Monday, September 29, 2008

love letter

my caught my 8 year old cousin Pepeng stealing money from my grandmother's purse. so naturally i gave him a piece of my mind, with a few empty threats (like taking him away and no one to cook his luncheon meat to that effect). and i also threatened to throw away his coin purse, which he has, to keep his "hard earned" money.

well, i went as far as leaving it near the trash can. so there.

so while i was minding my own business in my room, frantically typing away some "information" about my patient for my health history and Gordon's, his mom came to me and said:

Her: "Nakita mo yung love letter niya para sayo?"
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "Napansin ko siya kanina...Dinaan niya sa door niyo...ayun o. haha"

*she gets it and hands it over to me*

the letter, written at the back page of Grandma's important order sheet from her franchise dealers, with scribbly handwriting, said:

"From Pepeng

Sorry na ha. Incircle (a/n: i know it's misspelled) YES or No.

I am very very Sorry."

And being the sucker of all things sweet, i naturally "incircled" "Yes" (i think it meant i wasn't angry at him)..and went out to look for him. he sheepishly got the note and ran to the jeep, since he was about to go home with his parents.

Well, that got me smiling. he's really a good kid though some (including myself) can't see it.

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