Sunday, September 07, 2008

on being a food critic

since today's apparently Grandparents Day, my mom treated the abuelo and abuela to a buffet spread at Garden Orchid, with the rest of the family. Mt grandparents' friends from Texas came home a few days ago, so they tagged along as well.

the menu consisted of all the elements of a good spread: pork, beef, fish, rice and soup. it's definitely not an all-Pinoy fare, as the only things remotely Filipino in the menu were dinuguan (which i don't really enjoy) , lechon kawali (served the moment we were all done) and fried rice (at least i think it's Filipino).

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By mondaybazooka, shot with 6288 at 2008-09-06

what i got (clockwise from left): beef ribs with a really strong vinaigrette, fish with mango sauce and their fried rice. the taste is definitely not what i'm used to. with the family, the whole eating out experience consists of really greasy food and the ubiquitous bilao. so at the first bite, i wasn't impressed (HAHAHAHA), but i definitely grew fond of the fish's mango sauce, as well as the texture of the beef.

so while the family was chatting away, i grew a bit bored so i took pictures of myself using the self-timer, so it wouldn't be too obvious. :)

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here i am slurping what's left of my mais con hielo. really tasty.

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it wouldn't be complete without a B&W. so here i am, with a toothpick. pfffffttttt.......HAHAHAHA

all in all i would rate it a 7/10.

now my tummy's complaining. damn. i should've gone back for seconds.

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