Saturday, September 27, 2008

alt class and then some

even if i was cranky for most of the day, and i seriously need sleep since my head is throbbing like crazy, i had fun today. for lack of better things to say, here are pictures instead:




and let's not forget this...hahaha


We had our alternative class today in line with the SIMO month. Yeah, we were required to spend our morning with these kids, much to a lot of people's (including myself) chagrin. after the activity was over, and after asking around, a resonating nod would agree that it was really worth it. (note to self: always whine against the Brebeuf as a venue that would hold around 300 people).

last year, my SIMO was spent photographing Marion at the Pasonanca park. this year was no different, sans Marion and bring in over a hundred kids instead.

pahabol: O Files ulet..

i forgot i even had this photo of the bitches from high school. i can't wait until our 50th reunion when we're all wrinkly and dead. HAHAHA.

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