Sunday, December 28, 2008

a sob story about my camera - not

My camera died on me during our class Christmas party at Lovely's other (yes, i just had to italicize it) house. basically, the lens refused to close properly, nor did it open properly without getting a blurry viewfinder. so, yeah, i am kinda bummed, pissed, chagrined, morose and teary-eyed (haha). just in time for the holiday parties and all that. don't you just love the timing?

it has been 4 years since i traded in the spotlight (yeah...) for the spot behind the lens. ever since my parents bought me my first digital camera, an IXUS 750, i was a happy shutterbug. i never thought i would eventually gain a knack for taking pictures, but i did. the camera made its full-blown exposure when we were taking pictures for our 3rd year musical play poster. in hindsight, i never thought of myself as "photogenic", so i settled on being the photographer. then, out of nowhere, i thought of the camera per se as eventually, expendable. so in light of my "progressive photographic prowess", i pestered my parents into buying me a new camera, the IXUS 900Ti, the camera that, after 2 years, would die on me. i had lot of great times with my camera. it was an extension of my person, a shelter from public scrutiny and my sidekick. i always relished the "we got the shot" moment with it, and i'm sad knowing that it would probably be a long time before i would relish that moment again. (but i did get a few good pictures during the A party, so that's good i guess)

since my camera isn't functional, the major parties i attended, as well as the parties i will attend, would have to settle for another photog. but after some intense scrutiny, i kinda enjoy being infront of the lens, so that's a welcome respite! haha

isohunt and utorrent are my holiday buddies this year. i'm spending my mornings downloading tv episodes, and i'm currently setting my sights on some Family Guy, Gossip Girl and Heroes. i'm also downloading Interview with a vampire, and since it's kinda lengthy, i would probably leave the pc on through the night.

enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!!!!!

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