Friday, March 07, 2008


wtf. i'm watching this show on discovery right now, "Most Evil", and it features the murderers who eat their victims. gross.

there's this feature on a gay guy who starts out young via the desire to dissect, grill and eat dolls. this grows into obsession, and ultimately turns into sexual tendencies.

haha. there's this ad on the net that he posted, that says he wants to eat people or something like that. and one guy responded by saying "i hope you find me tasty". so the guy who responded answered the ad, and well, you know what happens next. then after the murderer slaughters the victim, he freezes the remaining body parts!!!! then he keeps the flesh in the fridge to be consumed for months. eeeewwww. and he videotapes it!!!! the investigators (since he was caught), even sought psychological help for themselves!!! crazy gross. least i didn't have to think about the piss worthy incident (blog entry below).

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vicky said...

Hey I saw part of that show. He was in lederhosen and grilling Barbie parts. blah blah blah and ended up having enough 'meat' for a month.

Hang in there Gio XD we're all going nuts hahahaha