Friday, March 07, 2008


ok, i wanted to post about the pictures i took today. i wanted to post about how semi-crappy my day went, and i also wanted to post about the American Idol results,

but no, i can't post something light, casual and funny today because i have a shit load of steam to blow off.

and i know this is unhealthy, but i've already devoted two of my posts to two fucking troglodytes that i happen to get stuck with for group activities.

troglodyte version 2 just had to be my fucking groupmate for our research paper. and the dunderhead has pissed me off since DAY 1. he didn't even lay a hand on the research paper I'VE (yes, I made our research paper, and that cost me sleep in sooo many levels). He doesn't even show up for meetings. He doesn't know what to do. Everytime i try to teach or tell him what to do, he just nods, and proceeds to stutter and babble about something unintelligible.

OK, so i am kinda this super duper egotistical bastard who has never stepped on grass from the other side (you know what i mean), but come on! He passed ADZU, he MUST know something!!! but something just tells me he's as bright as a black hole.

what pissed me off is that when i tried to email him our paper (yes, i emailed MY paper to the significant others ie. my groupmates), and a failure noice shows up, telling me the idiot's email add doesn't exist. no biggie, i thought.

to actually add burden on my shoulders, i made him a NEW email add, so I KNOW that the address exists, and i KNOW he could access it, unless of course, he uses a typewriter to surf the net. (so i'm still able to inject humor at parts, very good gio). but he texts me a while ago, telling me that he's unable to access the address i gave him, at he goes on about saying it's invalid. WHICH IS WEIRD, CONSIDERING THAT I LOGGED IN USING HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT A FEW MINUTES AGO.

here's the most annoying part of all. i texted him MY username and password, so he could just access the paper via the sent items folder. and a few seconds ago, he texts me, TELLING ME THAT MY EMAIL ACCOUNT IS FUCKING INVALID. WTF?!. i'm seriously beginning to suspect one of two things:

1. he isn't actually infront of a PC right now, and he's making it up.

2. he uses a typewriter to surf the net.

as much as i would want to consider the latter, since i need a good laugh right now, the former is good enough a reason for me to kick him out of our group. AND WE'LL HAVE OUR ORAL DEFENSE ON MONDAY!!!! I'M SOOO FUCKING DEAD.


Anonymous said...

take it easy twstdd...

breathe in, breathe out...

Tara said...

that idiot's got to die.