Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I finished uploading the SecA Christmas party album. that would probably be the last album taken with my camera...


but right now, i feel really frustrated. maybe it's the whole cosmic idea that 2008 is about to end in a few hours. right now, i'm into the idea of cramming productivity in the last hours of 2008 (which i definitely won't do in 2009...probably). so here's a run-down of the things i should be doing right now (since i'm a big fan of lists...)

1. install my phone's driver (yeah i got a new phone, a sony ericsson c902 cybershot phone. i'm still making a rough transition from being a Nokia person since time immemorial)
i wanted the red one (as pictured above), but i eventually opted for the black one for, um, personal reasons.

2. download Heroes episode 3 and Gossip girl episode 5 off isohunt. but downloading even 1 torrent kills my productivity since it slows down the connection i have with other sites (think limewire X 20). so i had to stop the downloads so i could at least open the blogger website.

3. exercise while watching desperate housewives. haha. i need to exercise for my peace of mind! the thing i like about abswing is that i could watch tv shows to kill 40 minutes.

4. make the pasta recipe i've wanted to make for some time now.

5. tweak my layout a bit. i've been reading photoshop tutorials (another thing which i can't do if utorrent is running AND this in itslef consumes so much time) as inspiration for another banner, but, *sigh*, ningas kugon (is this the apporpriate term?) kicked in.

6. take a bath. it's 4:00 pm for pete's sake!!!!

but since i'm updating my blog, i had to stop utorrent, so that means a pending item on the list. since i'm also updating this, i might as well try and install the driver without ruining my concentration.

oohhh...item number 7. find out some way to enable autoplay/autorun, because i waited for a few minutes, only to find out the driver doesn't automatically play or something. *sigh*

Dad came home yesterday! it's been a family tradition that we barbeque on New Year's eve, so i can't wait!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

a sob story about my camera - not

My camera died on me during our class Christmas party at Lovely's other (yes, i just had to italicize it) house. basically, the lens refused to close properly, nor did it open properly without getting a blurry viewfinder. so, yeah, i am kinda bummed, pissed, chagrined, morose and teary-eyed (haha). just in time for the holiday parties and all that. don't you just love the timing?

it has been 4 years since i traded in the spotlight (yeah...) for the spot behind the lens. ever since my parents bought me my first digital camera, an IXUS 750, i was a happy shutterbug. i never thought i would eventually gain a knack for taking pictures, but i did. the camera made its full-blown exposure when we were taking pictures for our 3rd year musical play poster. in hindsight, i never thought of myself as "photogenic", so i settled on being the photographer. then, out of nowhere, i thought of the camera per se as eventually, expendable. so in light of my "progressive photographic prowess", i pestered my parents into buying me a new camera, the IXUS 900Ti, the camera that, after 2 years, would die on me. i had lot of great times with my camera. it was an extension of my person, a shelter from public scrutiny and my sidekick. i always relished the "we got the shot" moment with it, and i'm sad knowing that it would probably be a long time before i would relish that moment again. (but i did get a few good pictures during the A party, so that's good i guess)

since my camera isn't functional, the major parties i attended, as well as the parties i will attend, would have to settle for another photog. but after some intense scrutiny, i kinda enjoy being infront of the lens, so that's a welcome respite! haha

isohunt and utorrent are my holiday buddies this year. i'm spending my mornings downloading tv episodes, and i'm currently setting my sights on some Family Guy, Gossip Girl and Heroes. i'm also downloading Interview with a vampire, and since it's kinda lengthy, i would probably leave the pc on through the night.

enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

screw Microsoft!

i love how the net can solve your problems in life!

so microsoft is pushing for its "Genuine Software" crap, and it translates to one thing: any windows program that you want to download (say, Windows media player 11), will only work if the software you have is authentic. but since we're in the third world and things like that don't come cheap, coupled with the pinoy's incessant desire to have everything FREE, we turn to the only source of enlightenment there is: authentication hacks and torrents. *church bells ring and choirs sing hallelujah!*

i downloaded WMP 11 off isohunt via utorrent, and viola! after messing around with the registry and all that blablahblah, i was able to install WMP free!!!!!! i'm all giddy and warm on the inside! haha. Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

if you wanna taste FREEdom for yourself, click on the link and just scroll down until you see a comment box (yeah, the instructions were given as a comment by a user) which gives you the instructions on how to go about rebellion against the man

Saturday, December 20, 2008

flickr portrait

i'm a sucker for flickr portraits like these....

i'll update tomorrow. i'm going to hear my first misa de gallo. i've missed out on the first few days already, and i'm attending tomorrow since it's Sunday so 2 - in -1 na. O_O

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

after grad

so i've been jumbling these three points to "consider" in my head for some time now. i'm definitely pursuing at least one of the three after i graduate. i just hope my light at the end of the tunnel will come soon. haha

1. an RN Master's degree
hypothetically speaking, if i do pass the Boards and i do become an RN, then this would definitely give me a leg-up if and when i do apply for a job here or abroad, if and when, if and when. haha. i have to face the fact that my heart isn't for this profession, but if i want to see the golden sunrises of Tuscany anytime soon, then, mush, gio, mush!

2. a Master's degree in Mass Communication
Having an RN appended to my name does sound nice, but this career path would really satisfy the person in me who never wanted to take up nursing in the first place. i've been told that crossing the other side isn't as hard as it seems! only 2 years of studying and i could have a full-fledged degree!

OK, i'm not making the mistake of making my intentions known, say, months before a final decision must be made. i made that mistake when i was in high school, when what i wanted more than anything else was to leave Zamboanga and to go to Manila to study. my parents were not prepared for that, since i was "technically" adamant only after i knew i passed the entrance exam in one of the schools there. so as early as now, i'm dropping hints.

these are my top three, but photography classes and a degree from the Culinary Institute of America are also part of the "things i wanna do before i die" list. haha

Monday, December 08, 2008

the holidays

so today is a Muslim holiday, as well as the feast of the Immaculate Conception. for the longest time, since forever, we (that is, my mum and i) went and heard mass at the Cathedral. then we had brunch at chowking.
then we parted ways - my mom staying to go bargain hunting, as i took the tricy home so i can resume studying for my pharmacology LQ. and i did finish 4 chapters at around 7pm! haha. a big feat for me, considering i live and breathe procrastination.

and i'm actually happy that at 9pm, the things to do asap are nil - so, it gives me time to catch-up on my readings and stare at the clock with not even an ounce of exasperation.

SPOT THE NOT IN ORANGE (KIDDING) - at least this time, more people are in the picture. (infront of the florence float)

the Ateneo fiesta came and went. i had my yearly fill of the AMAZINGLY SALTY/SOUR PORKCHOPS, and i actually participated in an event (the quiz bowl). too bad we didn't make it past elims, but the experience was good on my part. The CoN was the overall champion (clap), but the revelry was really watered-down since we had classes for two days during the fiesta!

it's 9:30 and i can go to sleep! you have no idea how good that sounds....*especially since tomorrow's the start of the "fiesta aftermath" - two weeks of classes and then, Christmas hols!*