Sunday, March 23, 2008

the year after.

i can't believe it's been a year already.

no mushy stuff here, so don't beg

- that is to say, life goes on.

+ this is a new pic. super duper sorry kay mille.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the procrastinator procrastinates

no, seriously, please don't mind me. i'm simply stalling my way out of studying for my finals. my clock tells me it's around 10:30, and i'm simply going to type, and type, and type, and type, and type, and type, and type and type anftype anftype andtype anftptetyp andyprre atntpe andptye ptyffhkffkgkgkflflgkkkk and type and type kdl;lgllglldlld

until it's late enough for me to tell myself i can't study anymore, so, tomorrow again.

i want to download Beatles songs. pfftt. i'm such a procrastinator. tralalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

am i going nuts?!



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what's annoying


i just had to drop everything i was holding and post right now.

one thing i hate, (besides useless classmates and sucky days) is the fact that parents can be sooo oblivious to the fact that you're pissed off/ sad/ in pain/ in trouble. IT IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE AN ONLY CHILD. for example: you're having a bad day since you have yet to study for your finals, you have a mountain of handouts to sort out, your router (which gives the laptop an internet connection) doesn't work, AND here comes your dad giving you a glass of milk (FOR THE NTH TIME!), ranting about how bad your posture is, and how you aren't eating anymore, and how you don't take in enough calcium, and that you might get osteoclosis (you're dumbfounded if he means osteoporosis or scoliosis).


--did i just sound like Britney in her "Im a Slave 4 U" music video? the first part when she says something like..."i need time.." or something to that extent? T_T. i'm really pissed off right now, on so many levels.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

noise pollution

there's something with the way my family "does business" at dinner time that irks me so much.

grandpa, semi-senile and crabby, forsaking (SERIOUSLY) every plate of meat and "evil food", preaching the divine word of nilagang saluyot and telling my uncle to lessen his food intake. grandma, the ever thrifty chinese, exercising her right to be miser by complaining how we spend too much, and threatening to never lift a single dime from her purse to subsidize my cousin's daily (yes, daily) jollibee consumption. my uncle, bless his loud mouth, screaming everyday as if he were talking (the euphemism here is, "raising his voice"), and exhibiting how much of an arrogant hypocrite he is. My dad, the boholano who never ceases to amaze me with his power to make his point loud and clear ABOUT EVERYTHING. my mom, kinda does the same thing. my aunt, telling me that we're poor, so i have to eat what my grandpa eats. my 6 (or is 8?) year old cousin who is so immature for his own taste (we all are at that age), practicing his skills at being a pogs master.

it's the noise pollution that i just want to block out. these are the days where i really want to get away and expel everyone from my system. i freaks me out how my family could be so loud, and here i am, lying in bed, in my room most of the time, and keeping everything to myself. i'm not sure who's the insane person here. haha. i just wanted to let out some steam, and it just so happens that dinner time doesn't seem so inviting these days.

it's the start of the holidays and it's not nice (a substitute for the usual expletive i use, hey, it IS holy week), that the day after Easter, i have to bear with a week of exams. our group isnt even finish with my research paper. i don't even know where, how and what to study.

but i need sleep. i'll worry about that tomorrow. i need sleep. i need sleep. i'll sleep early then. (no fanfiction, promise).

Friday, March 14, 2008

this isn't a post about that beauty pageant winner

i'm not going to make fun of Janina...whoever she is for being the way she is since i really don't care (though her video was incredibly funny). GUYS, this isn't something we should focus on, let alone be proud of. (and here i am declaring my detachment. way to go). haha

my week ACTUALLY ended pretty good. Jam found our lost lab reports. I managed to redeem myself during ZooLab. and i HOPE i'll get an exemption (kahit isa, ok na!) for the finals. quantitavely, my study load isn't as heavy as last quarter's hooplah, but qualitatively, studying THE MAJOR ORGAN SYSTEMS OF THE BODY, LAB EXPERIMENTS 1 - 16, and10+ PAGES OF HEALTH CARE CRAP, doesn't really sound cute.

right now, it's the WEEKEND i'm afraid of. the workload is considerably heavy, and I can't afford to lollygag. i have less than 48 hours to turn a frog skeleton into a work of art, memorize my CHD handout from cover to cover, study the reproductive system (as well as study and predict how our teacher would give us the quiz), make a feature article for english, read an editorial, computerize a poem and...

taking a cue from the survivors of hurricane Katrina, i should fix my room which practically resembles New Orleans (post - Katrina) right now.

there's this NSTP culminating activity tomorrow, which means we'll be free from a year's worth of "stuff" (you know where this euphemism goes..), and i couldn't be happier!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idol and my weekday breakdown

this week marked the nth time i was met with killer spasms of stress and depression. it's like everything's against me everyday, and, and it's getting pretty annoying.

i just can't wait for the week to end because, from my point of view, starting a new week is like a new year for me (woah, deep.).

no! this isn't another introspective post about how i should rely on the power of friendship and love to awaken the magical akazukin chacha and all that shizz... heck, i'm gonna post about the Idol performances I watched a few minutes ago, but..before that... just hear me out...

if my week turns out crappy, then, i just sleep it off, and hope and pray that come my 7:30 am Filipino class on Monday (THREE OF THE WORST WORDS I COULD POSSIBLY STRING INTO A SENTENCE), things will go my way, and it's smooth sailing from there....

but no...

