Wednesday, March 25, 2009

time on my hands

so relishing my first day of pseudo-freedom. i love to string a lot of things in my life with "pseudo" since, well, in this case, freedom really translates to around 2 - 3 weeks. i think.

so the first order of business for the day, was to wake up extra early to go the Dep of Foreign Affairs. it's been a long time coming. the last time i was there, was with my overly praning dad, and i was 17 then. wait, it was almost a year ago already. one thing led to the other, and i couldn't process my passport that time. now, with the necessary documents in tow, i dragged my butt to the DFA. i was expecting a gazillion people at around 8am, since the last time i was there, there were a gazillion people lining the whole expanse. but lo and behold! i was one of the few people there, and it only took me an hour to finish the entire process. after like a year of putting this off, my mom's rants would finally be laid to rest.

i'm definitely a fan of lists, save for New Year's resolutions. O_O. so this summer, since i have a feeling that classes/workload will be relatively light, i have a few things i want to do to make this summer productive naman. the list is still in the drawing board.

now i have a light schedule on my hands. but before i jump off a cliff, i definitely have to get some sleep.

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