Saturday, March 07, 2009

a second chance

i'm still sore from this afternoon's interclass softball competition (we won the first round!), and i'm probably going to sleep in a few minutes, so i'm going to make this short (probably)...

i can't get over the fact that Megan Corkrey and Anoop Desai got into the top 13 of American Idol! It's a Top 13 for the first time in Idol history, with Simon making the big reveal as Anoop was voted in as the 13th contestant. I had this gut feeling that it was a top 13 this time around as the eight contestants performed in the Wildcard episode. Well, it was actually wishful thinking since there were four people i thought deserved a spot. i was just glad Megan and Anoop got in!

Anoop is definitely "likeable", and at least he has the enthusiasm that translates to a good performance.

Megan's voice needs to be heard on the radio. ASAP!!!!

but i'm definitely rooting for Danny Gokey right now. he's definitely one of the best and what he may lack in "in-your-face personality" he compensates with his raspy voice. wait, maybe i'm just comparing him to Cook, so scratch that.


i'm pretty nervous right now. though i probably wouldn't expose myself in the field (since, i have to admit, i'm the team's weakest person) and i just have to bat, it's still a competition, and any competition gives me the butterflies. i would have to get myself a pound of optimism for tomorrow, not because i doubt the team will win but because i still think i can't do it. yeah, i attract too much bad vibes, bite me. i need to go all zen again!!!

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