  • first thing last monday, my group (yeah right) had to defend our (yeah right) research paper.

  • my other groupmates (marie, jam and i), reported on something we're practically clueless about (the Kreb's cycle), that afternoon for chem lec

  • ANOTHER report the next day (THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM)...and a sucky short quiz about the skeletal system...

  • i've managed to break my 2nd frog's bones (that's tantamount to more minus points)...

  • bitcha nati-bitch-dad (rosa natividad in real life, our chem lab teacher), practically made me look like a fool infront of a few teachers (but in true in gio fashion, that simply merited a "whatever").

ok, so about the Idol performances....

i agree that this year's crop of talent is reasonably, TALENTED. my top 3 singers are:Brooke White, David Cook and David Archuleta. i couldn't really choose a 4th and 5th person since i don't care who gets the boot every week, as long as these three are left standing. Brooke White's rendition of "Let it Be", was really great. i've been a fan since she sang "you're so vain". david archuleta's performance was sucky (i hope he DOES get back on his feet), and for two straight weeks now, David Cook hit the nail on the coffin with his song choices. In a nutshell, it was a great way to start with Lennon-McCartney songs as the theme.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

an ode to music and web blogs.

if there are two things in this world that don't have a face,

but would provide me with a backdoor; a fire exit; an escape route away from EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY...

my ipod and my blog will do the trick.


end the drama already! geez! haha...

i haven't posted anything Idol related since the season started. damn. maybe tomorrow...

i still have to scrub my hands with too much safeguard just so the rancid smell of the frog i just pithed, skinned, boiled, and defleshed would go away. T_T.

and i got a minus 3 a few hours ago during my ZooLab just because some idiot managed to pulverize the sternum. it was my own lack of hand coordination that resulted in the frog's radio-ulna whatever and the urostyle to detach itself from the whatever (i couldn't remember what the "thing" was called.). GEEZ!!!!!! HAHA

Friday, March 07, 2008


wtf. i'm watching this show on discovery right now, "Most Evil", and it features the murderers who eat their victims. gross.

there's this feature on a gay guy who starts out young via the desire to dissect, grill and eat dolls. this grows into obsession, and ultimately turns into sexual tendencies.

haha. there's this ad on the net that he posted, that says he wants to eat people or something like that. and one guy responded by saying "i hope you find me tasty". so the guy who responded answered the ad, and well, you know what happens next. then after the murderer slaughters the victim, he freezes the remaining body parts!!!! then he keeps the flesh in the fridge to be consumed for months. eeeewwww. and he videotapes it!!!! the investigators (since he was caught), even sought psychological help for themselves!!! crazy gross. least i didn't have to think about the piss worthy incident (blog entry below).


ok, i wanted to post about the pictures i took today. i wanted to post about how semi-crappy my day went, and i also wanted to post about the American Idol results,

but no, i can't post something light, casual and funny today because i have a shit load of steam to blow off.

and i know this is unhealthy, but i've already devoted two of my posts to two fucking troglodytes that i happen to get stuck with for group activities.

troglodyte version 2 just had to be my fucking groupmate for our research paper. and the dunderhead has pissed me off since DAY 1. he didn't even lay a hand on the research paper I'VE (yes, I made our research paper, and that cost me sleep in sooo many levels). He doesn't even show up for meetings. He doesn't know what to do. Everytime i try to teach or tell him what to do, he just nods, and proceeds to stutter and babble about something unintelligible.

OK, so i am kinda this super duper egotistical bastard who has never stepped on grass from the other side (you know what i mean), but come on! He passed ADZU, he MUST know something!!! but something just tells me he's as bright as a black hole.

what pissed me off is that when i tried to email him our paper (yes, i emailed MY paper to the significant others ie. my groupmates), and a failure noice shows up, telling me the idiot's email add doesn't exist. no biggie, i thought.

to actually add burden on my shoulders, i made him a NEW email add, so I KNOW that the address exists, and i KNOW he could access it, unless of course, he uses a typewriter to surf the net. (so i'm still able to inject humor at parts, very good gio). but he texts me a while ago, telling me that he's unable to access the address i gave him, at he goes on about saying it's invalid. WHICH IS WEIRD, CONSIDERING THAT I LOGGED IN USING HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT A FEW MINUTES AGO.

here's the most annoying part of all. i texted him MY username and password, so he could just access the paper via the sent items folder. and a few seconds ago, he texts me, TELLING ME THAT MY EMAIL ACCOUNT IS FUCKING INVALID. WTF?!. i'm seriously beginning to suspect one of two things:

1. he isn't actually infront of a PC right now, and he's making it up.

2. he uses a typewriter to surf the net.

as much as i would want to consider the latter, since i need a good laugh right now, the former is good enough a reason for me to kick him out of our group. AND WE'LL HAVE OUR ORAL DEFENSE ON MONDAY!!!! I'M SOOO FUCKING DEAD.

Monday, March 03, 2008

allow me to elaborate..

it just so happens that a chain of events can open the floodgates to a pandora's box full of misery.

people change

and along with it, comes a barrage of tough decisions that will ultimately change everything.

and i see the inevitable rearing its ugly head.

for those of you who say i look bothered/depressed/sad: I AM bothered/depressed/sad. need i say more??