Wednesday, April 02, 2008

goody productivity!

i wouldn't call my holidays "summer" since i would be spending most of it in school during my classes (a prerequisite subject and 2 other minors), so i'd just call the days when i'm not in school, "rest days". and right now, i have only 10 more days to read fanfiction, shop, read my downloaded ebooks, and sleep. whoopdeedoo. T_T.

i'm not complaining though, since free time to do nothing is getting scarcer and scarcer!

i'm currently maximizing my time by waiting for the latest Avatar episode to load (The Firebending Masters, pardon my geeky-ness haha), while watching Dolly Parton and American Idol. well, since we're on that page already, the photo/video montage they made about Dolly flashed pictures of her BEFORE she had some work done, and i just realized then and there that SHE HAD A LOT DONE. wtf?! i want Cristy or Ramiele to go, since they're boring me to death (but i ain't voting, so who cares? haha).

i'm not in a good mood. i have this need to snap at random family members right now. at least christine steered me to good spirits a few times today (thanks Christine, but i know i can't thank you enough for today).

i have this idea that's being tossed around in my head for a while now. since it's summer and i kinda have time on my hands, i would be nice to grab my camera and define my summer with it. i'm not talking about people alone, but scenes, sunsets and situations as a whole. then, at the end of summer, i'll compile it and make either a photobook or a collage. if a photobook would have it's way, then maybe i could squeeze in a few poems to make it into a folio! (woah, inspired?!) haha..but like i said, it's still being tossed around.

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