Tuesday, March 31, 2009

thought collections

i just came home from the Berchmans outing and suffice to say, it was good to meet with the group again (though i see most of them, well, most of the time). but there's this feeling that you have when you visit a familiar place, or relish something you haven't tasted in a long time - that was the feeling i had this morning.

this saturday, i hope i'll be leaving for Davao. "hope" because there are some school related matters i haven't taken care of yet. but i'm pretty optimistic that only a typhoon would derail the trip. it's a welcome respite after pharma, examinations and painful duties. while the family's there, i might buy a new laptop to replace the old one (AND HOPEFULLY I'LL LEARN TO READ INSTRUCTION MANUALS NA).

yahoo just reported that there are financial and environmental strains in leaving your PCs on overnight. i just thought of the times when i left my PC running just so i could finish downloading my movies and series episodes. i couldn't blame myself rin kasi the download speeds here in the philippines are suuuuuuppppeeeerrr fast (note: sarcasm). but i'm well-versed in the numbers by the billions, but as an individual, let's just say i'm doing my fair share of the work to save the planet and let's leave it at that.

for the coming school year, i know there's optimism riddled somewhere between the lines of my face. and whatever mistakes i have made during my second year, i have enough of a backbone to learn from them and move on with my life (on to bigger and better things).

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