Tuesday, March 31, 2009

thought collections

i just came home from the Berchmans outing and suffice to say, it was good to meet with the group again (though i see most of them, well, most of the time). but there's this feeling that you have when you visit a familiar place, or relish something you haven't tasted in a long time - that was the feeling i had this morning.

this saturday, i hope i'll be leaving for Davao. "hope" because there are some school related matters i haven't taken care of yet. but i'm pretty optimistic that only a typhoon would derail the trip. it's a welcome respite after pharma, examinations and painful duties. while the family's there, i might buy a new laptop to replace the old one (AND HOPEFULLY I'LL LEARN TO READ INSTRUCTION MANUALS NA).

yahoo just reported that there are financial and environmental strains in leaving your PCs on overnight. i just thought of the times when i left my PC running just so i could finish downloading my movies and series episodes. i couldn't blame myself rin kasi the download speeds here in the philippines are suuuuuuppppeeeerrr fast (note: sarcasm). but i'm well-versed in the numbers by the billions, but as an individual, let's just say i'm doing my fair share of the work to save the planet and let's leave it at that.

for the coming school year, i know there's optimism riddled somewhere between the lines of my face. and whatever mistakes i have made during my second year, i have enough of a backbone to learn from them and move on with my life (on to bigger and better things).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

time on my hands

so relishing my first day of pseudo-freedom. i love to string a lot of things in my life with "pseudo" since, well, in this case, freedom really translates to around 2 - 3 weeks. i think.

so the first order of business for the day, was to wake up extra early to go the Dep of Foreign Affairs. it's been a long time coming. the last time i was there, was with my overly praning dad, and i was 17 then. wait, it was almost a year ago already. one thing led to the other, and i couldn't process my passport that time. now, with the necessary documents in tow, i dragged my butt to the DFA. i was expecting a gazillion people at around 8am, since the last time i was there, there were a gazillion people lining the whole expanse. but lo and behold! i was one of the few people there, and it only took me an hour to finish the entire process. after like a year of putting this off, my mom's rants would finally be laid to rest.

i'm definitely a fan of lists, save for New Year's resolutions. O_O. so this summer, since i have a feeling that classes/workload will be relatively light, i have a few things i want to do to make this summer productive naman. the list is still in the drawing board.

now i have a light schedule on my hands. but before i jump off a cliff, i definitely have to get some sleep.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

crunch time ii



crunch time

the countdown before the big day (prefinals, yeah, it's a pseudo-big day) begins and i haven't started reviewing/studying/making outlines yet.

we still have a psych project to edit.

i'm definitely particular with time, and the fact that i call my situation early "cramming" definitely pisses me off.

my brain can't function well because i need to sleep.

i'm beginning to think American Idol will be my downfall, and um, as well as the net.

i'm pissed because i haven't started anything yet. i'm pissed because i keep on thinking i don't have time, since i "kind of" still have time!!!!

and i'm pissed 'cause they sentenced the Iraqi shoe thrower 3 years in prison!!!!!

this was supposed to be a totally different entry. but i gave in to my natural instinct to vent. my new haircut must wait another day.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

a second chance

i'm still sore from this afternoon's interclass softball competition (we won the first round!), and i'm probably going to sleep in a few minutes, so i'm going to make this short (probably)...

i can't get over the fact that Megan Corkrey and Anoop Desai got into the top 13 of American Idol! It's a Top 13 for the first time in Idol history, with Simon making the big reveal as Anoop was voted in as the 13th contestant. I had this gut feeling that it was a top 13 this time around as the eight contestants performed in the Wildcard episode. Well, it was actually wishful thinking since there were four people i thought deserved a spot. i was just glad Megan and Anoop got in!

Anoop is definitely "likeable", and at least he has the enthusiasm that translates to a good performance.

Megan's voice needs to be heard on the radio. ASAP!!!!

but i'm definitely rooting for Danny Gokey right now. he's definitely one of the best and what he may lack in "in-your-face personality" he compensates with his raspy voice. wait, maybe i'm just comparing him to Cook, so scratch that.


i'm pretty nervous right now. though i probably wouldn't expose myself in the field (since, i have to admit, i'm the team's weakest person) and i just have to bat, it's still a competition, and any competition gives me the butterflies. i would have to get myself a pound of optimism for tomorrow, not because i doubt the team will win but because i still think i can't do it. yeah, i attract too much bad vibes, bite me. i need to go all zen again!!!