Monday, April 28, 2008

mutiFLY ramblings

i visited and updated my multiply (click on the first image on my sidebar). it's a bit, ok, maybe really boring...which compels me to update my layout a bit, and make a new banner, and probably revamp it's general tone from cartoony to something more mainstream and popculture(d) with a dash of John Lennon and the pandas of Asia, mixed with a bit of amateur punk and a preppy groove. am i making sense?

anyway, i'm sleepy! -- i'll update this post with what i've done to remedy the monotony sooner or later (read: a banner in the works). i'm a boring scumbag who thinks too much of the yo and focuses less on the mama. hahaha

it's around 11:30 pm, so THIS IS HOW MY MIND WORKS. lol.

Friday, April 25, 2008

clinical depression

the people around me say they could read me like an open book. it's hard for me to hide anything, because my cheeks are traitorous scumbags and my face is a bad liar.

so i wasn't surprised when people asked me what was wrong today. they told me i looked bothered, as usual, and that i came off as irritable.

i'll make this short and sweet since i have a powerpoint presentation to make for history: people can display distasteful remarks, and people can be so unfair and demanding. the former are people from a particular department (which holds the record of having the *insert expletive* as faculty members) and the latter is a particular teacher who asks for too much.

i feel down because i'm starting to think this isn't for me, and i've made a mistake of allowing people to manipulate my choices. though i don't regret meeting great people (in the form of classmates, friends, and you) along the way, i'm starting to doubt my survival at this point. and i feel bloated!!! argghhh.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

so manong at ang kanyang sobre


sa tabi ng eskinita
hawak-hawak ang sobreng kasing puti
ng ulap na siyang tanging nakikita
ng matandang nakaberde
at suot-suot ang kanyang kaisa-isang kalo
na punit-punit, at
ng dumi ng lansangan at ng buhay

hawak-hawak pa rin ang puting sobre
napatingin siya
sa eskinitang walang patutunguhan
habang nababasa ang kanyang harap
ng pawis at luha
siya'y tumayo...

at muling lumakbay patungo sa kabilang banda,
at habang binubulong kay Hesus
na sana'y tataba ang kanyang sobre,
at maawa sa kanya ang sambayanang Pilipinas
na, sa panahong iyon,
ay humahalik sa paa ni Manny Pacquiao
at umiihi sa pader ng Malakanyang

--- the photo above is one of the um...handful of pictures i've taken so far. most of them are "ok", but i still have to be at ease in taking shots of random people. the direct reference to manny pacquiao, is...what it is. i'm sure none of us actually grovel at his feet right now, well, except for his LV loving wife. everything of course, is a hyperbole. i just don't like him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


the situations are getting a tad too familiar these days. well, the familiarity comes from the fact that we have classes...and i'm not really jumping up and down about that.

summer classes have officially started last monday, and just when we were just getting comfy, they give us the biggest shock (sobra naman!) of our lives during NCM lab...when what we thought was unimportant teacher gibberish infront turned out to be the demo on how to wash hands. O_O. what, walang GTK? hahahaha

as one of my friends (can't remember who, but what the heck) put it, "maghuhugas nalang nga ng kamay, maarte pa!". i don't like my CI. well, collectively, they were as "shocked" as us during the first day, when they looked as if they didn't know what to do either.

the days are getting longer and longer....and it's still tuesday, and we still have one more day of lab in the the PAASCU recommended oven they would like to call the demo hall (yung sa labas naman yung mainit, pero kahit na....hahaha).

aren't they purdy? hahaha..this reminds me, i haven't updated my multiply in a while. *sigh*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

GROSS (national) product

honestly, who names a sports drink after a homeostatic/bodily secretion?

oh yeah...

they do. hahahahaha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the Idol response

aids, idol

idol couldn't have made a bolder statement than what was said last Thursday. the tv special is on it's second run and the response has been overwheling every time. the main objective is to let the world know how the other half lives, and to let everyone know that their situation is so deplorable, it's time for a personal effort to step in and help. When we say Africa, we think poverty, AIDS and malaria. When we say Darfur, we think genocide. When we say New Orleans, we think Katrina. What "idol gives back" is trying to say is that people should stop thinking about it, and do something to end it, or at least, alleviate it.

