Wednesday, April 09, 2008


is photobucket down..AGAIN?

i just watched American Idol and my bottom three are (in no particular order): Syesha, Cristy and Michael OR Jason. since Cristy has been on the chopping board more than anyone else throughout the season, she should go home already. even if her performance was well-received, she overstayed her welcome na.

i finished enrolling yesterday for summer classes. i was surprised to find out they already reshuffled our blocks, putting most of the Berx and I in Block A. what makes it nice is that the three of us (Berx; Jam, Marie and I) ) from Block H and Jad, Riez and MJ from block G (Berx; the three people we've been the closest with during the whole first year) are going to be classmates AGAIN. most of the people on the list, i already know, so i HOPE it wouldn't be too much of an adjustment.

i've been preoccupied these past few days watching House on my laptop, reading Harry Potter fanfiction, and finishing my New Moon ebook (a big shoutout to Trisha for the tip!!!!). I'm already starting to take some photographs, though i couldn't say for sure they're good. well, i have more than a month to work on it.

about my tough ten: i haven't done any item!!! so much for Janina as my muse. lol

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