Monday, April 28, 2008

mutiFLY ramblings

i visited and updated my multiply (click on the first image on my sidebar). it's a bit, ok, maybe really boring...which compels me to update my layout a bit, and make a new banner, and probably revamp it's general tone from cartoony to something more mainstream and popculture(d) with a dash of John Lennon and the pandas of Asia, mixed with a bit of amateur punk and a preppy groove. am i making sense?

anyway, i'm sleepy! -- i'll update this post with what i've done to remedy the monotony sooner or later (read: a banner in the works). i'm a boring scumbag who thinks too much of the yo and focuses less on the mama. hahaha

it's around 11:30 pm, so THIS IS HOW MY MIND WORKS. lol.

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