i'm not sure whether it's i'm simply a softy, or that the team of researchers/writers/producers make damn good documentaries, but the whole scheme of things makes me want to jump on the humanitarian bandwagon. i might even meet Angelina Jolie adopting her nth child. goodie. but seriously, right now, i am dead set on doing my fair share of civic duty before i die. this may sound like a tall order, but Africa doesn't sound like a bad idea right now. seriously!

it's becoming a trend really. of course, my primary school of thought would be that celebrities use their status as a platform for humanitarian work. it's been building up through the years,
and the evolution even came up with a brand! yes, virginia, humanitarian work has a brand, and it's called
(RED). it's simply taking merchandise and stamping it with a social conscience. read: limited edition goodies.

but at the end of the program, i really thought long and hard about my way of thought right now.
i would consider bad grades, a protruding belly and sweaty palms a problem.

juxtapose it with the live Deloy, an African youngster who lost both his parents to HIV...or with a Katrina surivor who lost his friends, family and home, and lives in a shelter right now...

then i would have to accuse myself of being a selfish hypocrite.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


is photobucket down..AGAIN?

i just watched American Idol and my bottom three are (in no particular order): Syesha, Cristy and Michael OR Jason. since Cristy has been on the chopping board more than anyone else throughout the season, she should go home already. even if her performance was well-received, she overstayed her welcome na.

i finished enrolling yesterday for summer classes. i was surprised to find out they already reshuffled our blocks, putting most of the Berx and I in Block A. what makes it nice is that the three of us (Berx; Jam, Marie and I) ) from Block H and Jad, Riez and MJ from block G (Berx; the three people we've been the closest with during the whole first year) are going to be classmates AGAIN. most of the people on the list, i already know, so i HOPE it wouldn't be too much of an adjustment.

i've been preoccupied these past few days watching House on my laptop, reading Harry Potter fanfiction, and finishing my New Moon ebook (a big shoutout to Trisha for the tip!!!!). I'm already starting to take some photographs, though i couldn't say for sure they're good. well, i have more than a month to work on it.

about my tough ten: i haven't done any item!!! so much for Janina as my muse. lol

Sunday, April 06, 2008

tough ten

because i'm a fan of lists and i think Janina San Miguel is a force to be reckoned with, here's my own TOUGH TEN things i "waaant" to do with my blog. "AHAHAHAHAHA".

1. make (talaga?!) a new design for my blog and multiply

2. inject a little social conscience into my blog's otherwise cynical and apathetic facade. do i hear unicef calling?

3. blog hop more often

4. meet new blogmates, because pamily is sooo important

5. EDIT my existing blog list

6. post more pictures

7. try cross-posting via multiply

8. spice up my entries (talk about Condoleeza Rice and youtube more often, since right now, the existing posts just sweat self-centeredness)

9. advocate world peace (huh?!)

10. include more poetry.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

goody productivity!

i wouldn't call my holidays "summer" since i would be spending most of it in school during my classes (a prerequisite subject and 2 other minors), so i'd just call the days when i'm not in school, "rest days". and right now, i have only 10 more days to read fanfiction, shop, read my downloaded ebooks, and sleep. whoopdeedoo. T_T.

i'm not complaining though, since free time to do nothing is getting scarcer and scarcer!

i'm currently maximizing my time by waiting for the latest Avatar episode to load (The Firebending Masters, pardon my geeky-ness haha), while watching Dolly Parton and American Idol. well, since we're on that page already, the photo/video montage they made about Dolly flashed pictures of her BEFORE she had some work done, and i just realized then and there that SHE HAD A LOT DONE. wtf?! i want Cristy or Ramiele to go, since they're boring me to death (but i ain't voting, so who cares? haha).

i'm not in a good mood. i have this need to snap at random family members right now. at least christine steered me to good spirits a few times today (thanks Christine, but i know i can't thank you enough for today).

i have this idea that's being tossed around in my head for a while now. since it's summer and i kinda have time on my hands, i would be nice to grab my camera and define my summer with it. i'm not talking about people alone, but scenes, sunsets and situations as a whole. then, at the end of summer, i'll compile it and make either a photobook or a collage. if a photobook would have it's way, then maybe i could squeeze in a few poems to make it into a folio! (woah, inspired?!) haha..but like i said, it's still being tossed around.