Monday, February 16, 2009

lovebug part 1

i always had a secular idea of what valentines should be like. exchange of roses between significant others, chocolates being consumed like Valium, and busy chinese florists giving you baby's breath instead of tulips. you know what i mean.

well, my valentines went really really great! i spent it with my classmates (from high school and college). this was actually the first time i celebrated it with a lot of people, since the date usually falls during weekdays.

for the Berchmans, in a real effort to make the girls feel, um, "loved" (hahaha), chipped in to buy roses for each of them (by them, i mean the ones who actually showed up). it was supposed to be a surprise, but since they are kinda smart, they caught on fast. LOL. it was the girls who really surprised the boys with Mister Donuts Beligian Bites! i just had to make it a proper noun because i loved them to the point of committing a crime in the name of chocolate. YES, I DID STEAL ONE MORE BOX FROM THEM. HAHAHAHAHA


anyhoo, we were the only ones who participated but it was an effort well received. Yes, mukhang picture ni Floyd talaga ito. haha

**** to be continued. i haven't studied yet!!! and it's 1 am!!!

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Tara said...

aw. what fun