Monday, December 08, 2008

the holidays

so today is a Muslim holiday, as well as the feast of the Immaculate Conception. for the longest time, since forever, we (that is, my mum and i) went and heard mass at the Cathedral. then we had brunch at chowking.
then we parted ways - my mom staying to go bargain hunting, as i took the tricy home so i can resume studying for my pharmacology LQ. and i did finish 4 chapters at around 7pm! haha. a big feat for me, considering i live and breathe procrastination.

and i'm actually happy that at 9pm, the things to do asap are nil - so, it gives me time to catch-up on my readings and stare at the clock with not even an ounce of exasperation.

SPOT THE NOT IN ORANGE (KIDDING) - at least this time, more people are in the picture. (infront of the florence float)

the Ateneo fiesta came and went. i had my yearly fill of the AMAZINGLY SALTY/SOUR PORKCHOPS, and i actually participated in an event (the quiz bowl). too bad we didn't make it past elims, but the experience was good on my part. The CoN was the overall champion (clap), but the revelry was really watered-down since we had classes for two days during the fiesta!

it's 9:30 and i can go to sleep! you have no idea how good that sounds....*especially since tomorrow's the start of the "fiesta aftermath" - two weeks of classes and then, Christmas hols!*

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