Monday, September 29, 2008

love letter

my caught my 8 year old cousin Pepeng stealing money from my grandmother's purse. so naturally i gave him a piece of my mind, with a few empty threats (like taking him away and no one to cook his luncheon meat to that effect). and i also threatened to throw away his coin purse, which he has, to keep his "hard earned" money.

well, i went as far as leaving it near the trash can. so there.

so while i was minding my own business in my room, frantically typing away some "information" about my patient for my health history and Gordon's, his mom came to me and said:

Her: "Nakita mo yung love letter niya para sayo?"
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "Napansin ko siya kanina...Dinaan niya sa door niyo...ayun o. haha"

*she gets it and hands it over to me*

the letter, written at the back page of Grandma's important order sheet from her franchise dealers, with scribbly handwriting, said:

"From Pepeng

Sorry na ha. Incircle (a/n: i know it's misspelled) YES or No.

I am very very Sorry."

And being the sucker of all things sweet, i naturally "incircled" "Yes" (i think it meant i wasn't angry at him)..and went out to look for him. he sheepishly got the note and ran to the jeep, since he was about to go home with his parents.

Well, that got me smiling. he's really a good kid though some (including myself) can't see it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

alt class and then some

even if i was cranky for most of the day, and i seriously need sleep since my head is throbbing like crazy, i had fun today. for lack of better things to say, here are pictures instead:




and let's not forget this...hahaha


We had our alternative class today in line with the SIMO month. Yeah, we were required to spend our morning with these kids, much to a lot of people's (including myself) chagrin. after the activity was over, and after asking around, a resonating nod would agree that it was really worth it. (note to self: always whine against the Brebeuf as a venue that would hold around 300 people).

last year, my SIMO was spent photographing Marion at the Pasonanca park. this year was no different, sans Marion and bring in over a hundred kids instead.

pahabol: O Files ulet..

i forgot i even had this photo of the bitches from high school. i can't wait until our 50th reunion when we're all wrinkly and dead. HAHAHA.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

on being a food critic

since today's apparently Grandparents Day, my mom treated the abuelo and abuela to a buffet spread at Garden Orchid, with the rest of the family. Mt grandparents' friends from Texas came home a few days ago, so they tagged along as well.

the menu consisted of all the elements of a good spread: pork, beef, fish, rice and soup. it's definitely not an all-Pinoy fare, as the only things remotely Filipino in the menu were dinuguan (which i don't really enjoy) , lechon kawali (served the moment we were all done) and fried rice (at least i think it's Filipino).

Image Hosted by
By mondaybazooka, shot with 6288 at 2008-09-06

what i got (clockwise from left): beef ribs with a really strong vinaigrette, fish with mango sauce and their fried rice. the taste is definitely not what i'm used to. with the family, the whole eating out experience consists of really greasy food and the ubiquitous bilao. so at the first bite, i wasn't impressed (HAHAHAHA), but i definitely grew fond of the fish's mango sauce, as well as the texture of the beef.

so while the family was chatting away, i grew a bit bored so i took pictures of myself using the self-timer, so it wouldn't be too obvious. :)

Image Hosted by
here i am slurping what's left of my mais con hielo. really tasty.

Image Hosted by
it wouldn't be complete without a B&W. so here i am, with a toothpick. pfffffttttt.......HAHAHAHA

all in all i would rate it a 7/10.

now my tummy's complaining. damn. i should've gone back for seconds.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

not as we

you know who you are

we haven't been together for too long to say we've been through eveything. a year doesn't even justify the decades people in love spend. but i know we weren't that in to each other. but that doesn't mean the year was meaningless. on the contrary, everything seemed so right with you around. that doesn't mean everything went so smoothly. it's just that, with you there, i have another reason to do the things i do.

travelling. that's what i've always loved to do. and in the course of a year, we've done so, in our make believe fields of hay and the mountains of snow. you kept a lot of things about me. you know my flaws, as i know yours. but we've lived in a mutual understanding of trust in those imperfections we shared - that it will bring us one step closer to that happy place were no one can say otherwise, where we can live free from any strings which keep us from doing what we want to do.

i wanted you to travel with me.

but it happened. a barrage of unfortunate events took place. from my end and from yours. i blame myself for abusing you, for treating you with care as tender as a sledgehammer. i blame myself for letting what we have fade away. nothing, nothing can ever make up for what i did - what you let me do. but who could blame you? you were defenseless.

and you just gave up on me. for that, the most i could do right now is say sorry. i'm sorry for losing you - forever.

i'm going to charge everything that has happened over the last few weeks to experience. i'm going to make things right, one way or the other. but i regret not having you here to see that.

you had the last laugh afterall. taking with you a part of me that i could never get back.

i hope that where ever you are right now, you're happy. i know we won't see each other again.

from me and i kneel as "not as we" plays in the background.

you're a bigger feeling than i am if you think i'm referring to a person. no, my laptop died on me, after a year of use. she's been silently battling corrosion for quite sometime now. it was too far along, nothing could be done. she's a bitch for taking away every college picture i have though. :(
"not as we" is Alanis' new song, which is all about going back to step one.