Wednesday, December 10, 2008

after grad

so i've been jumbling these three points to "consider" in my head for some time now. i'm definitely pursuing at least one of the three after i graduate. i just hope my light at the end of the tunnel will come soon. haha

1. an RN Master's degree
hypothetically speaking, if i do pass the Boards and i do become an RN, then this would definitely give me a leg-up if and when i do apply for a job here or abroad, if and when, if and when. haha. i have to face the fact that my heart isn't for this profession, but if i want to see the golden sunrises of Tuscany anytime soon, then, mush, gio, mush!

2. a Master's degree in Mass Communication
Having an RN appended to my name does sound nice, but this career path would really satisfy the person in me who never wanted to take up nursing in the first place. i've been told that crossing the other side isn't as hard as it seems! only 2 years of studying and i could have a full-fledged degree!

OK, i'm not making the mistake of making my intentions known, say, months before a final decision must be made. i made that mistake when i was in high school, when what i wanted more than anything else was to leave Zamboanga and to go to Manila to study. my parents were not prepared for that, since i was "technically" adamant only after i knew i passed the entrance exam in one of the schools there. so as early as now, i'm dropping hints.

these are my top three, but photography classes and a degree from the Culinary Institute of America are also part of the "things i wanna do before i die" list. haha

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