Tuesday, March 18, 2008

noise pollution

there's something with the way my family "does business" at dinner time that irks me so much.

grandpa, semi-senile and crabby, forsaking (SERIOUSLY) every plate of meat and "evil food", preaching the divine word of nilagang saluyot and telling my uncle to lessen his food intake. grandma, the ever thrifty chinese, exercising her right to be miser by complaining how we spend too much, and threatening to never lift a single dime from her purse to subsidize my cousin's daily (yes, daily) jollibee consumption. my uncle, bless his loud mouth, screaming everyday as if he were talking (the euphemism here is, "raising his voice"), and exhibiting how much of an arrogant hypocrite he is. My dad, the boholano who never ceases to amaze me with his power to make his point loud and clear ABOUT EVERYTHING. my mom, kinda does the same thing. my aunt, telling me that we're poor, so i have to eat what my grandpa eats. my 6 (or is 8?) year old cousin who is so immature for his own taste (we all are at that age), practicing his skills at being a pogs master.

it's the noise pollution that i just want to block out. these are the days where i really want to get away and expel everyone from my system. i freaks me out how my family could be so loud, and here i am, lying in bed, in my room most of the time, and keeping everything to myself. i'm not sure who's the insane person here. haha. i just wanted to let out some steam, and it just so happens that dinner time doesn't seem so inviting these days.

it's the start of the holidays and it's not nice (a substitute for the usual expletive i use, hey, it IS holy week), that the day after Easter, i have to bear with a week of exams. our group isnt even finish with my research paper. i don't even know where, how and what to study.

but i need sleep. i'll worry about that tomorrow. i need sleep. i need sleep. i'll sleep early then. (no fanfiction, promise).


Anonymous said...


a tough crowd you've got there...

well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! hahahah

gio said...

*sigh* kung pwede lang sana...