that was seriously the weirdest week of Idol i've ever seen. the Neil Diamond theme didn't work for me. i hope next week's theme as well as the judges' system of judging would be better than what i've just seen. hmm..oh well.

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