Thursday, February 26, 2009

less is more

a new judge, a more pseudo - raw and emotional feel, and the likes of Bikini Girl, Tatiana "Please-vote-for-me-this-is-my-dream-i-know-God-put-me-here-for-a-reason-which-is-why-i-want-you-to-vote-for- me" Del Toro, and *shudder* Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle.

does this sound like something American Idol would cook up? well, right now, i'm not sure what the American Idol producers are even capable of.

finally, after a century's worth of confidence with American Idol, maybe, just maybe, with Nigel Lythgoe washing his hands with Season 8, the production might be going way downhill. I read a few snippets of how different this season would be from its predecessors, and apparently their keywords, since time immemorial, have been "bigger" and "better". now, after watching the first two weeks, i would have to say that though the talent is definitely better this year, the new format just killed it. three weeks with twelve contestants each would each produce a top 3. though a similar format worked in season 3 (Fantasia's season), the add-ons (like last week's parent interview) plus the fact that some good ones couldn't really shine if Danny Gokey was within a 10 meter radius (like Anoop), made the show so dragging, verbose (like this entry, haha) and uninspiring. maybe four years of the watching a top 24 perform just created a norm that's well, too normal. maybe i'm narrow-minded, but given that the previous seasons produced pretty strong favorites (disregard Taylor Hicks for a minute), it's just not right. i can't wait for the top 12.

but anyway, on a lighter note, i'm glad that they spared us from more torment by scrapping the whole interview with the parent/significant other after every performance. which leads me to why i'm writing this in the first place. now, less cheesy is definitely more. but does it have to come at the expense of watching him perform??


i swear, if Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle does get into the top 12, i will stop watching American Idol. he is a flamboyant piece of crepe paper that can carry a tune but not even a shred of dignity. he's in it for the exposure, and the producers probably coerced the judges into letting in to season 8 for the ratings. the world doesn't need another Sanjaya, and there's so much garbage out there in TV land that American Idol doesn't need to taint themselves with more.

After all, they do have Paula.

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