Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what's annoying


i just had to drop everything i was holding and post right now.

one thing i hate, (besides useless classmates and sucky days) is the fact that parents can be sooo oblivious to the fact that you're pissed off/ sad/ in pain/ in trouble. IT IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE AN ONLY CHILD. for example: you're having a bad day since you have yet to study for your finals, you have a mountain of handouts to sort out, your router (which gives the laptop an internet connection) doesn't work, AND here comes your dad giving you a glass of milk (FOR THE NTH TIME!), ranting about how bad your posture is, and how you aren't eating anymore, and how you don't take in enough calcium, and that you might get osteoclosis (you're dumbfounded if he means osteoporosis or scoliosis).


--did i just sound like Britney in her "Im a Slave 4 U" music video? the first part when she says something like..."i need time.." or something to that extent? T_T. i'm really pissed off right now, on so many levels.

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Anonymous said...

hey britney boy! hehehe. kidding!

They just love that annoying? times (most of), it is...but hey you said it yourself, your an only child.

uhm...cheerp! "cheer+up=cheerp"