Monday, December 22, 2008

screw Microsoft!

i love how the net can solve your problems in life!

so microsoft is pushing for its "Genuine Software" crap, and it translates to one thing: any windows program that you want to download (say, Windows media player 11), will only work if the software you have is authentic. but since we're in the third world and things like that don't come cheap, coupled with the pinoy's incessant desire to have everything FREE, we turn to the only source of enlightenment there is: authentication hacks and torrents. *church bells ring and choirs sing hallelujah!*

i downloaded WMP 11 off isohunt via utorrent, and viola! after messing around with the registry and all that blablahblah, i was able to install WMP free!!!!!! i'm all giddy and warm on the inside! haha. Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

if you wanna taste FREEdom for yourself, click on the link and just scroll down until you see a comment box (yeah, the instructions were given as a comment by a user) which gives you the instructions on how to go about rebellion against the man

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